Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Blog?/Trashing Democrats/Student Loans

Why blog? In my case it was one of anger, frustration and exclusion. I felt the entire story needed to be told and I felt I accomplished that. But why continue? I consider mine more like a diary - not as intrusive as a blunt personal diary but one none the less. I just put out random thoughts and things that have caught the attention of my itty bitty attention span. Being an idiot I can recognize idiocy and just love to pounce on it. Politics certainly provide a wealth of opportunity as do other ideological stationary bloggers and some of the comments they make. That became an inspiration for the idiot comments on the sidebar. My own comments could probably provide a mother load for someone doing the same thing. What I really enjoy about reading other blogs is that these folks are actually serious. They really take everything they say as a spot on accurate assessment.

A professor in graduate school once told me that reading my papers was like driving over a bumpy road with no shock absorbers. Construction is certainly not my strong point in writing and although I have an extensive vocabulary I try to write as simple as possible. I am not impressed by the way the Times or The Economist can turn a phrase so I have no one to attempt to impress. Besides it is too much work and just doesn’t feel comfortable.

With my own blog I really don’t care about having ads on it or dedicating it to one or two issues or even beating the drums of rigid thought for a political, religious or some other issue. The blog is designed to be open to any who wish to comment on anything.

I have received some emails where some have requested that I write on a specific topic. I had one recently that wanted one on Social Security since I was involved in that discussion on the 5,672 best blog in Middleboro. Another wanted me to tell the real truth of what goes on in schools and another had something about writing my impressions of MCAS. I might explore some of those topics in greater detail. Just my thoughts which is nothing more than a personal opinion. Usually much of it is just centered on observation and experience with some links where necessary. I have always tried to provide links that will show a differing of opinions since I have recently seen the absurdity of rigid thought in say a discussion on global warming.

The National Bureau Of Economic Research has made the proclamation that the recession is over and has been for months. No doubt this non profit research group in Cambridge has no horse in this political race. Yep…sure…no doubt. I guess it was just a convenient coincidence that this “report” surfaced as the Democrats and Obama are reeling with nasty economic data a mere six weeks from the election.

The Democrats continue to be befuddled by the growing legions of Tea Party recruits. They are just puzzled about how this latest “hate group” - according to the drifters in the far left - can even be taken seriously. Well, moonbats, it comes down to having unpopular legislation shoved down the throat of the electorate. Toss in a failed stimulus, the comical ranting of Reid, Pelosi and Frank, an unemployment rate nearly 10%, a convoluted tax policy and a president who is lost without his teleprompter. That about sums up some of it and moderates - like myself - can certainly find a bundle more in their anger than we can in the failures of a pathetic president and congress.

The Boston Herald has been running some stories of late showing how profitable it can be to be a state legislator. The total compensation package is usually in the $90,000 - $100,000 range. Virtually all have full time gigs outside messing up our lives from their perch on Beacon Hill. The list is littered with the usual collection of lawyers, small businessmen and insurance agents. A comparison to other states show just how well off our under performing collection is. Then you can easily migrate into what that means for friends and family by having a relative in the House. Wonder how many wives, children, cousins and so on are on the state payroll? A few years ago I believe the Bulger family had a total of twenty-nine planted in various agencies of local and state government.

Columnist Dale McFeatters had an interesting take on the fact that the TARP program ballyhooed by Bush and Paulsen was actually a success. The government is making money of it. This was 700B of our money tossed the way of financial institutions. I hated it but the story did do some limited eye opening. The Stimulus has by all accounts - including sympathetic to the administration economists - been a bust. I guess the Democrat version of trickle down doesn’t work.

Someone from the Fed passes gas and the markets go up or down a 100 points. I can’t imagine a more knee jerk group than the Gordon Gekko crowd.

Larry Summers is another in the list of Obama economic advisers to jump ship. Summers will return to the crime scene - Harvard. The economic team - the Pittsburgh Pirates of economic teams - is having some deserters. Wonder why?

I recently saw that the unemployment rate in New Hampshire was 3% less than Massachusetts. NH also has a favorable business climate where lower taxes are attractive to bringing in a new business and for capital investment for those operating. Less in taxes just make it easier. The lower tax structure in the state also assures that it will be attractive for those wishing to relocate. Massachusetts is in competition with its neighboring states and is losing the race with NH.

Student loans amaze me. How many with virtually no credit can actually get a five and even six figure loan based on the fact that your eventual degree in Art History or Music of 16th Century France will allow you to pay it off. The default is around 20% and climbing and that loan never goes away. How many degrees are really cost effective? I’ve had student teachers from places like BC, PC and Wheaton over the years who were education majors. Now what they are paying could buy a decent house. What many pay in a year they could go to an excellent alternative in the state college system for four years. The ROI (Return On Investment) takes a lot longer at 150K versus 40K.

College isn’t for everyone. I often counsel students that are on the borderline to dabble in a course or two in community college and to find a job that few want to do. Those jobs usually pay some significant money. One student of several years ago learned to operate a backhoe. Eventually bought his own and a truck to haul a backhoe he purchased. Now has a home and a nice car and plenty of business. Tagged on several other certificates to operate heavy equipment. A rare success story from the students I have had.

I’ve often felt that a job is a potential gateway to do the things you really want to do. I have a son who was an electrician. He used that as a base to do what he really wanted to do - fly. He had a pilot’s license before a driver’s license. Now he parlayed that into flying for a commercial airline. Jobs can be important to earn the money to do the things you really want to do and those things can often be another job.

I often USE to tease my daughter about her going to UMASS - Amherst. The party school run by the Corrupt Midget during her tenure as a student. She often uses that as an excuse to squeeze monetary sympathy out of me as in “I could have gone to BC” and that translates to big bucks. Well according to a recent study from England UMASS is ranked 56th and above local stalwarts BC and BU. From my own comparison I attended graduate school at both BU and BC and also the long departed Boston State College that was absorbed by UMASS - Boston. IMO BSC was on a par with both the privates. I had two very aged and non doctorate professors at BSC who were among the best I have every seen.


LMAO said...

How frustrating it must be for the Democrats to attempt to explain away the Tea Party with deceptive tactics. I can smell their fear.

The movement is actually starting to align more with the Republicans since the not wanted sign has been held out by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and that means entrenchment. The idea is simple - too much big government,flawed fiscal policy, intrusive government and continuing economic woes.

I can certainly see a few candidates propped up by the TP who have questionable backgrounds with comments that are certainly not mainstream. I'd gladly match them with an equal number from the Democrat side who continue to make foolish comments with the latest being John Kerry and his voters don't get it comment.

anonymous said...

I had somewhat fallen into the trap that the media and opposition had put forward regarding the Tea Party. I expected a group of far right loons but that notion has bit the dust. After a scan of the BB blog I know exactly were the real loons are located. IMO the Tea Party resonates with many of us who go back far enough to remember deserting the democrats to vote for Reagan.

I generally will vote a mixed ballot. Granted I will never vote for Barney Frank but I went almost exclusively democrat in the last election. Not this time. Probably be republican across the ballot.

anonymous said...

This is now half-time at the Pats game and I cannot believe how bad they look against a pitiful Buffalo team. Maybe they'll turn it around?

Suo Mynona said...

**How Many Ways Forms of Taxation**

Think of all the taxes and fees we pay in life, many are very hidden and obscure.

I will start with a few:

*Fishing Permit
*Unemployment Tax
*Payroll Tax
*Tax on savings & inheritance (AKA the Death Tax) -- Both penalize people who watch their money and reward people who blow it or go bankrupt via irresponsibility)

bogofree said...

I was amazed at the elitist John Kerry and his comments about the electorate. Kerry is a master at avoiding taxes until outed. Of course Kerry's answer to his fiscal stability is upwards mobility via marriage.

I once saw a tax list at it was in the hundreds. I love how many times you pay a tax on a tax such as the purchase of tires.

The government punishes success and rewards failure. Amazing!

I will vote in favor of a 3% sales tax full well knowing the gutless wonders on Beacon Hill would never let it go through. If it did imagine the pain of the possibility of actually having a relative offed from his or her job.

anonymous said...

Clinton was in the area speaking for Barney Frank. To quote an infamous blogger that was two confirmed liars.

Suo Mynona said...

The luxury tax killed the RI boat building economy. All the jobs went overseas, including John Kerry"s Mega Yacht to NZ.

The increased income tax has killed New York. All of those Mega Rich people could care less if they live in Switzerland or New York according to Donald Trump:

"once you take away the incentives from people like myself and other people, all of sudden, you don`t have jobs, and we go elsewhere, I guess. I`m not speaking for me. I`m speaking for a lot of other people. You go elsewhere. You go to other countries. You do other things outside of this country.

anonymous said...

With the potential decrease in the sales tax I keep on hearing of the catastrophe it will cause. What is 10% unemployment? What is losing your 75K job and then going out and getting two jobs at 60 hours a week at $10 a hour? It is always more and more to feed government even it bad times.

Suo Mynona said...

We are three months away from January 1st and have no idea what our tax rate will be

bogofree said...

Held hostage by Congress. No big surprise. Extended the Bush cuts for two years. Simple as that.