Sunday, June 13, 2010

Assorted Clutter

Great photo op of President Obama touring the Gulf as he has no tie, his shirt sleeves rolled up and picking up sand with a tragic look on his face. Made me just do a Bogo back flip with the sudden rush of confidence.

President WOW (Walk On Water) distanced himself from the issue since it was a BP problem until the PR crap hit the fan along with oil seeping into wetlands and wildlife being inundated with oil. What could the government do about the first problem - the well. Nothing. What could they do about the second problem? Plenty. Are they starting to react? IMHO they are but it was quite slow on the switch. Should have been far more pro active. Should have had the same response regarding resources and response that they had towards Haiti.

Conservatives - naturally - are doing everything possible to hammer away at WOW and his foundlings over the handling of the situation. Payback for criticism of the passive reaction of the Bush (R - Texas Oil) to the Katrina mess. Somehow I just don’t buy into their sudden righteousness.

Rep. Joe Sestak was offered a nice federal appointment if he dropped out of the race against Arlen Spector (D- Screw Loose). The offer had the fingerprints of the White House all over it with even former President Bill Clinton (D - BJ) as the conduit for this offer. Naturally the WOW administration is saying they did nothing wrong. What is interesting is that some Democrats have also joined in to ask for further information since this could be a violation of the following law - 18 U.S.C. Section 201.

The nutrition police have targeted Ronald McDonald as the poster child for the fast food industry attempts to make us all porkers with a variety of diseases that can be traced to out consumption of their products. I was at McDonald’s the other day getting my usual unsweetened ice tea and did notice that they have alternative choices on their menu. Customers don’t want it. Stay in line for five minutes like I did and I didn’t see any salads being purchased. I also saw one of the nutrition police on TV and she looked like it was time to practice what she was preaching.

$10,625,053,544,309.79 was the national debt when Obama was coroneted . Today it is 13 Trillion. Debt is rising at about twice the rate as during the Bush years.

BB is parading around in his spiffy Calter shirt. Times like this make me elated that I vote in precinct two.

The “Religion of Peace” executed a seven year old boy in Afghanistan suspected of spying for NATO on the Taliban.

The message now quietly being circulated is a double-dip recession that some economist - usually with a Obama bumper sticker on their Volvo - are downplaying. Well just gander at the continuing fluctuation of economic data and our economy is economic molasses at this point. The “job creation” bills have simply failed. Unemployment hovers around 10% - Say, WOW, how did that 8% cap work out?. This administration has managed to turn out legislation that has between 1,000 and 2,000 pages each to cover cap and trade, health care and financial reform.

The World Cup is with us again and I am proud that America has continued to reject this silly sport. Soccer is great for young kids until they get old enough to choose a real sport.

In 1996 seven year old Jessica Dubroff was killed along with her father and flight instructor as she was in the second leg of an attempt to be the youngest to make a cross country flight. Yes….send a 16 year old girl on a solo round the world sail.


Suo Mynona said...

**Star of the Day**

Community Auditions is back on channel 4.

I think the original show gave Chuck Barris the idea for the Gong Show.

Wally Glendye said...

Great Celtics Game!

bogofree said...

The Gong Show movie was great! Go to Youtube and do some searches on it and the things they could not put on the TV version.

Now to close out "The Fakers" in LA. The Truth needs to keep it going. He's the key.

I always remember the great Bill Russell quote after game 7 in LA when C's won in '69 - "What are they going to do with all those balloons?"

Wally Glendye said...

K.G. was huge last night. The Celtics are a TEAM and not a
one-man-show like the Lakers are.

bogofree said...


Is Gasol uglier than Julian Tavarez?

I remember what C's use to do with Chamberlain especially in Wilt's Philly days. He'd have great stats...better than Russell but at some point during a game Russ would just shut him down for 7/8 minutes and that would be it.

bogofree said...


Great moments in Bogo basketball history.

Many years ago we were on a tour bus taking a lectured tour of Chicago. The guide goes by Michael Jordan's restaurant and says "....and he set a playoff record of 63 points against the Boston Celtics!" I waited about ten seconds and grabbed the mic "...and now the rest of the story. Jordan lost that game and the Bulls lost the series!"

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo did you get a gander of the New Middleboro website? Did you advise them on how to pull this off?

It is some clarkin' slick stuff. Nice & neat with enough information for town wonks to spend hours looking up forms and records.

Check out this corner of the website (caution enter only if you like reading things like the world almanac)

I started to read it and next thing I knew it was 4:00 AM and almost time to get up in the morning.

bogofree said...

What a fantastic piece of thought I was going to say something else other than work.

This certainly beats any "free" site they could have bagged a year or so ago.

I will spend my afternoon examining it in great details on how to improve my blog - of course the obvious way to improve my blog would be not to write it.

bogofree said...

Oscar award?
Nobel Prize?

They are garbage compared to the ultimate award! I have a link to the town web site!

Suo Mynona said...

I can't wait to hear BB's critique of this incredible addition to the town. He has been bleating (so to speak) about how terrible it was, surely he now must be euphoric about the change.

anonymous said...

The Enterprise series on the stimulus impact in this area has been an eye-opener. What it comes down to is money spent to save and not create jobs. The part that caught my attention was the editorial comment today that if this had been a success Obama would not be asking for another one.

Family Guy said...

Is it a strange coincidence that our town web site gets updated just before the consultant axe points out the real problem - Roger!

anonymous said...

Unemployment still high. What happened to that not higher than 8% that Obama pledged?

Suo Mynona said...

Obama is very happy about all the census taking jobs

bogofree said...

Census takers are probably the highest end jobs that have been added.

Government payrolls still expanding.

Suo Mynona said...

A special thank you to all the fathers who are connected to overseas conflicts.