Friday, March 26, 2010

Fat Ladies/Ice Tea/Labeling/SciFi/Financial/"1623"

I read about a woman who weighs 600 pounds and plans on bulking up to weigh a half ton! Where or where are the nutritional police on this one?

I have an addiction and it is ice tea. I may drink six glasses a day and when I say glasses I mean 44ounce type. I usually buy Lipton Diet with lemon. Then I’ll add my own lemon slice and a package of Sweet & Low. Plenty of crushed ice.

I just admire the code words that introduce some political diatribes. You know the ones - socialist….racist…trash the Constitution….homophobic…Rush…..Hollywood elitist……Beck…..and so on. This is just a snippet from what I see from the far left and far right and IMO the far left employs it considerably more extensive. You could make quite a collection of them - like trading cards. These represent a mantra that has to be learned and usually is the domain of folks who have not had an original thought in their entire lives.

Decades ago I was involved in the “Mock U.N.” No….not mocking the U.N. but having students actually run a model U.N. The first one I was involved with actually took place at Middleboro High School and there were students from a plethora of school systems. The person who was the real driving force behind our presentation was a Debate Club organized and judged competitions. I watched him prep students and he used a term to describe the above and it is called “labeling.” I remember him warning students never to employ that tactic since it directly shows a lack of substance, competence and intellect. I find myself - like most of us - falling into that trap on occasion. Some never do learn.

Continuing along the pattern established in the two previous paragraphs is another tactic which I have posted on and that is called “Deflection.” Somewhere in the past messes on this blog it can be located. Maybe Adam Bond will actually create a post or two on his blog on some of these maneuvers since this is an important component in law schools. I admittedly know little about it. My method of debate was always to name call and then excuse my insolent behaviors my claiming I have a caustic and arrogant personality. Sound familiar?

I was cruising the local blogs and noticed that Carl Pierce - otherwise affectionately known as “1623” is involved with the local Tea Party movement. I would very much welcome any input he may have regarding that organization since some others feel it is one step removed from Neo-Nazi’s. Maybe he can be one of those posters that BB has the welcome mat out for? I’ve seen some of the Tea Party folks on TV and they didn’t seem to be any skin heads among them. No doubt there is an element within the group that needs to be cut from the herd - much like some of the homophobic and racist comments I have heard at Democratic rallies.

When you think Science Fiction what writers come to your mind? (pause) Do you know who Connie Willis is? Ms. Willis has been honored with six Nebula Awards (more than any other science fiction writer) and six Hugo Awards. Doomsday Book and Lincoln’s Dreams are remarkable works.

Now that the health care debate is diminishing - Jessie James and Sandra Bullock got significantly more traffic two days after passage - the real sink or swim will return to what it always was - the economy, stupid. Housing is a disaster as starts continue to languish and that is with all sorts of incentives. Unemployment and underemployment have stabilized simply because there is little left to cut. The trickle down economics of the administrations various job programs have had little impact but to create more crushing debt. The administration has been dead wrong on the economy from the beginning by vastly under estimating the scope of recovery and the depths of despair. This coupled with residual anger over health care could easily translate into significant Congressional losses in the fall.

I enjoy investing in stocks which provides a far better gambling rush than a casino - I just wish I had an all you can eat buffet and E-Trade, Fidelity and TD would occasional comp me. I have been directing more resources (money) into ETF's since some frustration exists over purchasing the singular versus the broad based. Currently I just run comparisons between my own selected buys and the broad base of the indexes. I will also split similar groups in mutual funds. For example I may wish to buy a fund that specializes in large cap companies. After comparing costs and performance I will not buy one but divide among two or three. This is a strategy that financial advisors frown upon but I have noticed results can be sharply different between funds with similar targets


Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bogo remind BB to turn off his computer for "Earth Hour" tomorrow. Then tell him that next week is the start of Earth Month.
That woman gaining weight intentionally is sorry sack of humanity.

bogofree said...

I think she is "The Earth Mother."

I'm sure Al Gore has turned down the thermostat in his home or is that homes?

drive-by said...

Maybe that poor lady is the cause of global warming. Seriously, her glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and EKG must be off the charts. She needs help.

drive-by said...

Yup, now that all the closed door bribes have produced the new healthcare bill interest in the issue is waning. But Morticia Pelosi will still pay the price when her term is up. Hopefully the same goes for Blarney Frank.

Only certified moonbats need apply as guest hosts of BB's blog.

bogofree said...

A few years ago while in Texas we went for breakfast at The Golden Corral - an all you can eat buffet.

We took our drinks and plates and sat down prior to our attack upon the buffet. Across from us was a family of four that could have easily been a family of twelve. The gentleman - with eggs slithering from his mouth as he spoke said: "You arrived at just the right time as they switch to the lunch buffet in twenty minutes." Further discussion revealed this is a standard family practice for Sunday. They arrive about 8AM with the newspapers and proceed to eat and eat and eat. Then when the lunch buffet is out they continue to graze until supper buffet arrives.

As we left I spoke to the manager since I had spent a fair amount of my adult life in the "hospitality industry." What does this do to his bottom line? Is this common practice? His response was a new corporate policy was going to be implemented to address the issue since the main complaints have been other customers.

I did notice that the restaurant had a portable defibrillator on the wall. I did not notice if the paddles were 3X.

I may have some real negatives towards the "nanny state" and the "nutritional police" but that position is difficult to defend when exhibit A consumed enough food to feed a third world backwater.

I'm sure the latest health care bill - I find the term "reform" quite amusing - will, no doubt, have all in Congress signed up.

Suo Mynona said...

Hill Street Blues had a funny show on an All You Can Eat Buffet: a very corpulent guy spinning himself around the buffet like the Looney Toons Tasmanian Devil on an office chair with a giant fork.

They would probably not even be allowed to air that show today.

anonymous said...

HSB was a great show. Loved St. Elsewhere. I think the Discovery Channel had a series on about corpulent people. One station also did a profile on a man in Mexico that was suppose to be the heaviest in the world. I don't know if I should feel sad or angered by them.

bogofree said...


I was just checking out BB's worthless site - the 6,782 best blog in Middleboro - and an ad appears that says: "Congratulations! You are the 100,000 visitor! This is no joke." Please...please...please...if I every put ads on this site just lock me in the back room.

Suo Mynona said...

*Best Candidates' Night Presentation*

Mrs. Sara Cederholm provided the best presentation on candidates' night. She spoke with poise and eloquence on learning the system and systemic state mandated financial problems. Her first term idealist position transformed into a deep resolve to help our town cope with one of its most problematic and important issues.


As I frequently say, the BOS get the notoriety, but the "lesser committees" frequently have greater impact on residents' lives.

anonymous said...

Frawley, Rullo, and NO prop 2 1/2.

Now that the spectrum of "special needs" has been expanded ten fold, we're expected to believe that the numbers of learning disabled is growing by leaps and bounds. One in every 150 now considered autistic? I don't think so. If we go by the strict definition of autistic, few fit that criteria. It's just that educators and shrinks have created a wide range of sub groups of that disorder, basically any child failing to achieve. That's BS. Perhaps we should be looking to other more tangible reasons why so many are failing and address them. Maybe there's an inherent problem within families to motivate or become involved with their kids. MCAS only shows us that a certain percentage are performing poorly, but doesn't tell us why. While I'm 100% in favor of special needs services for the physically and mentally disabled, those students with purely emotional disorders don't belong in that category. Expand the alternative school facilities where the proper structure and discipline can be properly implemented. All inclusion is not always the best solution. And passing the emotionally disturbed by fudging MCAS through the portfolio out is a joke. Unfortunately the schools have become the parents in many cases.

anonymous said...

SciFi writer: Isaac Asimov

1623 a Tea Party member? Does that really surprise anyone?

Fat ladies have very little to sing about.

Financials: Expect things to get a lot worse before they get better. Recovery will take years beyond the end of the Trillion $$ Wizard leaves office.

Ice Tea: What ever happened to squeezing real lemons sweetened by real sugar instead of pouring little tubes of chemicals into 20 oz. of water? Crystal Blight......

BB: Wicked Losa who thinks he knows everything about everything. Mark McGeek should stick to his techno-babble, which few will bother to read.

drive-by said...

On the road again -
Just can't wait to get back on the road again.
Goin' places that I've never been.

drive-by said...

Canoeing down the Nemasket River with 1623 = Yankee "Deliverance"

bogofree said...

Anon: I may do a post on my view of MCAS As a retired SPED teacher and one who still tutors I have to say you are quite on target. I have had my own alternative program and currently tutor in one. I know where the bodies are buried.

I have worked with many Autistic kids and my daughter currently teaches in a program at May Institute for Autism. I was quite baffled by that figure that the experts tossed out. I imagine they are looking at the entire spectrum and tossing in a pile of Asperger kids.Maybe they are part time scientist working on data collection for Global Warming? Maybe just rubber stamp diagnosis by "experts." Don't know.

Portfolio's. It is a nightmare. I remember years ago the DOE was sponsoring a workshop on portfolio's and a woman gets up and says...and I paraphrase: "Do you have any idea what I work with? Making progress? Is this an example. Suzy now only eats s**t out of her diaper three times a day rather than four." She went on..."do I attach pictures to show the progress? A chart? A pile of diapers? Would that be an acceptable portfolio?" She brought the house down. I have not really followed portfolio's for years so maybe the scoring has loosened up. The ones I did were time consuming, unnecessary and non productive.

I like sun tea and have two nice jars for when the weather gets better. I actually enjoyed Arizona Ice Tea years ago but they seem to have tinkered with the formula.

bogofree said...


grunt said...

Been watchin 'Pacific' on HBO. Tom Hank has it all a$$ backwards. It was the US Army infantry who hit the shores at Guadalcanal first, jumpin in the water with 60 lb. packs on our back as we headed to shore. Those jarheads arrived just in time for the photo ops. How do I know? I was wounded there when I was just a kid. Maybe old now, but ain't no fool. Doubt Hanks ever spent a day in combat.

bogofree said...


Thank you for your service. I watch that war footage on TV and just cannot comprehend the horror involved. Being in a landing craft and circling prior to enter to the drop zone. Then doing it again and again.

Hanks did receive a Distinguished Service Medal for Private Ryan. Band of Brothers was a fantastic show and I hold no animosity for his lack of service as many have not served and still honor those that have. I believe Hanks has done that. Appears his research may not have been the best.

Suo Mynona said...

The override does not stand a chance. Spataro had it right when he showed all the foreclosures in the Gazette. The three basics of life are food, shelter and clothing. If I were still selectman I would not support putting it on the ballot to "let the people decide." A selectman is elected to lead and decide. There are five selectmen for a reason. Their job is to debate and make a choice -- majority vote rules.

People watch the televised BOS discussion (and hopefully debate) and will become better informed.

In the past several elections we had some decidedly unqualified candidates. This year we are fortunate to have 4 authentic choices. They were all positive and spoke of their own merits, not others demerits. We can make our choice amongst individuals that have proven the sincerity and commitment.

Thankfully, no one followed Steve Mckinnon's sad tactic last year of continually making negative comments about others. Once was enough.

It appears things are turning around for the positive in Middleborough politics.


BB devoted so much time insulting leaders of the town and haranguing everyone about for whom they should vote. Now an the issue of an override comes up -- A NO WIN POSITION -- and and he shuts up. That spells coward.

Driveby: If we look closely around town your new traveling abode will appear posh for too many friends and soon to be non-neighbors.

grunt said...

Nice blog. Been following it for awhile. Don't get out much since my wife passed. So I moved in with my son and daughter in law. They bought me my first computer and taught me the basics. Helps me feel a little less lonely.

Nice to find a place where others with a more conservative viewpoint have a say. A year ago many were screaming for 'change'. Well I think they got a bit more than they bargained for. Guess it just goes to show to be careful of what you wish for.

I'm one of the lucky seniors who has someone to help me be as independent as possible and not worry about heat, food, or housing. Just got my first walker with wheels (degenerative arthritis in my hips). So I'm a runner again too, all around the house and yard. LOL

drive-by said...

*sigh* Over the past year 3 houses on my block have fallen into foreclosure. One is already quickly falling into disrepair, another saw its family disappear in the night. I'm a little tense myself because my company has been down for two quarters in a row with somewhat dismal prospects for the near future. No rumors at the corporate level of lay-offs, but certainly rumblings among employees. Would hate to leave Middleboro, but the Beltway Bandits are hiring heavily in my field. I guess you do what you have to do.

Grunt: Nice to hear that some are willing to take care of those who took care of them. My Grand Dad says that's the way it was during the Great Depression.

anonymous said...

OMG!!! Anyone checked out the PWS's Vision Appraisal of the newest assesment of our properties? Another 26% since January 2010! Guess the housing market atill isn't close to bottoming out. D*mn! Looks like my starter house may be my forever house.

bogofree said...

The importance of family, Grunt. You are fortunate.

Suo....thank you for an honest assessment.

I'm sure Drive-By will polyurethane his abode to add some strength for the anticipated rain this week. Maybe add some floats and follow the tide?

drive-by said...

Secured the abode. Loaded up the kids and animals and have plenty of provisions. Please send rescue up to where I land on Mt. Ararat in 40 days when it stops raining.

bogofree said...

Yesterday the pond by the Log Cabin has covered half of Route 28. Today it is probably the whole street.

Wally Glendye said...

I have my Snorkel ready.

Wally Glendye said...

Cha Ching!

bogofree said...

I saw that article, Wally. What intrigues me is the slots at Fortress Logan. I like that idea. I can sit around and buy a discounted airline ticket.

I'm a real NIMBY (with a price) but I like the idea of the investment at Raynham track. Casinos are inevitable but just not in my backyard.

Wally...what happened with your Master Bedroom? Is this three day rain going to be a repeat performance?

Wally Glendye said...

I finished my Lifeguard lessons and am certified so I'm ready for it this time.

bogofree said...

I understand the Titanic exhibit at Foxwoods will be replaced by the Wally Glendye Exhibit.

Suo Mynona said...

Does the CPA help with flooding?

Suo Mynona said...


RE: March 28, 2010 9:16 AM

I think BB is running a scam. I just click on his site and was told

"Congratulations you won! You are the 100,000 visitor! This is no joke."

Should we both call him and try an collect our prize?

bogofree said...

How can you be the 100,000 visitor when I am? This means war! I want that prize! I believe it is an autographed collection of his greatest columns. That is your opening - run with it!

Suo Mynona said...


bogofree said...

Bada boom!

Rocky said...

I should have stayed south for another week or month but I miss this thing we call spring, well my other half does.

I got an email from the other best blogger in Middleboro asking me to bullet vote for a candidate. I have to say that anyone who attempts to take my vote from me should be sent to cuba and not allowed any human rights.

The shear gumption of someone to tell me to vote for someone and nobode else is horrible. Ask for my vote but don't tell me not to vote for anyone else.

What a non patriot.

bogofree said...

Rocky it is great to hear from you and to have you posting again.

He happens to be the 5,467th best blogger in Middleboro. I change my banner every once in awhile since Confirmed Liar gets old.

There are four excellent candidates so the choice is difficult. Toss away a vote by not voting? Please.

Suo Mynona said...

***BB's New Low***

Rocky you are spot on.

Telling people to bullet vote is utterly despicable. BB is preaching slimy politics and he sinks to another low.

Our country fought the revolution for the right to vote. The 15th Amendment, Women's Suffrage, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 where further reinforcements.