Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care/Woloski/Casino Poll/American Idol

The complexities of the health care provisions in local contracts cannot be dismissed on a whim or by some type of local executive fiat. Many of these provisions were negotiated for decades as more and more concessions were made to improve the benefit structure and now the wheel is spinning the other way and pressure is being applied to diminish the financial contributions of the town and conversely increase that of the employees. Can a viable argument be presented to justify increased employee contributions? Locally I think it is apparent that it has. The health premiums have become burdensome and that coupled with decreased revenues, less state aide and a general fiscal malaise has created the perfect storm for a serious examination of the issue. That means the issue is being squarely tossed into the lap of assorted unions who must face the reality of concessions or job elimination. Famed labor activist - Samuel Gompers - was once asked what unions wanted? His reply was one word: “More.” Now may be the time to say “Less.”

On the above the one item of real interest is concern for those retired. COLA is rare or limited on the pensions so a rapid increase in health premiums or inflation can erode rather quickly any income. A retired teacher of 20 years has a very limited income.

Bank Of America wrongly foreclosed on a house in Pennsylvania and while the home owner was out for the day had one of their contractors enter the premises and disconnect utilities and change the locks. The contractor also took the owners pet parrot. Despite numerous calls to BOA it took a week for her to retrieve the pet and she had to do it by driving to the contractors business. BOA was less than responsive during this whole ordeal and is now being sued for $50,000. Now if this was a pet dog I know just the firm that could have grabbed seven figures on this.

In Attleboro single stream recycling - implemented seven months ago - is being credited with a reduction in trash tonnage and a significant increase in recycling. Prior to the program recycle accounted for 5% of pickup and not it is 30%. When will single cycle start in Middleboro?

Brockton Enterprise Driving section profiled a Mercedes - Benz 300SLS Coupe that sells well north of $200,000. I’m sure there is a big market in the area for them. Do they come in yellow?

Latest poll results from Dartmouth show about a two to one support for DeLeo and his expanded gaming proposal. I’m sure some anti’s will jump all over the source regarding his “data” but this are the same folks who actually believe some of the manure dished out by Jessie Powell regarding “facts.”

What a great weekend! No…not the weather! I was at Hannaford’s and two folks were collecting signatures for a Republican to run against Barnet Frank (D- Lie upon lie). Not only a Republican but one from Brookline. I thought they were extinct.

Woloski Park has become the Middleboro Katrina without the drama. Eight homes flooded.

I have never watched American Idol except for a five minute segment here and there over the years. Exception was last week when I found out they were going to do Rolling Stones songs. Great presentation by all.

Decades ago I saw The Stones at the old Boston Garden in a show that was delayed for hours. I found it comical watching Mick Jagger at well under six feet and weighing 135 pounds strutting around the stage doing his rendition of “Street Fighting Man” with an attitude.

Looks like a certain blogger has hired on the editorial staff of


Wally Glendye said...

Seen the Stones Nine times and have the lips tattooed on my left shoulder. Years ago they didn't get it and cheated their fans during live concerts. Even though their music isn't quite the same, they now know how to put on one hell of a show. Fenway Park was my favorite because they were so close.

bogofree said...

Another favorite group of mine is AC/DC who puts on a great show. Have a son that was stationed in Germany and saw AC/DC open for the Stones.

Between Elvis and Jerry Lee I take Jerry Lee. Between the Beatles and the Stones I take the Stones.

Wally Glendye said...

David bowie used to put on quite the extravaganza and Paul McCartney is a great live show but the best live show of all was the J.Geils Band.

Suo Mynona said...

I miss the Cape Cod sweatbox for concerts.

bogofree said...

Very interesting movie was "The Man Who Fell To Earth." I remember reading the book and then was fascinated that they'd do a movie and have Bowie in it. Thought it was an excellent film.

Surf Ballroom was a good place for concerts. Back in the late 50s and early 60s you would have quite a lineup. Today performers do single acts with maybe a "guest" act. But back in the day you would have half a dozen come out and do a few songs each. Most were lip synched.

anonymous said...


Did you ever see Rudy Vallee?

I hate seeing concerts in big stadiums but at Fenway it isn't that bad. Group that impressed me in concert was Chicago. Really versatile.

Wally Glendye said...

Suo, you really do know your Arenas and where j. Geils played. The Cape Cod sweatbox was the best of all!

The Man who fell to Earth typical of Bowie being way ahead of the times Bogo.

LMAO said...

Are you talking about the 3C is South Yarmouth? Saw several shows there including Grateful Dead and Aerosmith. When you say sweatbox that sure seems like the place. Did Boston ever play there?

Suo Mynona said...

I saw what was then the second loudest concert in history (behind Deep Purple) at the Cape Cod Colosseum. Van Halen was the warm up band for Black Sabbath.

Those aluminum walls just reverberated the music. The constant battle for space and getting close to the band on the arena floor floor was a blast.

Suo Mynona said...

"Nantucket" warmed up "Boston" at the Garden. It was the worse show I have seen. Boston just stood there motionless and played. As it said on the back of the album, the concert sounds just like the album. We would have been better off listening to the album and looking at the picture at home.

Nantucket kicked their butts.

anonymous said...

Great live show for me was the Ramones. Seen lynyrd skynyrd several times and they are always enjoyable. My heavy metal tastes go to Deep Purple.

bogofree said...

Vanilla Fudge and Grand Funk are two great live bands.

bogofree said...

This is a post I have over on the 4,897th best blog in Middleboro in response to the mod asking my opinion on a post regarding health bill. The mod wished to know why I felt the WOW administration was not transparent in the process.

Try backroom deals for a starter. You think doing things on the sly is transparency? Give me a break! You know all about the Cornhusker Kickback etc.? Even the unions got a nice shake. WOW owned up to it because he was outed. Think he would have said anything if he was not? This went on and on and who knows what deals happened with insurers and pharm companies? Some call it horse-trading but if this was done in the business world it would be called a bribe. Now he promotes a “new transparency.” Just do a simple search on Obama and transparency and the hits will keep on coming. This process was vilified continually even by some of Obama’s ardent media supporters. I’d ride the bike at the “Y” and listen to CNN hammering away. Politics have changed as I cannot imagine two Massachusetts speakers – Joe Martin and Tip O’Neil functioning like Pelosi.

The parallels between this and the casino issue are very similar. Both had too many closed door dealings, lack of transparency, rushed through and so on. Very little done in the way of impacts. This final bill took 14 months but the paper it is printed on had how many readings in the House? How much debate in the House? The final legislation is a cobbled together book of promises that not a single House member has – IMO – read. One of the most significant pieces of legislation and it is pumped through with virtual no hearing or reading. Amazing! This was a turbid bill. You do not do business like that.

Democrats will pay dearly bill or no bill. Many have already jump shipped. This happens in non presidential years and especially with a lousy economy. Just look at the Republicans a few years ago? War, bad economy and an president reeling. Indy’s will control the elections as they did in Massachusetts and right now an large portion of them view Obama as to the left of their own personal philosophy. Maybe if some type of fiscal miracle happens and the economy rebounds significantly the losses will be minimal and not disastrous. Now Republicans are “energized” so watch out. As the song says “Meet the new boss same as the old boss.”

I have often said the difference between a Senator and a Congressman is a Senator costs more.

anonymous said...

LOL! You are wasting your time, Bogo. They are our nannies and know what is best for all of us. Typical left wing nut jobs.

With health care it will be the usual where I'll be responsible for picking up the tab for others who show no responsibility. This is just another welfare handout.

bogofree said...

Of course I am wasting my time. I just enjoy seeing all the regurgitated bullets. Seen that a thousand times. Not an original thought among them.

drive-by said...

Nice job pinning the moonbats to the wall, bogo. Of course they can never even consider that maybe opinions that differ from theirs may have validity. But it's fun watching you make them swirm a bit.

bogofree said...

I just don't like the hypocrisy. You can demonstrate bad behavior of others and then do exactly the same yourself and excuse it since you admit to being caustic and arrogant.

BB thinks nothing of a blanket condemnation of others by tagging them racist and homophobic. Just silly, demeaning and valueless.

I think Tony had an excellent piece on liberal-conservative and that articulates why so many of us now are independent. A pox on both their houses.

LMAO said...

I also tend to follow a path that is down the middle with a tendency to support Republican candidates of which there hopefully be in more abundance in the fall. To pigeon hole me a definition I would find acceptable is moderate with more in common with conservatives rather than liberals although I will swing to that side and occasionally have. I find the fiscal policies of the left destructive.

Suo Mynona said...

It has been shown over the last several years that BB is an extremely hypocritical person and is bent on self promotion. His ramblings amount to a brown paper bag stuffed with really cool turkey feathers.

Does he have anymore "high Level details" on important things like how to trespass and claim to miss about 100 signs?

I have left the guy alone because his broad-ax comments about people and elected officials in town has abated. He has been called out so many times to prove comments it defies credulity. The pat response is "I could if I wanted to" I know he would if he could. But he can't so he won't.

I glanced at some of the stuff going on between Bogo and others. No further comment required.

Suo Mynona said...


You may remember the Brattle Street School controversy. It was when the Cambridge ultra lefties protested the relocation of the school into their exclusive neighborhood. I tried to dig up the history for it, but it is all archived. Julia Childs was one of them as I recall.

Harry Tuttle said...

I contributed to Ch 2 until this issue. I have not since. Thank David Ives.

Try this link;

bogofree said...

The do as I say not as I do group is - IMO - significantly greater in the liberal side than the conservative one. The contradictions abound - also as prevalent as beginning every diatribe by labeling.

Suo Mynona said...


Great link. Puts the hypocrisy on full display.

bogofree said...

Tuttle has done some diligent research. Maybe he can help Jessie with Clark, CT?

Election time is nearing and I did not attend either candidates night. These will be on cable so I can catch up on them.