Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Giants Super Bowl Win!!!

It is never early to do some trash talkin’ and that will now commence. Mr. Tebow was roundly criticized for his “Born Again” approach to football but now the Patriots and their owner seem to hint that somehow the spirit of Kraft’s late wife, Myra, has somehow been channeled to provide victory for the Patriots. I guess it is best to rely on the spirit world rather than to film your opponents in an attempt to get the edge.

The “Crime” Mitt Romney has committed is not paying enough taxes. I am amazed at the logic that attempts to skewer Romney over doing something totally legal and within the structure of our tax codes. Rich people and not so rich people take advantage of what is offered in our convoluted tax system so that they can maximize their income while minimizing their obligation to the tax collector.

Mitt also salts money away in the Cayman Islands that is the North American version of a Swiss Bank. He obviously takes as many steps as possible to keep the taxman from his door and what a door that must be.

The Republican primaries have been interesting to watch. The next potential leader of the free world doing their collective weaves around total honesty. Does Ron Paul suck on lemons before taking the podium? Gingrich comes across like a two bit Mass State House career hack. Mitt tries to be the common man when he is a monied elitist. I forget who the rest of them are.

And when a village needs an idiot I suggest they hire on Joe Biden. This Veep is the king of Gaffes. Mr. Potato Head himself Dan Quayle is a light weight in the foot in the mouth department compared to bumbling Joe.

Jobless claims are heading in the right direction as is unemployment. In November Obama will declare it is all because of his administration. The Tea Party will claim it is all the result of their slash and burn threats. The firmly entrenched hacks in D.C. (both parties) will claim it is their success thanks to experience and a mature approach to government.

I watch the Food Network and my least favorite “personality” is Paula Dean. Now it turns out Ms. Butter and Lard has had diabetes for three years and kept her cooking for a coronary show quiet on the whole thing. Now she has decided to come out that she has type two and will - surprise - become a spokesperson for a diabetes med.

The next fraud is Suze Orman now pitching her own fee enhanced debit card. Quite the contrary to what one expects from this consumer watchdog. Now she is promoting her infomercial on PBS - on our dime.

GM has surged into the top spot in auto manufacturing.

Oil at $100+ a barrel but the kibosh is on the Keystone pipeline. More important to pay the bucks to folks who absolutely despise us rather than a degree of independence. Canada has product. Canada has technology. Canada is willing to sell to us. But out of the woodwork come the real environmental nut jobs who seem to ignore the thousands of miles of pipe that already exist with relatively few problems. Just look at the gas lines that cross all over Middleboro. The technology exists to minimize land spills.

Harry Truman may have been the most musically gifted president and had even given consideration to being a concert pianist.

Carl Crawford is building upon his miserable 2011 season with the Red Sox by injuring his wrist. The injury and surgery is described as “not serious” and will probably leave him out of the lineup on opening day. Now Nomar had a wrist injury that was also “not serious” and his career fell apart.

Now with football playoffs in swing comes the next level of stupid stuff - the Mayor’s betting! One mayor bets the mayor of the opposing city on the outcome. Why not use the Mitt Romney approach and bet $10,000.

Was driving through Norton and Easton and saw Xmas trees on the side of the road for pickup. Guess they have no manpower shortage.

A Bridgewater casino? ROTFLMAO!


Hal Brown said...

Only because I have a Google News search for Middleboro casino am I tempted to read news on this...
The Maspee Mad Dash in today's Commonwealth, an online website about Massachusetts politics ideas and civic life

The article mentions Silver City Galleria which I posted here as a possible location.

bogofree said...

The best location is Bridgewater!