Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama/Celts/Middleboro IT/ CPA/Hillary/Teacher Pay

The Obama Administration has proposed another bailout - is that number 4,567? - designed to keep pubic employees employed. This is for 50 Billion and part of it will target teachers, police officers and firefighters. Almost forgot there is also another bill designed to provide an addition 23 Billion for teachers. What about the 100 Billion that was in the stimulus bill for education? In Middleboro the money was put to good use from that bill - they moved classrooms under the smokescreen of “improving MCAS scores,” What all this amounts to is a huge payback for past and future support of the most massive special interest group in the country - public employees unions.

President Obama managed to use China as a shinning example of a nation fighting pollution. Huh? That disjointed speech on the crisis in the Gulf was a thing of beauty complete with a real nice plug for cap and trade. Well…they can’t cap a well but we’ll certainly have the opportunity to “trade” Obama.

A disappointing finish for the Celtics but an enjoyable run. They certainly are having a better season than Obama. Heck…the Baltimore Orioles are having a better season than WOW.

Interesting report on the IT abilities in Middleboro. We are on the cutting edge of technology providing this was 1985. In a previous life this was actually my job! When RB was appointed to that position I remember writing several letters to the editor questioning the competency of appointing someone who apparently had such a limited technical and management background. I was far from alone. IMO being a member of the FC or BOS does not mean one is qualified nor does being a “volunteer” mean one is qualified.

After an airport run I stopped at Round Pond in Duxbury for a run. This is a beautiful nature area funded by CPA. After the run I returned to the parking lot and there was a Volvo station wagon, two BMW’s and a Pirus parked in the lot with my Chevy Monte Carlo. That describes the difference between Middleboro and Duxbury.

Hillary Clinton made a statement that the Justice Department was examining the Arizona immigration law - an area that is not part of her responsibilities. I quote form a new article: It's unclear why Clinton made the comment since it's not her area. She couldn't be reached Thursday for comment. The reason she made the comment was she was in Ecuador and was playing to the Hispanic audience at home.

Foregoing a raise for a year has been a subject that many public service unions have been faced with and teachers are one. What that means is if a 3% raise was bargained it will be put on hold but from what I have been able to gather is the normal step increases will continue. Each year you teach you go to the next step or higher salary level. As your education expands with graduate degrees that also brings you to a higher level within each step. The steps in most school systems are ten to twelve years and then you reach your maximum level. When you look at the salary charts a beginning teacher with a BA will earn about half of what a teacher at top step with a BA will make. This holds true right across the board for an MA, CAGS or Doctorate. Now when you max out what do you get? Are you perpetually on hold relying on bargained raises that will pump up each step by the negotiated percentage? Nope. The key is longevity pay. Once you have been in a system for - and I will use the usual bargained years - 15 years you get longevity pay each year. It can vary but generally it is between 2-4%. Back to foregoing raises. From what I understand longevity pay and step movement have not been - in most circumstances - been placed on hold.


Suo Mynona said...

Obama must be feeling like ping pong ball. He is getting slapped back and forth all the time. The latest being the judge overruling his moratorium on drilling.

Terrorist trials in NYC
Closing Guantanamo
Evacuating Iraq
Scheduled reduction in 'ganistan
promise of no new taxes
Cambridge Police & beer summit.
Miranda rights for terrorists
McChrystal (a real no win for WOW)

An on and on. Next thing you know he will go looking for really cool turkey feathers in the wrong location.

bogofree said...

Maybe Steve M will amke a motion to remove him? Won't be a tie vote.

Wally Glendye said...

The greatest moment in Men's Soccer History today.

bogofree said...

Bitter Red Sox loss last night as the vastly overrated Papelbon got toasted. Local news stated at least 40% and probably 50% of the fans were Red Sox fans.

Touring Denver you see Sox fans everywhere.

bogofree said...

Fantastic series out in Denver and the game last night was a five hour grind. Pedroia had a career game and Papelbon is proving the old Branch Rickey adage about better to trade a superstar a year too early rather than a year too late. Red Sox fans are everywhere and probably make up half the crowd. Our hotel is loaded with them are only a few are from Boston. Most from the west and mid west.

Wally Glendye said...

Great matchup tomorrow with Jon Lester & Tim Lincecum.

bogofree said...

Game I will see if Sox have anyone left to play.