Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mostly Political Stuff

Earl Sholley made me pick up a Republican ballot this time around in the primary. Sholley in the ultimate campaign bad taste moment placed campaign literature on cars while folks were participating in services at church. This is certainly not illegal but is rarely if ever done. Sholley excused his behavior with his “First Amendment rights” and I fully concur and I exercised my rights by voting for his opponent. He’s running against Barney Frank - what a choice that will present. Enough to convince me to continue my vow to nor vote for national candidates in the finals. Fortunately Sholley is now a footnote.

Rachel Brown and her supporters have been around town for several months getting signatures and attempting to drum up support for her run against Barney Frank. Brown is right from the LaRouche school of nut jobs but I signed her nomination papers. I’ll sign anybody who wants to run. Heck….I once voted for Jessie Powell! Brown got 19% against Frank. Now the former Philanderer - In - Chief, Bill Clinton, is making a campaign stop in picturesque Taunton to help lend some support for Frank. No doubt the message is clear - let’s not make this a Scott Brown replay. I’m an Indy so to me this screams out as P-A-N-I-C.

Tea Party did exceptionally well in the primaries and that has made Democrats ecstatic with the idea the TP is an isolated group of Neanderthals with homophobic and racist tendencies with no agenda other than to tear down the current administration. Easy pickings in the fall. Be careful of what you wish for. The TP has shown strength across the country and they attract a considerable cross section of America. May prove far more formidable than expected since the “Great Middle” is who will decide this upcoming election. Posted that on the BB site so I’ll put it here.

One thing the TP has done - and I have not really seen it in the TV sound bites - and it comes right out of political science 101 and that is the influence the TP has had on all candidates. Many will now tread rather softly realizing the potential results of voter anger.

Speaking of the TP as a division in the Republican ranks just might not be a viable way for Democrats to look at it. A recent non TP commentator from the GOP stated that in the end our common goal within the party is not to place another Democrat in Washington. Have to wait until November to see if conservatives are fed up enough with the party direction to desert candidates. Democrat liberal wing has long done that.

Panic stricken Democrats love to point out Christine O’Donnell as what is representative of the TP and, of course, Republicans. Even Rove and moderates within the Republican Party have tossed her aside. Well - do a search on Alvin Greene who is running for the Senate in South Carolina - as a Democrat. He makes O’Donnell look like a political Mother Theresa. Point being both parties are littered with some rather questionable characters - where is Leo Kahian when you really need him. Is this the best we can do?

A pundit finally realize what the brilliant Bogo has been saying for months - the TP would not exist without the failures of the current administration and Congress - both parties.

9.6% unemployment. That unemployment has hovered around that figure for a long, long time and the blame Bush no longer works. As Carvell said many years ago :”It’s the economy, stupid!” That will be the key issue and all the promises of the administration will be tossed out front by the Republicans. They will minimize their own compliance in this mess and get away with it. Anger voters vote. Republican strategist probably gleefully hope the dismal failures continue until at least January when the new Congress takes over.

I read that a certain confirmed liar spoke before the city council in Fall River regarding the proposed gin mill for that city. A confirmed liar speaking before a group of politicians? Lot of potential there.

Locally I have watched the BOS meetings on TV on a regular basis. I watch MiMi (what is with those two M’s?) and wonder what in the world the voters of Middleboro were thinking? No doubt she is kind to animals, looks both ways crossing the street, does not litter and certainly makes attempts to beautify our simple town but does that translate into being a good Selectman or Selectperson? I really had an open mind - no lobotomy jokes - when she arrived on the Board. Give her six months to get an idea of blending in and getting comfortable. The old learning curve. IMO the learning part has not taken place nor will it ever. Being a nice person just does not translate into being a competent member of the BOS.

What should be front page headlines in every paper in the country instead found itself buried in the inside. A cartoonist in Seattle, Washington - as in Seattle located in the U.S.A. - ran a cartoon about drawing Mohammed for a day. So now the “Religion of Peace” has issued a Fatwa on Molly Norris who has - under advice of the FBI - gone into hiding. The FBI recommended she change her identity and all associated information. As Ms. Norris explained she is effectively in the witness protection program without the government paying. Oh…she also had to quit her job. This is a freaking American being threatened in her own country? I hope there is more to this story since on face value it speaks volumes.

Say, LBJ, how has that War On Poverty worked out? Looks like one out of seven Americans are at poverty level. Maybe excessive taxes and lousy economic policy has something to do with It? Oh…and don’t forget social engineering. AKA - handouts.

The bill continues to spiral for Cape Wind and I have clearly changed my position on it. Now the have estimated the tear down costs. Every time I read about this project the bill goes up and up. This is become the “Green” answer to The Big Dig.

Cuba has decided to cut 500,000 from government jobs. That represents about 10% of the total work force in Cuba. Castro has already acknowledged the failures within the Cuban system and this sort of settles that. Wonder if we are viewing the future here now taking place there?

According to the latest Census Bureau data the state with the highest median income is - surprise - New Hampshire! I know a bundle of businesses have relocated to NH but it probably goes much deeper as in an influx of escapee’s from Massachusetts. In our state we approach every fiscal issue as how can the taxpayer be squeezed a bit more with escalating taxes and fees? Southern NH has now become an interesting snapshot of political breakdown. Many more Democrats have floated in but they seem to be those of the Blue Dog type that have a great connection with many Republicans and Independents on fiscal issues, immigration and foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

I agree Sholley putting literature on cars, while people where attending church was not the right thing to do. Speaking of poor taste, Sholley has yet to come out with a statement on his website or his Facebook thanking his supporters. People worked hard on the campaign and not even a public "thank you" from Sholley. Sholley hasn't even publicly congratulated Sean Bielat. Its a good thing Sholley did not be come the nominee he has no class at all...

Family Guy said...

Jon Stewart has proposed a "Million Moderate March" for the National Mall or as he calls it "Restore Sanity" march.

"The Great Middle" as you said is where the real action is. The Republicans could well have shot themselves down in a few Senate races by selecting candidates who are really on the fringe.

I see the likes of Pelosi and Frank in the Democrats column and IMO this is clearly two fringe reps who would not stand a snowballs chance outside a handful of districts.

North Slope Rigger said...

As a unrepentant conservative I am elated by the results. The old saying of vote for the most conservative candidate who is electable took a hit. This may show up in the fall but the bottom line is the creeping socialism of the nanny state far left has to go. You see voters and non voters recognizing that in every poll and at the ballot box for those who choose to vote.

Bozo reconsider your no national office vote directive as each one will be important in ousting the current crop in both Washington and Boston.

The Red Sox are a tease at this point with still a mathematical chance. The two losses to Toronto should be it.

bogofree said...


Thank you for your follow-up report on Sholley. I guess my knee jerk reaction was spot on - that makes me about 3 for 100.

I don't know if Bielat will make a good showing but the visit of Clinton certainly smells of panic. I have no fondness for BF and never did or will.

Politics have now become more like the UFC.

Red Sox are dead. Just waiting for the coroner to show up and sign the death certificate. But the 2011 season has already started for this fan with a projected road trips to Houston, KC and the Twin Cities.

Suo Mynona said...

Just visited Bumpkins site. Y'all can over to my house and watch my cat chase it's tail.

Its is bizarre when people refuse to listen opposing sides on complex semi-scientific issues like global warming and claim that all the research is done. It gives rise to the saying lunatic fringe.

bogofree said...


It reminds me of that great scene from "Planet Of The Apes" where the three simian scientist are listing to a science lesson that is basic 101 from Taylor and they are shaking their collective heads. Can't question! Can't dispute! Finally it turns into a see, hear and speak no evil scene.

The same is so true of the political positioning. I doubt if any would actually scan The Heritage or Cato Insitute web site for another point of view. Exclusionary science. Exclusionary politics. How sad.

I remember reading about a scientist who a 100 or so years ago stated we have learned all there is to learn. Wonder what blog he'd feel at home with? LMCAO!

With the inquistitive skills they displayed we would still be afraid of sailing off the edge of the earth.

Suo Mynona said...

The sun revolves around the earth just as Global Warming advocates revolve around Al Gore's latest proclamations.

Is Al Gore hot bunking in his second $8,875,000 mansion. Heck, it even has a Cement Pond of which oil tycoon Jed Clampet would be jealous.

And some wonder why the American public is so disillusioned.

bogofree said...

I was amazed at the exchange on the BB site and am thankful that neither BB or Jessie is teaching science. It would not be a lesson or inquiry but indoctrination. I'm sure their curriculum would consist of endless repeats of "An Inconvenient Truth."

The Socratic Method is a totally alien concept to some.