Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Post

Governor “One And Out” Patrick has finally and quite reluctantly agreed to support any roll back on the sales tax. This finally came about after a series of evasive maneuvers showed where he really stood. Cornered with shrinking poll numbers and the excellent chance he’ll be canned he gave his approval. The only reason, Dear “One And Out”, that the measure is on the ballot is that your administration and the legislature approved a 6.25% sales tax. Wonder why the Tea Party exists? Ain’t a group of racist thugs but a grass roots movement that has had enough of government excesses on the local, state and national level.

Illegal immigration is being an issue front and center - in Europe. The EU is devising plans to attempt to deal with the same onslaught we face here. This is not your grand dad or great-great grand dad’s immigration but one that seems to focus more on separation rather than assimilation.

President WOW (Walk On Water) is starting his campaign moves to help floundering Democrats. Exactly how is he doing this? By blaming Republicans and Bush. Where have I heard that before? I listened to a mouthpiece for the administration the other day touting the various “successes” in the last two years and those were health care, stimulus and financial reform. That is success? Majority disapprove of health care and the stimulus has failed. Financial reform has be laughing. Think cagey banks and investment houses will find a way around that? The bottom line is the November elections will be a referendum on the performance of this administration and Congress. The only good think for WOW is with the distinct possibility of a Republican controlled Congress he’ll have someone to blame in 2012.

Old friend Mitt Romney is now the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012. Even in Alaska he is polling better than Sarah Palin (R- Clueless).

Michael Barone, a political analyst for the Washington Examiner, reports that five Democrats running for Congress have run ads highlighting their votes against Obamacare while no Democrat candidates have run ads showing their support.

A casino is in the works for a location about one-half mile from Gettysburg Battlefield. I guess that means no mosque - just a slot parlor.

BB finally created a decent column last week in the Gazette. Took him long enough. Easy to create such a fine work when you have an interesting, dynamic, virile, and just all around great person to focus on.

A book burning has been delayed or terminated by pastor Terry Jones who was going to toast up a few copies of the Quran. This is an apparent grab at his 15 minutes of fame and naturally it got a group of Muslims in a frenzy - not quite on the scale of Danish cartoonist frenzy but relatively close. Maybe the pastor should hook up with Australian Muslim cleric Feiz Muhammad who recently called for the beheading of a Danish politician. Give me that old time religion, a few book burnings and beheadings.
It is amazing when one pays a visit to a Muslim country. The rule is often a clerical dictatorships or their government’s tread carefully over possibly offending religious mandates. IMO the ultimate goal is to eventually have a world wide homogony. In many other countries our First Amendment is not understood and that is especially true in Muslim nations. I just have difficulties separating spiritual Islam from political Islam.

The per diem list has Calter at over $1,700 and our other two reps at zero.

I placed my football predictions on the sidebar but limited it to the Giants and the Patriots. The Patriots also managed to sign up their fast fading QB to a contract extension that will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 million so that at least he can attempt to get close to the income his bride brings in.

A new ice cream shop has opened up downtown and they do have an extensive offering of hard ice cream and two varieties of soft serve. Have some cakes and beverage service and other ice cream treats.

Castro now claims that the “Cuban model doesn’t work for us anymore” but was “still worth exporting to other countries.” I wonder if that means the current administration?

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North Slope Rigger said...

On this day the tragic memories of nine years ago.

I had worked in the Middle East for many years and was a first hand observer of how the religion is ingrained in all aspects of life and what happens when any progressive attempts to make a change. The radicals may represent only a small fraction but their influence is considerable and much of it is terrorism against followers of the faith who take a more moderate approach. Against the west and Israel it is magnified even more.