Sunday, November 9, 2008


In an useless attempt to bring some semblance of order I will create a new open post thread each week. This is just as the title suggests - open. Careful with language and posting items that will have us collectively in court. Any topic you wish to start just go ahead. Any rant you need to do just go ahead. Any other post you wish to question just question. The floor is yours. No gavel.


Anony15,379 said...

"In an useless attempt to bring some semblance of order"

Don't even bother.

drive-by-moron said...

Collective liability in court? By this time everyone has figured out that you have to go for deep pockets or it isn't worth it. No worries here. Can't get blood from a stone.

BTW, I figure you for Gilligan and MB for the Skipper. So, which would you prefer-Maryann or Ginger?

bogofree said...

Maryann....always. Betty over Veronica. Wilma for sure.

The Ginger I prefered is Sharon Stone in "Casino."

Rocky said...

Usless is an understatement.

I think it is funny when the forces trying to act on residents of the town are either out of their mind or don't even live in the town.

I like to bogo them on though.

Rocky said...

To bogo one on is to use the facts one is lacking in order to shaw that they know nothing, usually prompting an even stupider resonse from the bogoee.

bogofree said...

Had an enjoyable ride/run with MB. His suggestions on any questions is to post them on his web site/blog and you can use anonymous or email him any questions. I'd suggest a blog comment.

Rocky...remember that great character from the show: Mr. Know-It-All. Wonder if that can be changed to Ms. Know-It-All. Any suggestions who might fill that role?

mildly said...

Can officials in FLA successfully prosecute the mother of Caylee Anthony, missing since mid June, for 1st degree murder without producing the child's body? Various news sources have reported that the child's grandfather, a former homicide detective, recognized the smell coming from Casey's trunk as decomposing flesh immediately. This was later confirmed by forensic tests performed on the car's trunk which also turned up a DNA verified sample of the child's hair.

Over the weekend thousands of volunteers have searched a wooded and field area inch by inch. So far nothing.

Boy this is one jury I'm glad I'll never get called for. I'm just not sure how they can close the case without finding a body, even though police have caught the mother in one lie after another.

How can a child be missing for a whole month before anyone notices and reports it?

Recall said...

Response to Mildly 2:54 PM

Ask Jessie how they could prosecute with no body, she knows everything. Plus she could really use a comment on her blog.

alias X said...

So what was the final outcome from the 'ghostbusters' on the town hall hauntings? I read anymore about it. Probably just JP shift shaping.

alias X said...

LOL! Post on JP's blog? She probably paid to hook into some mainstream computer bank that tracks everything from viewer's locations, bank rolls, sexual preferences, first grade teacher's name, to whether one of your ancestors was a barbarian that raided Rome.

Uh Oh, better check my toilet and bed for bugs with micro cameras.

Anony said...
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alias X said...

Anyone game to hold a seance and call the spirits forth? Would be fun unless they're the kind of ghosts who 'slime' with that ectoplasm stuff.

anonymous said...

We can always call CFO busters which is Mary. She's torpeded them. As far as JP shape shifting I will not even attept to make a comment but will rely on my fellow posters for their own visuals.

Looks like BB wants is to post on his site. Great. Really can trust him! But, then again, probably be the most traffic he gets in a month.

anonymous said...

Mildly that case is a nightmare. I was once on a Federal Jury on a case that lasted almost two months. Talk about the worse two months of my life. Evidence was down right boring and at times I almost dozed off. Actually turned out fairly well in the end despite numerious delays by the defense. You could see it and the judge even started to get after them for stonewalling. Defense was looking for some way to cause a review. Quilty after a day of deliberation. We were mostly on the same page but just had so much stuff to shift through.

With this case I have been paying little attention. I see that shrill Nancy Grace on TV and wish someone would toss her in a car trunk.

bogofree said...

I also am lost by that case and have paid little attention. I generally do not follow any of the various murder cases and have not since F. Lee got Candy Mosler cut loose. F. Lee I suspect is also the model for Denny Crane.

I was on jury dudy call at the Wareham District Court and it went quite well. The judge came in and said he'd been on a jury and it was torture. Gave us a run down that two cases were settled, another was in negotiation and a fourth the parties had not shown up. Had coffee and donuts brought in and said he'd fill us in. Got dismissed an hour later.

Anony said...
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Anony said...

Jessie has removed those links. Is this an end of this site?

anonymous said...

Yes Anony JP has removed those links...finally. I suspect she has saved the posts in a file/folder though. As to why she took them down, wouldn't even attempt to try to figure out what motivates JP. Wouldn't be surprised if it were a group decision toward some purpose. What matters is they're gone.

End of that site? No way! Never happen. Politics and blogging are JP's life. They're what make her feel relevant and important, and she obviously takes her 'work' very seriously. Sancho to MB's Don Quixote. Both always chasing windmills(pun intended).

What looks dead is the nemasket forum. JP killed it with long-winded, snarky comebacks refuting the few conservative posters who remained over those "pesky, sour grapes Republican election shenanigans." Too bad. I think MB's original intent for the forum was worthy. But JP killed interest by dominating it.

anonymous said...

I'm surprised that no one has targetted bogo's blog yet. I find it hard to believe it hasn't pissed off a few, especially seeing the numbers of hits here. LMAO

Recall said...

Maybe reason this blog is not targeted is because it is not linked and has not been professionally escalated up the search engine ladder. Or in the famous last line of Tora Tora Tora they would just be "awakening a sleeping tiger"

Hopefully the real is reason is that no one cares

MB forum, don't blame Jessie for killing the forum. MB has a poor track record moderating forums. First monkeyberrrymoon then JP. Having Jessie kill the conversation is probably a ggod thing for him though. Letting it just die a slow death and is one less thing for him to worry about. If he just closed it Jessie would probably go to his home instead.

bogofree said...

“This is one. I'd gladly remove it since the only reason it was created is that no other viable outlet existed. lacked the courage to address the Jessie issue as did the bloggers that are linked to CFO. “

This is exactly why this blog was created and that was to be an option - an option where a consistent pattern of lies and mis-information could be documented. That goal has certainly been accomplished. JP has forever destroyed any remaining credibility she may have had thanks to her entrenchment for refusing to atone to a series of false information. Personally, I have no problem at all with removing or rewriting the title.

The reality is it is not my blog but yours. I just represent the conduit through which various ideas could be presented from the mundane to even the more mundane. I have checked the JP blog and the links to LL have been removed - finally. If you collectively feel that is enough then so be it since I feel that is as far as JP will ever go. The rest is all here and will remain here buried for future review by historical scholars. But the blog it current format will remain as an open posting forum.

JP will continue to blog on issues that concern her as will many, many others who blog on. If readers wish to place any VALUE in what is blogged is another issue. Personally, I find the Republican bashing almost as amusing as the JP bashing on this and other sites

LMAO said...

Bozo. You can call the thing anything you want for in my book you are citizen of the year for publicly outing that bag of gas. JP has been snooping around in other peoples s**t for years and it has been personal. Hey, Jessie, when you gossip about personal lives and try to say who is sleeping with who it gets back. You finished her in this town with your posts on nemasket and this blog. The best thing is she gave you all the ammunition. Bogo, just leave those blogs out there. PLEASE!

Her fellow gas bag MB supported her and he's in the same boat. Hey, MB, site died. Bury it.

I like a place to go to where I don't have to be preached at and that is here. I can post what I want within reason and others can be critical within reason. You are not this judgemental control freak like JP and MB.


anonymous said...

The original intent has been met but your site (ours) does offer a nice alternative to, Middleborocasio, and the various blogs. There is no doubt to me that any critical posts would be allowed on all except possible Mike's site since you are a mod. All three I will look at but not participate in.

This site should serve as a reminder to CFO bloggers and those of the JP ilk that someone has a place where an alternative point of view can be expressed without public incrimination.

I can't see them targeting you since they would also be targeting us. I doubt anyone would care to wander down that path.

The title is meaningless to me since I don't look at it any more. I just do a scan of what fellow posters have added to on a subject or start my own. You have blogged on issues that are diverse from politics to travel and that provides me with the idea that anything from silliness to seriousness can be posted

anonymous said...

Just posted this on Topix. Enjoy. Comments - critical and otherwise.

CFO is not a player in this issue as all one has to do is show the appropriate agencies the content of the various blogs. I did when I contacted the BIA. Think they will be impressed with all the MT, CC and CP BS? Think they will be impressed when you present them, as I did, a list of the BOD of CFO and all three appear on it? The same applies to the state and anyone else involved in this. The real action is going on behind the scenes with the REAL movers and shakers and the REAL money and not some two bit ramshackle group of flakes infatuated and delusional over their own importance. In this case their own impotence.

anonymous said...

LMAO wrote:
"Hey, Jessie, when you gossip about personal lives and try to say who is sleeping with who it gets back."

And she's not even discriminating about who she passes these rumors on to. When asked by one man how she knew, she said, "It's so blatant you'd have to be stupid not to see it."

Is it any wonder that the whole town has become "anonymous"? Well, except for you, bogo. You've got a lot of guts putting your name out there. Maybe she doesn't go after you so much because you know her better and have more on her than most of us. Also, she knows you'll say what you think right to her face.

anonymous said...

anonymous 8:12

Well done and oh so true. Of course, cdp will be on quickly to try to refute you. Boy is he thin skinned. LOL

mildly said...

A lot of people would like to be able to say what they think openly to some of these idiots. But it's suicide if we or a family member have a business or a profession. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to bite my tongue because my words could keep the bread and butter off my table. And I think the fear and frustration of having our names printed in some blog is just adding to the pressure cooker effect.

bogofree said...

That Topix post is a keeper, Anon.

When CFO ascended to the mantle of spokesperson for the anti casino element they began, IMO, to have an inflated belief in their collective self importance. 'nuff said that they could get a crowd that would have trouble filling a phone booth at their rallies. Now you have the fringe with too much influence and that does not gone unnoticed by the real movers and shakers. Think any pol goes out of his/her way to break bread with these folks? I have been quite clear on my feelings towards the organization direction and from what I gather I am not alone. Just an opinion.

The WW II saying comes to mind: "Loose lips sink ships." Loose lips can also, along with false research, sink a local political career.

anonymous said...

Old "1623" will be in a lather over that one. Man, is it so true.

When you blab to one you blab to all and that is something beyond Jessie's comprehension. She's too busy trying to dig up dirt on everyone. Think anyone would support that? She would turn on you if you don't agree with her. Now a whole town has turned on her.

anonymous said...

Took a look at That is the Circuit City of web sites. Time to go into Chapter 11 and reorganize. I can make one suggestion on deleting a poster and adding a poster. I'll keep my comments here, Bogo, since I would never trust MB. He'd have a link to me somehow and then filter everything to Jessie. I don't want her n my street with her camera. LOL!

mildly said...

It is sad to watch someone fail to use their gifts in a constructive manner. Although I know nothing about what has caused JP's heart to turn to stone, it is obvious that her judgmentalism has blinded her with hate. She can not see that she is suffering from the consequences of her own actions, and therefore blames everyone but herself for others rejecting her. Same goes for MT and CDP. All the casino really did was to publicly expose their inner emptyness and poverty of spirit that has probably existed for quite sometime. The casino just became the impetus for trying to make others pay for whatever is lacking within themselves. It's bad enough that they have caused harm to others. But it's worse that they have failed to take any personal responsibility for it.

At some point most of us are just going to walk away from all the carnage and not look back. JP and the others can't do that because that would mean they would have to walk away from themselves. And I think their hate has become very precious to them.

Forgiving another is easier than owning one's faults in order to forgive self. I know. It took me a lifetime to figure that out.

anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful post, Mildly.

mildly said...

I guess I'm in a real mushy mood today. I feel sorry for MB for the choice he made in not letting bogo, dal, and MR duke it out on the Clark, CT. issue. By getting involved and silencing B & D, he made a statement of complicity that began the downfall of his now skeletal forum. Without bogo, there just isn't any life there. The fat lady has sung.

I'm sorry MB. I think your original hopes and plans for the forum were well intentioned. I think you're doing the right thing now by diversifying your blog and column. Let the forum go.

anonymous said...

MB may be attempting to go down a positive path but has already made an alliance with MR. Think anyone will take you seriously when you are knotted up with her? I won't go there for the same reasons I won't go to LL's site - just too much to lose with fragile site mod and posters. MR will carry her repeated rants onto nemasket and the very last thing I wish to do is have a moonbat preach to me. If MR said the sun sets in the west I'd argue against it just on principal.

As for the town rejected his attempt at a forum. They were dead wrong but I can understand the position 100%. Look at what JP has posted regarding the BOS and Marsha. Look at the critical comments that were posted on the site regarding IT in the town. Think of all the BS that MR has festered regarding operation of virtually every town department. Look at what she continues to post. Get a real clue, MB, that alliance with her does not set well with those who actually really make decisions in this town. You are connected to her and now you have to live with it.

Mildly, you can feel sorry for him for I do not. I don't even feel pity. He made a plain stupid mistake and has made no attempt to correct it which is exactly what Jessie has done. Think I would ever take him seriously?

mildly said...

Anonymous: I told you I was having a very mushy day. Tomorrow I'll probably be ranting and raving about MB again. I guess I'm just one of those women who's easier on men than other women....until they piss me off. LMAO

I do agree with you that neither nemasket nor middleborocasino are places where I will post. This place suits me just fine. :)

Rocky said...

I am concerned JP would knock me over with her breath. Proof? Just smell it.

mildly said...

Rocky-Dare I ask what you're doing so close to JP that you can smell her breath? May I suggest you use a surgical mask in the future? roflmao Funny post.

LMAO said...

Rocky was giving mouth to mouth without any medical issue! LMAO!

Hey, Bogo, I saw Hal mentioned on Topix and a link to his site. No updates in several months. What gives? You use to drive him nuts did you drive him to "have the big one?"

bogofree said...

Rocky is providing us with possible sensory experience that I doubt I would care to dabble in.

Been some very nice posts today and the one on Hal I will follow up on. I sent Hal an email to see what's up. Hal and I have had some real differences but have managed to be occasionally civil to one another. Well, he has been civil to me.

bogofree said...

Got an email from Hal. Site has some technical difficulties but Hal also said no real news of late to post. Said about all you can.

anonymous said...

Although I often don't agree with Hal, or understand him, I'll give him one thing. He's always seemed to treat people decently whatever side they're on. In fact, the only person I remember him getting mad at was you, bogo. I think for egging him on and playing with his head. But he was polite about it---just left the forum for a bit. You're such a rogue, bogo. Just can't play by the rules. LMAO. Anyhow, Hal's a basically OK guy.

anonymous said...

Why won't you just admit your wrong.

If you were nicer to people they would be nicer to you.

Its just that simple.

DBM said...

Read in the Enterprise this morning that gas prices are dipping below $2 a gallon. And they said it would never happen again. Don't care why. Just hope it lasts.

bogofree said...

Oil under $60 a pop on over night trading - all based on shrinking Asian demand. How did their bailout bill work? China will bailout to the tune of 600Bil and that rose the Asian markets 5% and now last night back down. Think of all the bad American paper the Chinese are holding. LOL!

I've complemented Hal on several occasions and also signed off on a letter that he had published. I requested two changes to the letter and he complied. Hal is not a down and dirty guy and I am. Blame it on a combination of personality and sports posting boards. Hal prefers to post at a much higher level.

I think Jessie's approach is quite apparent. Too bad.

anonymous said...

I've done my morning check. Looks like Topix is heating up again as a few defenders of the faith attempt to put a cfo slant on latest news. Naturally, The Great Backfire that hit MB thanks to Gladys is still going heavy.
Nothing going on with LL as his site appears to be on the same life support as Jessie is like Hal. He looks for racist everywhere and she looks for Republicans everywhere to explain all evil. BB is talking former bricks and I wish I had the desire to read anything her writes but I don't. Jane, he's BORING!

So I will occasionally cruise in over here. Might be too much Jessie bashing but what the hell, like ice cream - I can't get enough. I like the posts here. No Mod BS or allowing a poster to steamroll everyone (Think about that, MB). Enough different things are posted to keep conversations going in different directions.

Wher is Chica?

Almond said...

So many of the lines from the song "Whipping Post" could apply to poor MB

"I been run down, I been lied to,
I don’t know why I let that mean woman make me a fool."

"My friends tell me, that I’ve been such a fool,
And I have to stand by and take it baby"

"But nothin’ seems to change, the bad times stay the same, and I can’t run."

Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel,
Like I been tied to the whipping post
Tied to the whipping post,
Tied to the whipping post,
Good lord, I feel like I’m dyin’

Mildly said...

Took a peek at Topix and the smoke from the cannon fire has gotten pretty thick there again....from both sides.

So I slid out of there and scurried back to Bogo's Place for a cup of coffee and my chance to write my benign "This is what I did Today" update.

Had planned to relax on Plymouth Beach with a book, but brrrrr..way too cold. So I took off in the other direction and headed up to the big Bass outlet on rt.1 in Foxboro. What a fun place! A brook in the center with a huge stuffed bull moose gazing down at real trout swimming around his feet. A 15 foot aquarium filled with pike, trout, bass, etc. Besides all the usual hunting paraphenalia found at the Kittery Trading Post, I discovered some really unique hand carved furniture and a bedroom set made out of rough hewn logs. It's a huge place with a country store filled with gifts and all decorated for Christmas.

Quick lunch with a friend, then headed to Lowe's to buy my Xmas tree and all the trimmings. Tonight I'll decorate in a shimmery gold theme and keep it up for my pleasure until March or April.

On the way home I stopped at my nephew's for some target shooting with a small handgun. Surprised myself and hit the target everytime without shooting my eye out. Lookout may have a new recruit.

So, how was your day? Mine may have been boring by the standards of those engaged in the blog wars. But I'm enjoying the warmth and cozy atmosphere of this safe den of anonymity.

bogofree said...

I to have ventured into the Land of Toxic for the amazing intellectual exchange. All that is needed is some item to get the wars started - again. I even managed to place a post somewhere out on the battlefield.

The Topic Du Jour or Du Week is the Great Sheep Controversy and that will go on and on until the cyber embers finally fade away.

My day was not as enjoyable as I have no fire arms - weapons that could be used to solve the feral cat problem in our yard that my wife encourages. I just went to the "Y" early AM to ride the exercise bike and read the paper. The remainder of the day has been spent reading and eating with the emphasis on eating.

A joyless note is that my sister-in-law, a pompous know-it-all, has graced our homestead for a few days. Yesterday my wife, who intensely dislikes her sister (they are twins), and I received a lecture on our failings of parents, homesteaders, citizens and just about everything else. Ask how many children she raised? She is also a certified moonbat so it was like reading Jessie's blog as we have been lectured on the evils of the Republicans and how wonderful the landscape will not be with Obama and his cronies in charge. Good thing I don't have that fire arm. Right now sister-in-law is in Willamstown at some non descript museum and has told us that she will bring home some lobsters that are on sale at Hannaford’s. Nice. Puts 400 miles on my car and I get three lobsters. Thankfully, I will give MCAS tests tomorrow and my wife will substitute teach so that will be it. Daughter can drive her to the train station. As she returns to Florida. Thankfully.

anonymous said...

Topix: "I know you are but what am I?" LMAO!

Anonymous said...

As the Plymouth County DA said.. In Flame wars there is never a winner.

It just goes on and on!

I've seen a lot worse on sports message boards.

Bogo you must have seen them.

bogofree said...

This is nothing compared to the sports boards where death threats are routine.

anonymous said...

Flaming is a sport. Not reality. People will throw an anonymous grenade at a screen name, then meet the real person on the street and behave like nothing's out of the ordinary. Voila! All societal mores are back in place again.

Anyone posting in a flame war should be forewarned to put on their titanium shields before participating. If you can't take it, don't get into it. Simple as that.

Message boards are the places where people get to live out their "bad a$$" fantasies.

If someone doesn't like Topix, don't read it and don't respond to it. Seems to me that most people who get "attacked" put themselves out there first-either in a forum or on a blog. The one exception is MR. She looks for people to slice and dice, anyone who doesn't agree with her POV.

I agree, Topix is mild compared to some of the forums out there.

alias X said...

'Observer' on topics should be committed for observation. Definitely MR going postal. Hey, can we recall a poster?

Sooner or later she's going to go after bogo. Mark my words. How does that go? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Guess you're not her cute and cuddly teddy bear anymore, bogo. Watch your back. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Belanger will be on tomorrow with Adam Bond on WXBR 1460 11:00am-12:30pm 1460 AM Call in and ask him those questions.

I wonder if anyone will ask him about the sheep pictures? I doubt it.

You gave him a pass on the trespass issue. I say you all give him a pass again.

He's a good man. Being a Reporter and all. Now's your chance to talk to him or just Leave him alone. Mark will be just fine with his friendly hosts.

Enough said.

Let me know how it goes. I have more important things to do like read Middleboro review, Media Nation or Ryan's Take for an hour and half.

chica said...

Been reading but not posting. Get this. Got a notice from the bank holding our equity line (Citi) that they are pulling it. Got it 16 months ago and never used it. The line ($45,000) represented, with our mortgage, 80% of the house value. No more.

I found this site through Topix.

Bogo has already answer a few MR posts on this blog that attacked him and answered one from MT.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Adam must be really runnning out people that are willing to be guests on the show. I have only ever listened to about 15 minutes three or four times. Not my cup coffee and not enough time.

Not a chance that Adam will put Mark on the shearing table. Adam seems to keep the show polite and realtively light.

Why is Mary is so upset with the radio show? She may be died-in-the-wool anti casino, but why all the bleating on her blog Coffee Not?

anonymous said...

Does this explain the BB love of Jessie? Fellow moonbat. Comment from an MT blog. BB took some hits on it.

"Bellicose Bumpkin said...
Politics can be so tiring - it's so difficult to keep up on all the issues and compare one candidate to the next.

Do what I did - simplify your political life. I'm going to save you the tears and agonizing and show you how to get to political Nirvana.

Presuming you don't have the time or the heart to do your homework:
- skip the primaries and let the other Democrats pick the Democrat
- When the election comes, free your mind and vote Democrat down the line.

You'll wind up with better government, fewer tears, and a calm inner peace knowing that now and forever, you have picked the right candidate."

DBM said...

MT's obsession with AB? That's hard to figure, because Adam has been amazingly restrained with her. Perhaps it's because it was her pieces on Adam that brought her to Dan Kennedy's (and a few other major blogger's) attention. Their kudos puffed up her ego as being "witty, creative, and brilliant" and MT obviously enjoyed the recognition. Since DK is no great admirer of AB's, I think MT jumped on his surfboard to right his wave to a bigger audience. I also think that MT seriously plans a book in the future with AB as her major antagonist. Watch out, Mary, You can only push a person just so far.

Now for 'Ryan's Take'. Basically one major issue, the casino is just a sideline with him. I find it enormously amusing that he's begging for money to upgrade his site. Even gives the reader the Visa/MC option. May work for him because he has the backing of the GLBT community.

And MR? Even in post election times, she's pounding readers with her Republican Ballot Fraud hysteria. Take a look at her links to see her bias. As for her preaching from her bully pulpit on BOS incompetency and town government mismanagement ---> YAWN! Twice now the electorate has rejected her petty BS. Going for a third round, MR?

I agree with anonymous that the MB sheep thing has been overplayed. His bigger problem is his loss of credibility for backing the crew who seem to be making up facts as they go along.

As one reads local blogs around the country, it's interesting to see that Middleboro represents a microcosm of what's going on all over the country. Every cubby hole has its MR, MT et al to keep the fires stoked. I predict that within a year most of the local bloggers will burn out..except for "Ever Ready MR". She'll just keep going and going and going. LMAO

bogofree said...

Nice catch, Anon, and that explains a lot. I all Dem - they are doing such a fine job in Massachusetts. And don't forget my fave, Barney Frank (D-Hot Bottom) who is all over the airwaves pointing fingers - again! Under your watch, Barney, and those Fannie and Freddie political contributions and YouTube videos? Tough to hide. Bailout a bunch of thieves and when they get the money they again act like thieves and you and Paulsen get shocked? LOL! Paulsen (again) is just scratching his dandruff over this. Bush point man! Be better off with Louie the bookie running the economy. I think Sal and Vinny would collect any past due mortgage money with no problems. Obama has had a positive impact on financial markets - only a 20% drop in a week.

Chica. I took out an equity line and about two months ago took the max out and have it sitting in an investment account CD that pays over 4%. Otherwise, I'd be in your boat. In many places home vales have fallen 30% and I would not be surprised to see nationally end up at 30-50% in six months.

Adam's show I have never listen to except some scratching web crap on nemasket. That was the election info when a few candidates were on. Does AB have an open invite to MT? I assume that Adam will toss some softballs at BB. This is not Howie Carr.

I saw Observer posting and I'm sure Less Nosy Neighbor will go at it with him/her. Cheer them on.

Just got back from MCAS testing for math. Painful for those kids. Think a few might have finally passed.

anonymous said...

I'm all for the GM bailout but the banks? Bankers are just criminals to me. No wonder the Democrats and Republicans let them get away with murder. Blind eye.

I have a brother that lives in San Jose area and his house has tanked 30%.

Vote the ticket to me shows you are just a dunce. More Independants than anything.

anonymous said...

dbm I have to agree with you on your on target analysis. AB has managed to be above the gutter in dealing with MT and her concentrated attacks. All that has done is demonstrate her as a cranky and snippy know nothing.

I gave up on Ryan's Take since it represented, like DK, more of the same old. Why doesn't RT try a bailout? He's supported most of them. Maybe BF can get him on the Federal tit? I hate predictability and that is what too many of the blogs are. I love the baseball stuff Bogo does since I'm a fan - he'll rip them and praise them with no party line. Does the same with the casino and he'll get battered by the pro's and then the anti's and I know he does not give a s**t.

With MR talk about predictable. I can imagine her trying to get any seat in Middleboro when all that nonsense is distributed. Forget it.

Revenge - An opinion said...

JP does not want to be a selectman, never did. She said before the recall that she had several highly qualified people. Huh?

She ended up running, and then ran again. She knew she would not win a seat, she was probably afraid she would win. She did not campaign. Nothing, Nada, Zilch.

She has never once volunteered her time to the town. There are plenty of committees available that she be on. The green Committee or whatever it was. I bet it was just a red herring to get Jessie to put up or shut up. The only thing Jessie is incapable of shutting up (at least on the keyboard).

Mary and a book? Too funny. Think about it what would actually be about? There really is not much subject matter there. A light hearted story maybe. But she is not light hearted. There is too much vengeance in her soul. She seems to care more about the carnage than the means or results.

As the proverb "revenge is a dish best served cold" The proverb has many origins. All have a certain irony to them with regards to MT. If she gets a book out if it I wish her well. But I doubt that there is an audience that wants to wade through a protracted book about humorous personal spite written from a cold heart.

Mary antics are equivalent to Lee Atwater's. She is just far less smart and the playbook is well known.

Revenge is the ugliest human emotion. It far surpasses hate.

bogofree said...

Nothing for me to add as I'll stay on the sidelines and read. Nice postings.

anonymous said...

Revenge you are right. She sits on the sidelines tossing bombs and now after all the Clark business do you think anyone would take her seriously? Right now she is off my map as far as I'm concerned. The beating of a dead horse?

The direction the town is going in appears quite positive. No real significant financial issues at this time. A town meeting that went smoothly and contracts that appear being settled. A nice respite from the past. Really does not seem to be any significant stories grabbing the headlines of late for Middleboro.

Anonymous said...

i agree but Jessie thinks we are mushroom farming or something. Whatever that means. The town is on a relativelty even keel and a good track, especailly in tough times.

mary atwater -- topix said...

That is the ONE thing that is positive about about topix. When the likes of MT tosses out one of those bombs filled with BS Topix can take it to task. There is less chance of things like Mass Mailings, Clark other non sense becoming real in the minds of people.

Topix is the local antedote to Atwater like tatics.

DBM said...

MR is still pounding her heart away about suspected voter fraud in the land of the long cold night. The elction is over MR, your guy won, and who cares? Can't you find something new to chew your cud over?

Not a Palin lover, but I'd love to see MR admit to the new revelations that Palin did know that Africa was a continent and could name the countries in NAFTA —or, for that matter, in North America. Dan Kennedy acknowleged on his blog today that Fox pundit Cameron's "unnamed sources" from within the McCain camp were bogus. Bet ole DK was gritting his teeth when he wrote that one. Too funny and a good example why I am fed up with politics all the way around.

bogofree said...

Another case of jumping the gun just like the local version of marshmallows (MR) and sheep (MT). Best to have the facts at hand. I’ve been burned too many times. Some just seem to enjoy those blisters.

One of my favorites was a sudden drop in United Airlines (UAUA) stock a few months ago. In a few hours it went from around $10 to $3 based on a negative story - a story that was four years old and was reposted on ONE site without the original date. This cost investors tens of millions when sales and buy triggers went off.

All the constant basing you see on far left and far right sites does is just tell you how worthless both are. Bogus information reposted from other sources such as someone’s blog. Get all sorts of bogus towns and figures that way. I usually have the habit of posting multiple sources and some with a totally different outlook to provide the reader balance - which was what I did on nemasket for the most part.

Someone had a nice post on how the town seems to be rather steady financially. Bit different from over the last several years but does not seem to have the usually panic button being pushed constantly. I would assume the kudo’s are deservedly handed out across the point from officials - both elected and appointed - and, of course, the town employees.

anonymous said...

Some folks aren't interested in the truth--just being right, even if they have to make up the FACTS.
JMO, but fair and balanced went out the window with the advent of blogging. Now anyone can fancy themselves a 'journalist'. And way too many have grown giant sized egos that make them think their brain farts are worthy to put into print. Cyber pollution if you ask me. Jeez, the National Enquirer has more standards than I'm seeing on many blog sites nowadays. Guess we can just shut down all the Schools of Journalism. We have MR, MT, MB, CDP, etc. So slanted they need to drink some V8!

LMAO said...

"Presuming you don't have the time or the heart to do your homework:
- skip the primaries and let the other Democrats pick the Democrat
- When the election comes, free your mind and vote Democrat down the line. "

That quote from BB and the various ones from Jessie. How about Marzelli? Do they approve of a perv being in office? LMAO!

Anyways, the town seems to be going smooth. MR and MT will have to dig deep to find some BOS flaws.
What's the story on CRAC? I saw BG posting here a week ago. He's Chairman. BG. If you read this let us know status.

Mildly said...

OK, I must be really dense, because I just don't understand the necessity of putting kids thru another set of standardized tests, namely MCAS. How much do the scores really prove, and why aren't the schools rather than students penalized (can't graduate without passing) if a district consistently doesn't do well? How is this keeping no child from being left behind? And if kids need to be tutored to pass, isn't that just spending time and money teaching to a test instead of concentrating on the overall education of a child? Also, what about kids who don't do well on standardized tests because of the pressure or whatever? I'm not a teacher. Just trying to understand.

I remember when I was in HS there was talk about doing away with SATs because many educators didn't feel that one set of test scores was a true indicator of a child's progress or potential for success. Obviously that didn't happen. And I do understand that records from one school may not compare with the records from a school with a tougher curriculum. It just seems to me that the only way to guarantee that by a certain year ALL students must pass MCAS is to dummy the test down. Am I way off base?

I certainly don't begrudge you, bogo, from earning a paycheck tutoring kids. But I just don't see Middleboro schools ever being brought up to the level of say Newton schools. Not because of school budgets or teacher qualifications, but because of cultural differences and the value of education from home. Middleboro is still a blue collar town and I suspect expectations and the income to send kids to college are lower here.

Enough questions? Just interested in your prospective as a teacher. Thanks.

bogofree said...

As a retired teacher, of course. MCAS is now a cottage industry in Massachusetts and IMO the test is just judgmental in that it determines if you graduate with a diploma or certificate of attendance. It is nothing more than a tool designed to make educators more accountable by having just reams of data to show performance or lack of performance. No Child Left Behind is a classic in that it MANDATES but does not provide the necessary RESOURCES - mostly the bucks.

I have no issue with the test as it has been refined over the years but I do have a serious issue of having to teach students to take a test. The test aligns with Massachusetts Frameworks and the frameworks is the basis for what should be taught in school and essentially when. This is the core knowledge and one must not waver too far since the last thing we want is educational spontaneity. MCAS has also, again IMO, has diminished the importance of subjects I have always considered very important - art, music, life skills and all those other "secondary" subjects. The frameworks does provide a level of consistency much like McDonald’s has a level of consistency with their French fries. Various ELA, Math and Science programs are designed with MCAS in mind. Materials are created to teach to the test. I use the freaking MCAS test as a model for my tutoring. IMO this is just a crappy way to teach math.

There is, IMO, some significant differences in teaching skills within a school building - as there is with any industry - and education is an industry. Parents know this. Kids know this. Teachers know this and administrators know this. I won’t go into details on this issue unless someone wants me to do so. I will not go into details on why I feel the most significant obstacle to improving education is the NEA and MTA - the national and state unions.

Below is a few links. The first is to Middleboro Schools and it has everything on performance data (or should) and the system itself. Below that is a link to the Massachusetts Department of Education and you can search for everything from district performance to district expenditures. Mboro is actually about where it should be for per pupil expenses.

The students I tutor have had to have failed the test twice. They are SPED students and as such you can make accommodations based on students needs. These can be rather extensive and for ELA I have had students I can read to and scribe for with no time constraints. Just an example.

These are just off the top of my head stuff and if anyone wishes more just aska any question or send me an email.

bogofree said...

LMAO. Article in the Gazette this week regarding ambulance service and a presentation by BG via CRAC.

Anonymous said...

Is the amulance service a free town service. I thought insurance pays 300-$400 a trip? why wouldn't it be self supporting? seeing 2 ambulances are going to be given to the town. The way I read everything its like the Town of Middleboro is paying for everything.

bogshrink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DBM said...

Bogshrink.....what a cool screen name! Welcome back Hal.

bogofree said...

Hal...nice to hear from you. Keep us informed. Things seem very quite on the casino front.

I'm sure the BIA has received much interesting letters regarding the credibility issue. I may not be a supporter of the gin mill but I am a supporter of FACTUAL information being provided by FACTUAL links.

Post whenever you want, Hal, and the same goes for any anti’s.

DBM said...

In the beginning I was very indignant about a casino being plunked in the middle of our sleepy little town. No, I was outraged.

Then I started reading books like Crazy Horse, Mayflower, Trail of Tears, and Gen Custer's Life on the Plains. And I realized I was a complete hypocrite. On the one hand I had a very romanticized vision of Native American culture and spirituality. OTOH, on a pragmatic level, I wasn't willing to give them the one way the US Gov gave them to build a dream, to reclaim their heritage, to improve their lives. Shame on me.

Not a gambler myself. But as I stood in line in a local convenience store one day and watched people buying $20 - $100 scratch and lottery tickets at a whack, I realized the whole morality issue of gambling was ridiculous. People gamble, in one form or another. Period. It's been a reality for thousands of years. So what makes it different if a casino is the source? Not a darned thing.

Casinos still aren't my thing. Still don't particularly want to live near one. Still wish the US Gov had given the Indians another way to bring in significant revenue. But people are making a free will choice to go there. Nobody's holding a gun to their heads. And to me, free will is inviolable.

So, to me it's just not an issue anymore. Bothers me more to see what people have done to each other for going on two years. Do wish we had negotiated a better deal though.

bogofree said...

Hal and everyone - opinions on Carcieri v. Kempthome.

I am basically anti casino for Mboro - a NIMBY. But if the deal could net us 20 Mil a year with sustainable growth (% of slots) then we'd be true partners and I'd gladly sell out. My wife is a hard liner on the whole issue but not vocal.

Great movies on Indians are Little Big Man and A man Called Horse. The actions of the whites are typical of what happens when someone with superior technological skills (not cultural) has something that someone else has.

Rocky said...

I prefer the movie Major League

Rocky said...

Good to see

bogofree said...

Any movie with Renee Russo is good, Rocky. In the movie, Rocky, they show a ballpark they plan on moving to. Any idea of park for which that was a model?

Hal is also a moonbat and I hope he will post his blog link. Interesting stuff.

Rocky said...

Miller Park in Wisconsin

bogofree said...

Nope...they did some filming in that area at Milwaukee County Stadium and in Arizona but the field they showed was the model for Tropicana Field in Tampa-St. Pete. I only concentrate on the important stuff and ignore garbage like the economy, government, personal relationship and basic hygiene.

Rocky said...

Can't Wait for the Bumpkin ANALysis of the Matrix Report. Should be full of more lack of information assumptions.

To quote Mark:
That tells me that if the casino comes, it will cost us $750K if the tribe has a tribal fire department, and $1.9M if they don't. Given that the agreement does not call for us to get any more money regardless of the scenario - I'm betting on the scenario that costs us more money.

If he actually read and understood the IGA the self professed knower of everything would realize that if they do not have their own Fire Department, they would have to enter into an agreement to pay the town for that service. That agreement he can negotiate but it should be a simple cost plus expense analysis plus fire trucks. That is if.

Bogo, on your next ride, tell Mark that he should have the facts before he reports and that it may be better to be less alarmist. Since now he looks like Jessie on this.

bogshrink said...

You can read my "moonbat" (i.e., left wing) postings, some skewering wingnuts like Sarah Palin, on Capitol Hill Blue where I write a weekly column.

You are all welcome to register and comment on my columns there, but be aware that I have very strict rules for civility towards other posters.

LMAO said...

Hal. I post on the Bogo site how can I ever be civil? I don't know who's a bigger screwball - Pelosi or Palin but, Hal, you do manage to post some truthful observations like your casino visit. A true moonbat would NEVER admit to one single error. Never. A true moonbat would NEVER try to be a bit objective like you were on that issue. Moonbats and right-wing flakes are all in the same category in my book. Hal, you should have seen the s**t Bogo took at nemasket when he signed onto your letter. LOL!

Listen, Rocky, the anti's would put a negative spin on anything that deals with the casino. They must love watching BG just smirk when he gives reports. Pass the marshmallows.


LMAO said...

Speaking of BG. Looks like some you know what is being shoveled his way on Topix.

CFO is always talking about flying monkeys and OZ. Well, I think BB is the Wizard of Oz, all an illusion with no power.

Have a good weekend, folks.


anonymous said...

Hal what is the technical diagnosis of someone that becomes their alter-ego? Are they able to recognize when their alter-ego taken control over their sub-conscience?

Rocky said...

Sounds like an ill fated TV show

anonymous said...

I'd love to hear Hal's clinical assessment of MR, BB, and MT! Think Adam is a blog hightlight!

ethical dilemna said...

As I'm sure Hal realizes, he can't ethically give internet diagnoses of the behaviors of specific individuals. However, he could speculate on some generalized reasons for why who become zealots for a cause lose control of their impulses and take personal vindictive aim at those who disagree with them. It's not just a matter of anything goes under the cover of anonymity, because many whose identity is well known have openly attacked others with a vengeance. I would be very interested in gaining some understanding as to why civility has gone right out the window in this war of words. What triggers otherwise decent people to abandon their integrity? And that goes for people on both sides of the issue.

Rocky said...

Everyone believes that they are right and when they are proven wrong they fight to the death like a cornered rat. They are too deep. Too invested in their position to back off for fear of being weak.

I find that men tend to do it more than women since women are the nuturers and men are the hunters. But that role can reverse in some women who take the role of hunters. Those women seem to take it to an extreme to almost comensate for the fact that they are not men.

bk said...

Good to run into you. As I said I'm impressed by the quality and interest generated by your blog. Amazing that people are so civil here. Sorry I don't have time to add much, but it's a good read.

bogofree said...

Nice seeing you again, B. Stop in any time. That was a great breakfast we had months ago and have you done anything with the science unit? Blog is running well since all I do is toss in a few posts since it is a participants forum.

The posting boards on the casino and even Topix are rather mild. Get a load of a posting board with Mets and yankee (always small caps) fans. And, of course, Sox fans. Even Comcast boards are a hoot for sports and politics. Real battle zone.

The recent raise in tolls has got me burned. I wonder what would happen if everyone just went through and just said "screw it." That would be a real problem since when they sent you a ticket you could appeal it.

anonymous said...

The tolls have got me really going this morning. WTF is the matter with people in this state? Maybe Hal can describe abusive relationships? The politicians tell us one thing and then do as they please and laugh it off. When you ask a Pacheco about anything he blames someone else and they all do the same. I had several questions at a forum a few months ago and the answer was always the same - blame Romney! I am tired of being treated as an idiot by state agencies that are suppose to assist and not erect roadblocks. The Republicans are dead so they are of little help and the Democrats treat political office in this state as a private club where they can do as they please. I have a small business and every time they need money I have fees that go up and up. I get hit with every nonsensical feel good piece of legislation without any cost projections such as the health connector. I invest time, capital and emotion into my business and as the years go by I get less and less control as more and more mandates come along to tell me what is the right way to do what I do. Now with the economy?

anonymous said...

Amen to that, Anon. Massachusetts is not business friendly. Always look at it from the wrong perspective and that is as a revenue tool. I have a relative with an excavating business and they are regulating him to death. Says there is no spirit of cooperation but one that is adversarial and when they show up on site says they have a hair across their ass. No sitting down and discussing plans or giving a site over view and projects for the next few weeks. This guy is a competent engineer with a top of the line skill set especially in environmental issue. Says state agencies are worse than the IRS.


HEY BOGO, you are a disappointment to those of us that look for you to lead by the nose to utopia where only the truth is blogged and all people blogging BS are gored by a unicorn dancing on marshmallow like clouds.

You display such an eloquent ability to walk the line and sift through baloney. Surely this has made you one of the finest educators in the state. This leads me to thoroughly disgrace you in front of your dedicated followers.

yankees (always small caps) is wrong. I discovered Wikipedia after seeing referenced in newspaper article. Little did I know that such a fine journalistic tool with a wealth of documented information existed.

I looked up "small caps" and in the fine journalistic style of the blogger variety I found evidence to corroborate what I wanted to be true on the internet. "small caps" means "CAPS THAT ARE SMALL" You have been misguiding us all this time. you should be saying "yankees (always lower case)"

The damage you have done to my faith in your postings may be beyond repair.

Since you were never able to find Clark on MapQuest I will provide you with the link.

bogofree said...

Ah...I stand corrected! No...not happen to be wrong since I am a graduate of the Clark Ct. school system and that's the way were were taught. Unless, of course, Ms. Ratchett was really an ESL teacher? Maybe I can deflect and avoid public humiliation? Maybe I can figure out a way to weasel out of this? I know. I got the information from my good friend Clark from Ct.

Ever hear the history of upper case and lower case? Has to deal with access to letters that printers used more often than others.

Baseball is boring? You sound like my wife with that title.

My father had quite a business going in the late 50s and his factory was probably the prime contributor to destroying Hobart's Pond in Whitman. Back in that day regulation was few and far between and the rest of the stuff could be bribed away. Now the pedulum has swung too far in the other direction. Anyone that runs a small or large business in Massachuseets should be helped not hindered.

bogshrink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

James Coburn in The President's Analyst. Nice write up on Hillary and her possible ascendancy in this the second Clinton Administration. Thought they were finished but appears Obama is trolling the party to keep his enemies, as the saying goes, closer at hand then his friends. As far as the stages of grief I suspect four more years of that after a previous eight. Not the optimist.

Hal, didn't you do a similar piece with Adam or a show with Adam on forums? everyone at the CFO function this evening? I was actually going to go since my wife is staunch anti and wants to listen to the music. Thankfully, she finally forgot about it and I saved $50. Not sure if anything I send them is tax deductible?

bogshrink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JLH said...

Hal--Surprised to see you posting here. Wouldn't think the blog title would fit your netiquette standards. Otherwise, it's been interesting to see why the pros are so outraged by the antis. For the most part I don't think most people are as vested in the whole issue anymore. Too much has changed in peoples's real lives over the year. A lot more immediate thinks to worry about beyond a casino.

anonymous said...

I guess Hal has lowered his standards or maybe Bogo has raised them?

I've read the "Blue" forum and find it interesting but with the expected bias. Not quite in a league with JP. Well, not even close, really. Someone has grabbed the tag “Mildly Moderate” and that would apply to be.

I see mutual outrage on the casino issue but view it as a more concerted effort on the anti side. I follow Topix and find it amusing and informative and can fully understand why the anti's hate it so. No control and the posters rise or is it sink to the level of the CFO crew. Hal, you do not do that on casino-friend but it is needed. Sometimes a frontal assault needs some heavy artillery to soften it up for the ground troops. Not a criticism but a reality in the word of blogging and posting.

Bogo appears to be able to adapt to whatever cyber environment he is placed in. Merely responds to the circumstances and since this is in a quasi way his own operation he has been totally non-judgmental with posts. Big change from having to wade through all the garbage tossed at posters at nemasket and the LL site. No real debate but a lecture.

bogshrink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I guess I am the internet version of Zelig? I do agree on Topix since I consider it a "People's Forum" that may have a serious lack of discipline but does provide an outlet.

Anonymous goes with the territory. Many feel that repercussions may surface if they use their real name when "discussing" hot button issues. Based on how a local businessman had his business attacked I'd give some credence to that. I will usually post my email address or my name on a posting board like I did with LL's site. Still there as far as I know.

Hal's forum has always been top notch...boy do I hate to say that. May not agree with it but all you need to do is examine an "exchange" he had with several posters on a Canadian board and to review how he handled the situation on casino-friend and how it was handled on another local blog.

Like most of the posters here I tend to be fairly middle of the road with wanderings to the right and to the left depending upon the issue. Everyone is welcome from the moonbats to the right wing nut jobs - the big tent of posting. Please check guns and knives as you enter the saloon.

The casino frothing has dissipated somewhat in the last six months or so with everything in the process going at a slow pace - toss in the economic issue and most have put it on the back burner.

Later this evening I will open up a week two thread.