Monday, February 6, 2012


Once again Bogo has amazed all with another on target prediction of a Giants win and a Patriots loss.

The Keystone Pipeline issue just continues to amaze me. The United States uses fossil fuel. Scads of it. Without this we rely more on those who love our green but despise our red, white and blue. So we continue to rely on those we cannot and should not trust? Amazing!

Now some feel this venture is the end of the world as we know it. Please explain what magical miracles you have that will decrease our dependency? Are you waiting for Rossi and E-Cat? Some type of solar array? Tidal forces? I have seen no solutions by opponents that will bridge that gap of ten to twenty years until a viable alternative is available to complement our fossil fuel addiction.

Another State of The Snooze speech designed to incite class warfare in a pallid attempt to win votes. I’m sure Obama’s appeal to the something for nothing crowd will resonate if they manage to get to the polls.

The Fed predicts and will attempt to keep rates low for the next three years. Good news for stocks.

I saw this on a label “Pure syrup made from artificial ingredients.” Was for maple syrup. Usually they have something like “Contains 5% real syrup.”

John Kerry has two black eyes. I understand that is the result of asking Teresa about having an “open marriage.”

Now the idea is to tax candy and soda. Amazing! But no meals tax holiday since it is tough timers in the budget. Tough times? Check with Nancy Brennan and her six figure cohorts at the Greenway Conservatory. You look at their “Board” and it is a whose who of the Boston area with both parties at the feeding trough.

A treasure hunter found 3B in a wreck. Wonder how much the government will try to grab?

What is that I see in Deval Patrick’s rear view mirror? Why it is none other than Tim Murray who is getting further and further behind “Cadillac” as he distances himself from Murray.

A couple was recently conned out of a $100,000 in Middleboro. The perps were slezeballs but what were the vics thinking?

Parking rates to rise at Logan Central Parking. $3 more tacked on to make it $27 a day. Getting to Logan is easy using commuter rail and Silver Line. Even a limo is cheaper than parking for a week.

Komen Foundation bowed to political pressure and then reversed their stance when they bowed to more political pressure.

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