Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ides Of March Or Close Enough

“It’s much more expensive to add an employee in Massachusetts than elsewhere in the world, and we have offices in more than 20 countries.” A quote via The Herald from Liberty Mutual CEO Ted Kelly.

Politicians seem very efficient at one thing in particular - getting more perks for themselves.

There may be ballot questions on lowering the state sales tax and slashing the state income tax. The sales tax was a temporary 3% instituted under the reign of John Volpe. The ballot initiative on the income tax was ignore as many others have been.

Plainville Race Track has added 800 parking spaces in anticipation of slots.

Scott Brown has a 70% approval rating. Didn’t President WOW have one like that 14 months ago?

I no longer accept solicitations over the phone. If it is a local charity I will go to their site and make a contribution.

Wall Street is improving which is great news for the unemployed and underemployed if it is translated to jobs. So far I am a bundle of skepticism on that.

For about the 30th year in a row or so I missed the Academy Awards. Saw a bit about ads for that are as expensive as for the Super Bowl.

The BOS race is shaping up as an interesting one. I think the turnout may actually top 20% with the override issue on the ballot.

Warren Buffett succinctly summarized health care: “ If it was a choice today between Plan A, which is what we’ve got, or Plan B, what is in front of the Senate bill, I would vote for the Senate bill. But I would much rather see a Plan C that really attacks costs.”

Several local communities were honored for their town web sites. The exclusion of Middleboro must have been an oversight.

I like the colors black and yellow. I was planning on an awards dinner for campaign signage but the scheduled date was the 27th of March so the BB concert will take prescidence. I mean it’ll be more hectic at the Flat Iron than when Scott Brown showed. Anyways, I commend Frawley as having the best sign. Black background and smaller print forces you to read it. See…these are the truly important things in my life.

An ongoing issue in Brockton is a business owner who has installed artificial grass rather than the real stuff. As a taxpayer in Brockton my sympathies were clearly with the business that provides jobs and is actually a spiffy clean place. Give the guy a variance.

On the above issue I contacted the City Council. Only two list an email address and I sent an email expressing my opinion. Both replied within a half hour. I may not be 100% satisfied with their response but both are certainly responsible.

Town Meeting will have several interesting items for discussion.

John Kerry has jointly sponsored an alternative to the Cap and Trade disaster that appears - at least to me - quite a moderation over the original legislation. As with most bills we are limited to summaries but if this gets support it appears less invasive.


Suo Mynona said...

Obama's Middle East actions are as much of a mess as his domestic actions. Policy cannot be used because that connotes a semblance of cohesiveness and strategy.


Senator Ketchup Kerry is trying to resurrect cap and tax. Kerry has no clue how everyday people suffer, survive and possibly even thrive. He is the second wealthiest senator worth 1/4 billion and wife Theresa at a cool 1 billion.

Most of us just have a net worth as husband and wife.

bogofree said...

Thing that caught my attention on the Kerry bill is that a co-sponsor is Lindsey "Tired of all this crap" Graham (R-SC) who has been a major thorn to the administration on health care "reform." I don't know how this new proposed legislation will create the million jobs pronounced but I hope it is significantly gutted version of Cap and Trade. With Kerry involved I have to think negative on first...second...third thoughts.

anonymous said...




Wally Glendye said...

Living next to the Nemasket makes you pay a high price. my Master Bedroom is flooded.

bogofree said...

My sympathies for you Wally. We use to get about one inch in our basement but made some significant changes to seal off as much as possible with the end result of no water for ten years - until now.

I have two wet vacs that do not have any pump attachments so I just empty them into a 30 gallon barrel with a submersible pump. Had only about a quarter inch of water in about half the basement so we had no real problem. But even that represents about a 100 loads with a 6 gallon vac over two days. Cellar is now dry except for one small wet spot. Was coming in under the bulkhead so that area will have to be addressed.

My son lives in Brockton and his wife called me yesterday AM in a panic since they had water up to the first stair in the cellar. Thankfully Home Deport had a submersible available and I set it up since my son was in Chicago. That sucker really moved water and near emptied out that basement in five hours. $100 pump versus $2,000 for a professional service to do it.

Will insurance cover it Wally? I guess you really now have a "water bed."

Wally Glendye said...

Insurance will not cover it but that's okay, it gives me something to do. The water is now rising
over the Plymouth Street Bridge.

bogofree said...

Even get screwed on federal taxes. Losses based on AGI.

I'm still suffering from Hurricane Ike. Have a condo in Galveston, TX and between loss of income, insurance companies refusing to pay, nitwits from FEMA and $10,000 in assessments to cover damages I feel your pain. Hopefully, everything will get dried out and you can watch the mold grow.

anonymous said...

Maybe BS will be swimming around the master bedroom, Wally, so you can practice spear fishing.

anonymous said...

Does the fire department or water department pump you out when overwhelmed?

Wally Glendye said...

I haven't had access to my PC because of the obvious reasons but I am impressed by Mother Nature. Oliver Mill Park was completely under water and all of the Streets around me were closed due to the Nemasket, Taunton and Purchade Brook. It gave me a great excuse to go to Boston yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
(I would have done this anyways.)

LMAO said...

I guess you were drowning your sorrows?

I saw some roads closed around town and it my travels some really high water where smaller streams are. Many backyards flooded out.

Suo Mynona said...

**No good deed goes unpunished**

The town use to help with pumping out basements. There was an instant or two when legal issues arose. It was sort of like plowing roads.

I am not sure if they still offer assistance. Based on the clarking snow plow issue, I would say it is illegal for the town to help.

The town not assisting people with flooded basements is not as bad preventing access for emergency vehicles in a blizzard.

Where is the line drawn? I live on hill; why should my taxes help pump out Wally's basement because he chose to live near the river?

My taxes should assist Wally because we are a community. In a community we work together; especially in extreme weather events.

bogofree said...

That is "The Middleboro Way," Suo.

I know someone in Rehoboth and the fire department pumped him out. To have a service do it can be $1,000-$2,500. Two good pumps will cost you about $250.

Family Guy said...

Obama is walking around like a John handing out money to common street walkers in his party to buy support for just an awful bill. Now it may not be awful but with 2000+ pages and the behind the scenes actions I suspect the absolute worse. The positive is if it passes the House back to the Senate and the Republicans can toss up plenty of roadblocks. For Democrats how can you take your party seriously with Pelosi and Reid?

Suo Mynona said...
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