Saturday, June 5, 2010


"...but it's a real good thing you did. A real good thing. That is one of the classic lines directed at the character “Anthony” played by Billy Mummy in the Twilight Zone episode “It’s A Good Life.” Anthony is a six year old ultimate brat with the mental abilities to do virtually anything he wants. His actions usually result in a comment like the opening line. Intense fear does that.

That brings me to President Obama or as I prefer - WOW (Walk On Water). I have a good friend who is an Uber Liberal whose defense of the crumbling administration is now you will see the results of his “bold and courageous” moves in ten to twenty years. Well, a statement like that certainly limit’s the debate. No matter how foolish this administration meanders about the fall back is just wait a few decades. I’m sure those who are unemployed or underemployed will delight to know that hope and change is just a few decades away. The Obama apologists have to really, really work exceptionally hard attempting to put a shine on this first year and a half.

I will give WOW credit for two significant pieces of legislation - health care and financial. With health care I am concerned about quality of care eroding and substantial costs. The bill for uninsured and under insured has to be paid by someone and that someone will be the taxpayers. I have been posting regularly on the sidebar bits and pieces from Congressman Lee Terry - a conservative Republican from Nebraska. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

With financial reform my concern is how long will it take for Congress, compliant regulators and the major financial players to weasel around this legislation? Sooner or later business as usual will resume. Just remember that Barney Frank - a major player in the meltdown - was an instrumental force in this legislation.

When you get to other issues of significance three pop out - the economy, illegal immigration and foreign adventurism. On the first the party line has been to spend our way out with a series of stimulus bills that have been pork enhanced. Take about adding fat to a diet! So far this version of trickle down - which the administration will never use - has been a resounding failure. The second forces an administration to look at reality and to choose between what is legally correct and fiscally necessary or offending a Hispanic voting block. Arizona had the right idea and even Massachusetts legislators see which way the wind is blowing on this one and are hastily cobbling together legislation to address the issue. The final issue is war. The administration has done some saber rattling the last year or so in regards to Afghanistan. IMO this is a venture that one must enter into with heightened trepidation. History is not on our side.

Transparency was front and center in the campaign and it has vanished as quickly as jobs and stimulus money. The highlight - to me - is the attempted backroom deal to get clear sailing for the Spector campaign. Toss in a healthy dose of closet meetings on health care and you get a idea of what WOW and his fellow travelers consider to be transparency.

I was a lukewarm supporter of WOW back when his machine was doing the best to deep six the Clinton campaign. But then came his vote on TARP, support for the Patriot Act and the emergence of Revered Wright. With Wright I just wondered how someone could sit in a pew year after year while this racial hater tossed out his BS. WOW did nothing until finally confronted by a fawning press.

Cronyism, partisan politics, lack of transparency all show that some things never change.


Suo Mynona said...

Obama's lack of real management training is on full display. He should have cut those Gulf Coast Governors loose to enact damage control. It was astonishing they were prevented from creating of sand barriers at the outset.

Drilling in 5000 feet of water in the Gulf could have been prevented if evil oil companies were allowed to drill in ANWAR and shallow Alaskan or California waters.

The Feds pushed them into uncharted depths and approved the plans.

It is so simple. Why can't We THE (50 percent of tax paying) PEOPLE subsidize the creation of 600,000,000 windmills and solar arrays to replace oil, coal and nuclear?

North Slope Rigger said...

You want the nanny state you got it with Obama, Pelosi and Reid who all know better than we do.

I am fed up with a system that is designed to reward the most for those that do the least. Yeah , I have no compassion!Now these clowns are circling their wagons over immigration. What's with that? Illegal you get squat!

anonymous said...

Now that times get rough I cut back. Dining out not as often, vacation trips cut back and expenditures are cut to meet my own budget deficit. Even doing some of my own car work such as my brakes. Now how does government approach their financial issues? Simple. Raise taxes and fees.

The recent firefighters contract in Boston was a joke. State cops pulling in $200,000 a year with details. Now we have a Middleboro budget crisis. Think I want an override? A CPA? It's only 1% for a CPA well, Ed, make your collection at Oak Point. As far as the schools just take a gander at what is doled out for salaries and bennies. Give me a break! Take a look at my projected pension. Guess how much that is? Try zero! I'll have to live off what I put away in a 401(k) that is going south and social security that I don't even know will be there. So, WOW, WTF am I on you food chain? Seems you and fellow hacks bail out banks, corporations, illegals, entitlement crowd and I get to pay the bill.

North Slope Rigger said...


The environmentalist are the ones that should shoulder a measure of blame. Try being on a rig in Prudhoe Bay and see how much fun that is. You make a small fortune and every minute can be your last.

Off our coasts the cost of deep sea drilling is phenomenally expensive compared to land based drilling and I am only talking money and not the risk factor. These rigs are all over the world and in some areas it is a rather passive environment like The Gulf and in other areas such as the North Sea and Alaska it is as risky as a job can get.

With the world economies dependent upon petroleum you have to go where you find it.

bogofree said...

The whine has started full bore over the mess in The Gulf. OK....stop drilling and exploration and then the whine can go full bore over $6 gas prices. Unless we have a sudden desire to return to the 15th century you have to take the good with the bad.

Suo Mynona said...

**More change we can believe in**

Obama is changing the political landscape of America. Federal Democrats are opting out doing town hall meetings.

And this is from the NYT!

anonymous said...

TM tonight so why would anyone vote for a CPA when a school override was rejected? If I am stuck with a tax it will be for schools.

Suo Mynona said...


That will be the theme of the evening. Ed B tells us we just do not understand and BB still tells OPM (other people's money)is a no brainier to spend and is not a big deal to them.

The reality is BB could not get squat for signatures before this the economy totally tanked.

The citizens of Middleboro are not inclined to be as cavalier with OPM as BB and Ed. We understand that many people work hard for their money and make daily critical decisions on how to spend a single dollar.

Wally Glendye said...

I had the pleasure of watching Stephen Strasburg on the MLB Network last night and he was sensational. I’m a College sports nut so I have seen him several times in the past but last night he took it up a notch. He had them guessing all night while he struck out 14 with his 98 MPH fastball & 82 MPH curve.

For those of you, who are crying in your Cheerios over last nights Celtics loss, ponder this. In the past 10 years the fans of the various teams in New England have made history no other region can lay claim to the following:

4 Super Bowl Games (3-1)
2 World Series (2-0)
2 NBA Finals (1-?)
4 MLS Championship Games (0-4)
College Hockey Championship Games (4-2) B.U & Jack Parker were in one and won it but all of the rest were Jerry York and his Eagles.

bogofree said...

Strasburg was tremendous and finished strong with - I believe - 7 K's in a row. Ability to throw a change up and a curve - with control - and 20MPH less than a fastball translate to deadly. Nats have handled him just right and chose a great lineup for him to appear against. I hope he does better than David Clyde and Von McDaniel.

The C's game was a nightmare as they started out with a great 12-5 run and then lost it and were never able to crawl back. They need some more consistency from the so called "Big Three." a 'Jints fan do you have any idea where that "1" portion of that 3-1 SB record came from? LMBAO!

LMAO said...

MT just buy an egg timer as it may help you during those embarrassing moments when the clock runs down and you are still yapping.

LMAO said...

The State House meeting looked like the town meeting a few years back with all those union shirts in the crowd.

The slots and casinos will be here.

Does Alice Ewell always look up BB for a gaming quote? What a waste.

anonymous said...

The TM went quite smoothly and was done prior to 11PM. The articles went as expected with to me the only real surprise being the meals tax failing.

The idea of the CPA being placed on the ballot will give the voters a chance to opt in or out.

Gibbs Road will not be plowed according to Select woman Brunelle despite the vote at TM to accept the street.

Does anyone know how the Lakeville ladder truck is performing?

bogofree said...

I managed to avoid the TM as I usually do. As I have stated many times before I consider it the purest form of special interest.

Nice to see that a tax was actually scuttled and maybe it will start here.

LMAO said...
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