Sunday, January 1, 2012


A new year. A new start. How can I change my blog? How can I make it better? I can’t. I’m perfect. LMCAO!

I think politicians should have all major contributors listed on their clothing like NASCAR drivers have on their uniforms.

The PAC money is starting to flow into the Massachusetts senate race.

Donors get access. Non donors do not. That is true on all levels. You reward your contributors even if it is a simple note or making a call to arrange an appointment. If it just cuts some red tape I’m cool with it.

I received another settlement check from a class action suit. Rare when they get into four figures. This one was for $3.22.

Verizon to charge a $2 fee on transactions. convenience fee on certain transactions. Guess they never got the memo on Bank Of America.

The TM got rave reviews from the BOS and deservedly so.

Obama gets hammered for a Xmas vacation in Hawaii. Huh? This is something presidents do. Same garbage went on with Bush.

Sox are again attempting to shore up their bullpen. On paper it looks great.

Mohegan Sun is attempting to rewrite 811M in debt. And Massachusetts competition on the way.

Unemployment is now down to 8.6%. The economy is “improving” until you look at the wage scale for all those new jobs.

Ron Paul is continuing to surge in the polls. There is absolutely no way he will ever be prez.

And Robert Reich has proposed a Obama- Hillary Clinton ticket for 2012 with Mr. Flub a Dub Joe Biden doing his damage as Secretary of State.

Filene’s Basement has finally succumbed.

And Friendly’s is hanging on until further notice.

Patriot fans love to pontificate about what a wonderful owner Bob Kraft is. Tell that to the good folks in Foxboro with his attempt to dump a casino in their laps. Wonder if Kraft would like it in Chestnut Hill?

Oil at a $100 a barrel and climbing.

Euro is acting like Red Sox did in September.

January 1st the deer will be able to come out and play as the various forms of deer hunting grind to a halt.

BB has his year in review column. Almost as exciting as The Yankee Clipper section of the Gazette.

That rail yard in Middleboro seems like quite a blight.

The “T” will have to raise fares which is our punishment for their collective mis-management.

Is 2012 the year the Mayan prophecies come true? My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and I were in Tikal a few years back. Wonder if I could have searched for some inside info?

Disney. Six-Flags. How about Cedar Fair Entertainment. One of the largest in the world.

Your 401(K) American side may have settled down but for diversification junkies it was not a good year for Europe (down around 15%) or Japan (down 17%).

Gulf drilling is going on and from I have been reading the Great Spill has recovered. So much for the end of the world statements from the eco radicals.

2012 prediction: Obama loses and Warren wins.


Hal Brown said...

Pish tosh, there's nothing for me to snark at in your entire post. I did notice something the usual suspects (AKA bogophiliacs ) might want to discuss.

T proposes fare up, service down

"The MBTA would raise subway fares by up to 70 cents and dramatically cull bus routes, eliminate ferries, and end weekend commuter rail trains under a plan unveiled yesterday to help erase a projected $161 million deficit."

I guess the weekend train was too good to be true for those of us Middleboro residents who dared to venture into the scary big city from the safe and sane streets of Middlebegone where "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."

While on the subject of audacious ventures outside the confines of the Middle Kingdom, I bet more residents travel to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun than go to Boston in any given year.

That will change once Sufolk's Downs gets that zillion dollar casino with its Menino Tower Hotel exceeding Khalifa Tower to be the worlds tallest skyscraper.

bogofree said...

The real "Mumbles" tower is the edifice planning for the financial district. Mayor For Life wants a mine is bigger than yours moment and is hot on the development of a 1,000 foot tower. The magic number in skyscraper land. Personally I like Wright's proposed mile high one in Chicago although a mile high one is now under construction in Jeddah.

Time for the Kingston Trio and is that duo to roll out a new version of Charlie. "T" is just another quasi agency that has long been a dumping ground for relatives of assorted hacks. Up until recently it was not unusual to see someone retired in their late 40s with a fat pension and great medical after 25 years of "service." The debt is a reflection of exorbitant wages and benefits coupled with mind boggling decisions such as those magnificent rails ties.

The illustrious Robert Townsend of the Enterprise would have a much different take on the description of the locals but now with my spiffy new pickup I am on the way. I'll have to add a gun rack and tool chest and a few NRA stickers. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - will have to sit in the front seat with her hair up in curlers and wearing a Mitchell Club jacket.

Middleboro just needs to restore trolley service or better yet get that steamship rolling again on the local rivers. Did you know the remains of that ship are behind a deserted cranberry bog behind Hannaford Plaza? May still be some wreckage if you dig deep enough.

Hal Brown said...

Is this your truck?

bogofree said...

No...mine has a gun rack for when liberal (AKA Progressive) hunting season opens. I usually travel to Brookline since they have an abundance. Good for society to thin the herd.

LMAO said...

I've seen both you clowns and as long as you have more than four teeth, don't chew tobacco, wear a stained plaid shirt or scratch your butt in public you will never be considered a local.

Anonymous said...

I have a beagle so does that count as being a local?

bogofree said...

Only if it is your wife.

Hal Brown said...

I eat bagels, does that rule me out as a local?

bogofree said...

Only if you dunk them in coffee.