Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Very Nice Post....and Another

This was out on Tpxic this morning...well...last night since I read it this morning. Found it to be quite appropriate.

I've added another entry to this list from Topix by a poster called My2cents.

Yup, I'm sure it is getting increasingly difficult for CFO to get press - considering their miserable track record. Let's see there was the BIG protest at the State House. I'm sure reporters were pretty ticked off when they discovered the throngs of CFO supporters totaled roughly 20 people, nearly half of whom were children. Then there was the time CFO's LEGIONS of loyal followers were going to recall the sitting Selectmen and have them replaced with the likes of Recall Queen, Jessie Powell. Yup, Jessie still shoots her mouth off about the Selectmen, despite being miserably defeated twice now. Somehow she can't seem to grasp the notion that she's alone in her opinions. I can't see any responsible media outlet giving her a platform again, as she's lost all credibility. Except maybe with WASS in Clark, CT. Yup, a meeting with a turn out of one - doubt Comcast will ever come to another meeting. At this juncture, CFO seems like little more than a couple of bored, angry housewives, who've created a "virtual" army of sock puppet supporters in order to mislead and intimidate the community. JP, MT, and MB are three nut cases as far as I'm concerned. ALL of them need professional psychiatric help if you ask me.

As for RY, KS, CP and the rest - they should be ashamed of themselves for spurring on and encouraging obviously disturbed people to negative action. They should be encouraging their friends to get the professional help they clearly need. Deliberately trespassing with turkey feathers? Trying to bribe someone into surrendering their website? Stalking & harassing people? Increasingly nasty and threatening blogs? Talk of Kool-Aid, Blog fathers and flying monkeys - these are cries for help. It's not funny, this is really sick stuff.

If something isn't done soon to stop the escalation, I can really see one or more of them ending up in jail.


By my2cents

No the other tribes have not received federal recognition. The only other in Massachusetts has been trying to open a casino since the Bill Weld years.

The other tribes are jealous.

The haters are the Task Force members. How many times was "LOW PAYING JOBS" said and that they did not want those people to come to their town.

Guess what, they already live there and work there. They just are too stupid to see it.

"THOSE PEOPLE" are the people who make and serve them food at a local diner. They are the people who sell them food and milk at the grocery store or work at the produce market on Route 44. They are the people who pump their gas (or press the accept button at self serve) and towel off your car after it is washed. They are the people who care for your children at day care. They are the people who deliver your newspaper every morning or night or the furniture you bought.

They're the people that you meet. When you're walking down the street. They're the people that you meet, each, daaaaaaaaaaaay.

THEY ARE THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED YOU INTO OFFICE and will vote you out if you don't want to live with them.


encounters of the worst kind said...

Are you deluded? You're the one to start this whole topix flame war. Still think it's funny? That why you can't look people in the eye when you go to the "Y"?

Size 4 wannabe said...

LMAO! Bogo is the man.

bogofree said...

I only watch the women at the "Y." I pretend to read the paper. Actually, I am one of those rare people that actually use the "Y" for the intended purpose. Exercise and not a social gathering. Sign in and ride like I did today and then go for a run afterwards. Healthy in body makes strong in mind. Well...OK...I've got the first part down. If someone wishes to talk to ME fine....I won't stop my ride but just sweat all over them. Make that perspire as this is a classy blog.

I don't start the Toxic flame wars but I gladly participate when it brings attention to the facts challenged bloggers of CFO. However, my contributions to Toxic are few at this point as I certainly enjoy putting out a blog. A nice repository for all those "facts" from certain folks. Toxic seems to have caught on with some of the pro casino forces and that just gets the old dander up on that small cadre of CFO bloggers who pay daily attention to it. Yeah...right....I NEVER read it! As one of my quality posters says: LMAO!

I suppose, encounters, that you are one of those very CFO minions who just hates the open market place that Toxic presents. No control for the control freaks. You can always try as those forums are open and you are welcome to post. You can post here anytime. I welcome all! My delete threshold is very high.

Again, encounters, for you and the others who "just don't get it" my problem is an organization that supports lies and defamation of businesses. Spend some time reading the trash...oops...the quality work I produce and you'll get the big picture I have regarding that. You will also understand my mantra of support the message but reject the messenger.

Man....I just love to ramble on...reading to much JP and MT.

LMAO said...

LMAO! Encounters. If he really wanted to make trouble you guys would be going nuts big time. What you saw on the old cfo site was mild. His blog is fairly mild compared to what I have seen. I have never seen someone so capable of giving you the needle. I first met Bozo playing men's league basketball at the "Y" in Bridgewater. My teammates told me not to let him get to you. He was a damn good player. One of the best. The best one on one player I have ever seen. Finally he scores about five baskets in a row off me and says: "Playing against you is like going to a whore. I just pay the money and do what I want." A guy was standing next to him at the free throw line in a game and just hauled off and slugged him and he says :" That all you got? My wife hits me harder." The wanted to suspend the guy for the season and Rick was the one that went to the hearing and told them a game only.

He started the men's league at the "Y" in Middleboro and would just drive you nuts. He'd get into your head and wreck your game. He'd never swear. Never. Never say "you momma" or anything. Never a dirty player. I've seen him crushed from behind. Never did a thing to another player. Totally clean. You make a nice play he'd go by you and say something like: "Nice play. You copy that from me?" Just this clever crap. He was a coach and we had four black guys on our team. He's playing guard and the four Black guys are out there and he starts whisteling "Sweet Georgia Brown." Then started to tell the other team they are going to know how it feels to be the Washington Generals. If you know B-Ball you will get what i just said. He was the only guy I ever saw who was able to control Spike B.

At the Town Meeting I'm sitting with him. He's with his wife and all these unions guys are around us. They start hooting and hollering at the anti speakers. He starts with these one liners and I thought they'd kill him. No swears. Just this real pointed stuff. He actually had most of them in stitches after awhile. Jusat stuff that you would make a connection and start laughing. Jackie is talking and crying and they start all sorts of crap and he said a few things I will not even mention. But they sat their asses down. A 62 year old guy in a surgical boot and crutches and they just sat freaking down!

Look you in the eye? LMAO! Flame war? LMAO! He's more anti than pro and you dip sh**ts don't even have the brains to see that. LMAO!

bogofree said...

LMAO! Thanks for the memories of B-Ball. You remember those guys? I use to play ball with them in ChinaTown and Leona Park in Boston. Called them The "Brothers" Four. Nice guys. Remember the one called Ruby? Died in a motorcycle accident about ten years ago. I went to the wake I saw the other guys. The first two times they came to Middleboro they got stopped by the cops. Four Black guys in a high end Mercedes. Cops finally got use to them. The crap they would give about Middleboro. Kept on asking where Opie lived. As you would say LMAO!Four ringers brought in to play against dumpy old White guys.

The guy that slugged me? Actually had the wrong guy! Serious. He came over to me afterwards and said it was Big Ed he was pissed at. Ed's about 6' 4" and 280 and I'm 5' 10" and 160 (then - not now). How could he mistake me for Big Ed? BS. Guy was locked up the next year for beating on his wife. Sent her to the hospital. Heard it from the guys on the outdoor courts in East Bridgewater - that's where the "Y" is. EAST BRIDGEWATER! You must be thinking of MT? LMAO! Get a geography book. Maybe you can find Clark CT in it?

I was a bit over the top with some of them at the TMFH. Really rude guys especially to Jacqui. Don't regret it.

As far as the blogs and Topix I have mellowed. Not so on the baseball boards, though.

anonymous said...

Nothing like sticking it to CFO.

Bluto said...

Funny to watch you folks make such fools of yourselves.

Spinach said...

Bluto I agree. It has been hillarious when they say things like Clark Ct, 100 ESL teachers, chicken smashing; and do things like trespassing on the Precinct St property with a turkey feather. When will they learn!

OliveOil said...

Turkey Feathers. Still Laughing at that one. Fool!

bogofree said...

Hey...Bluto...I'm an expert at making a fool of myself. But the Grand Master is JP! I'm trying though. Lon, long way to go.

Bluto said...

Hey back, bogofree. You don't give yourself enough credit. You've over shot the dart board by several feet. Sorry, no points. Time to try a game you're good at.

Bleach said...

Bluto you said "Funny to watch you folks make such fools of yourselves."

How about blogging about the lack of clean underwear. That goes past funny and into the just plain weird category.

Bluto said...

Sorry, bleach--I don't have an underwear fetish like you seem to.

Bluto said...

Let's be honest, bogofree. You love the cadre of pro humanoids because they call you "the man". They look up to you because compared to them you're very intelligent. And you like having that oversized ego stroked. On the other side of the fence you're just one of many bright people. Not very gratifying is it? That's OK. I enjoy watching the bogo groupies fawn all over you. Too funny.

bogofree said...

Yeah...Bluto....oversized ego. Oversized? Bluto? Hmmmm. How can I have an oversized ego? From blogging? Yep...big traffic. Thousands. Maybe I'll get quoted in Mother Jones? Maybe JL will give me an invite to put another nail into the Gazette coffin? Bogo groupies? I know how AeroSmith feels going on the road. I can't even go to Hannafords on Tuesdays (senior day) without folks asking for my autograph. I just do the usual and put down that big X. Then I arm wrestle them for the $1 off discount meat. So much for my respectful fans. That gets my old ego going. If you see how I dress you'd know my ego is not much of an issue. I make LL look like the centerfold of Gentleman's Quarterly.

Now I see you insulted some of my valued posters regarding their intellect. Then again, posting on my blog gives some support to your point. blog gives you reason to toss me right in the pool with them. And you read it. Hmmmm. Welcome to the cellar.

As one of my posters would say - LMAO!

chica said...

Bluto said...
Let's be honest, bogofree. You love the cadre of pro humanoids because they call you "the man". They look up to you because compared to them you're very intelligent. And you like having that oversized ego stroked. On the other side of the fence you're just one of many bright people. Not very gratifying is it? That's OK. I enjoy watching the bogo groupies fawn all over you. Too funny.

Bogo you are so hot! I mean it. I'll be a groupie as I've got a thing for seniors. LOL! I guess what Bluto is saying is if you are pro your are stupid and naturally you are bright you are pro. If Jessie and Mary is Bluto's example of shinning stars then the cfo nags are like my new kitchen fridge - Sub Zero! Let's see Bluto supports liars like those two and that certainly is a big sign of having a whole bunch of smarts.

chica said...

Chica's husband here.

That was a riot, Bluto. Talk about clueless. Bogo is the one guy in this back and forth crap that actually does not give a damn who he steps on when he posts. He's honest. I may not agree with some of his points, especially when he was on nemasket and, at times, middleborocasino, but he didn't parce his comments when he knew exactly what would happen. On this very blog he admitted his mistakes in supporting Jessie. Think any of those cowards at CFO have the guts to call out Jessie and Mary on their lies? I respect ANYONE who is willing to go to war with a group that will post and support lies even when they are called out and shown to be 100% wrong. They are willing to keep on with the lies and that shows you what a spineless group they are.

Long live Topix!

bogofree said...

Chica....I am a hottie! A few of you know I have a sports car. I was going down my street and stopped to let this very attactive woman cross. Top was doen and CD going. She says: "Nice car." So I say: "If I was 30 years younger I'd ask you to go for a ride." She says: "If I was 30 years older I'd go."

Maybe she's one of my camp followers?

Bluto said...

There you go, bogofree! Genuflections from Chica, the Stepford wife. Guess you must be her "shinning" star. If the company you keep defines you, guess you're in deep trouble. I must admit though I am thoroughly enjoying reading all the flattery being showered on you for your "honesty". Think I'll stick around to watch you, the pro Messiah, aimlessly leading the herd to the Promised Land. ROFLMAO

Bluto said...

There you go, bogofree! Genuflections from Chica, the Stepford wife. Guess you must be her "shinning" star. If the company you keep defines you, guess you're in deep trouble. I must admit though I am thoroughly enjoying reading all the flattery being showered on you for your "honesty". Think I'll stick around to watch you, the pro Messiah, aimlessly leading the herd to the Promised Land. ROFLMAO

bogofree said...

The pro Messiah? Guess you are confused by the comments you have read. Just the opposite. I'm a Bi - go either way. If IMO a position is pro and I am in favor of it - partially or on the whole - I'll post as such. Ditto with an anti position. Some of the comments have said as much. So has my blogs and posts on the various other boards. So, Bluto, please do your homework so when you post a comment it will be ACCURATE. Try to avoid being a Jessie or Mary.

LMAO said...

LMAO Bluto! First thing I see this AM are the few pro idiots on Topix then I sign on to Bozo and find King Rat himself. Try to make some sense and at least read old Bogo's positions so you don't read like a total idiot. Maybe that way you will be a partial idiot.

As for his fan club? Master Bogo I will have your coffee to you by 8:00.

Humble LMAO!

bogofree said...

I had to delete the following post by an anon. The post appears below and I have edited said post to remove offensive language. Anon...please be careful. As a warning to others I will remove offensive comments and repost them with an *** in the place of offensive language. You can figure it out from that.

anonymous said...
Bluto to be blunt you are an ***hole. Just another ****head who has not read what has been written. I've know Rick for years and on the casino I disagree more than I agree but he has the balls that everyone in chicken****.org does not have. Think he'll put up with the horse****. Jessie and Gladys writes? NFW! He even lets some one like you post a comment and that should not be simply because you showed no respect by not even reading his opinions. Your problem is he cut Jessie off at the knees and showed everyone what she is.

September 23, 2008 8:53 AM

anonymous said...

Rick. I apologize but I have had it with the CFO types up to my eyebrows. I've worked 10 days in two months. I'm a union guy and I pay union wages and construction is just evaporating. I specialize in framing and am damn good and contractors know it. They'll pay more but get quaility. Now? I have three guys and they are gone. Can't pay them union scale but under the table if I get work. If I don't everyone else will. How does that make me feel? Like a freaking scab. You told me that a few years ago I'd knock your %^$%# lights out. I've always been by the book but how am I going to pay my bills? Thankfully, I've been tending bar on the weekends and picking up a few hundred. I have worked all my life. I don't have a pile of college degrees. I'm a construction guy. I build things and there is nothing to build. I've got a kid in college and another ready to go. How do I help them? Maybe all those Anti's can get a freaking yard sale for me. For my guys that I can't keep working. One is married and another getting married. They were pulling in a grand a week easy. Now? Squat. They'll take anything. If that casino was here it would bring in construction since the fall out goes right down the line. If I needed a job I'd have one. My guys would have one until this blows over. Not big money but better than no money. I know guys that have packed it in. Some have headed for Texas to get rebuild work. I am sick of the CFO bloggers and there view of jobs. Wonder how many of them are blue collar?

Rick. Thanks for reposting what I wrote and dressing it up.

Bluto said...

Just to be clear---I have expressed my opinion to the CFO bloggers that they should not be linked to the organization's official website on many occassions. Their sites should be independent, concentrate on the issues, and individuals and their businesses should be off limits. My comments were ignored and not printed. Some blogs, like Fiferstone's, are good examples of dispassionate reflections. Others are emotion based and drift into the inflammatory. As for MiddleboroReview, I don't read her anymore because of her tendency to cite FAR Left rhetoric, her condescending lectures to "inform" people who disagree with her, and her need to learn to restrain herself in attacks on people. If she still posts derogatory links to threads involving people's characters and businesses, she should remove them.

However, your post is an example of why I also don't agree with the tactics used by your side on topix, here, and elsewhere. I have spent time reading bogofree over the summer, and my main beef with him is that he enables posters like you and brings this "debate" down to a personal level just like the people he criticizes.

Many of you call him anticasino. The truth is his only objection is that Middleboro settled for a lousy deal. He also objects to smoking in an Indian casino-something completely under the control of a sovereign nation even if it is within the Commonwealth.

As for the casino, I would prefer not to have one in a ruralesque area, and I do not feel it will be either the economic salvation or destruction of Middleboro if it is built. Both sides are making exaggerated predictions of its impacts. We'll deal with it. We'll all survive one way or another.

Anonymous, you may know bogofree and he may be a good guy for the most part. However, he is not beyond reproach in what he writes. I do commend him for printing opinions that differ from his own.

Bluto said...

I do understand your frustration and anger. We're in the middle of a recession, the real estate market is in the toilet, and the economy sucks and will probably get worse before it gets better. The banks, mortgage companies, the stock market are in deep trouble all over the country. Look at the record number of foreclosures.

How long will the construction of a casino provide you with work? Two years? You need a more long term solution and they will have to start at the federal level.

Look, if my posting here causes you personal distress, I'll stop. You are a real person with real problems and I don't wish to add to your distress.

Anonymous said...

Bluto what happened? You went from making comments like "Let's be honest, bogofree. You love the cadre of pro humanoids because they call you "the man". And "I don't have an underwear fetish like you seem to." to making rational thoughtful comments. These dissenting comments would never be allowed on the blogs by MR, Gladys Kravitz, Bellicose Bumpkin, CC or 1623.

You and bogofree agree that stuff posted on Middleboro Review and the like are unproductive. A good place to start a constructive dialogue. (It is those blogs that gave rise to this site and posting on Topix.)

Phew, a breath of fresh air. I am a different anonymous.

My opinion is simple. We need jobs Best Buy, Target, Olive Garden, Longhorns, Applebees and Taco Bell are not examples of Good Jobs. But they are jobs that many are thankful for. The reality is there few real jobs available for the likes of the previous anonymous poster. It is a recession when your neighbor is out of work and a depression when you are out of work.

Tough to preach to someone that is out of work and is trying to support a family, that the prospect of casino bringing in work is a bad thing.

Unemployment is a great equalizer.

bogofree said...

I think it is a crappy deal and that is that as it is over with. As far as that deal thing MB agrees if you follow his posts. I find Mary and Jessie offensive since they continue to batter AB over it, are ultra personal, refuse to accept personal responsibility and have a destroy your business attitude towards LL. I have also posted that I am willing to accept a casino but that does not mean I want it. Accepting collateral damage was my opinion - that meant any of the negatives would be out weighed by the positives. I do believe I had Hal agreeing to that point of view? I also posted that their is something terribly wrong with accepting that situation but also something even worse that as a society we put ourselves in that position. But if someone can alter the human risk taking gene it will not change. I've posted that New Bedford was and is a better option but that is not the track record of Sol and represents just my opinion.

Fiferstone has not blogged of late and I think some of it may be linked to association. I also read 479 and that seems a very reasonable blog. As an organization I will NEVER come to grips with CFO linking to certain blogs. IMO that made them highly tainted.

As Bluto stated I have been accused of doing what Bluto is doing - straddling the fence. This will either be a home run or a strike out. I don't like what is happening since the worse case scenario is starting to play out and I have blogged on that. I also feel that the truth is somewhere in the middle as it usually is. I also posted extensively on my trips and my visits to casinos and one about Deadwood and South Dakota is somewhere in this mess...I mean collection of outstanding missives. At the nemasket site I posted on personal visits to several California casinos and found various pro and anti positions to be very overstated - negatives impacts minimal, trickle down was minimal, workers were relatively happy and the casinos were just part of the landscape, real estate values were up, down or the same. I have also done this in numerous other states and posted on it. The thing to remember is that a casino is the Hospitality industry and traditionally your wages will be in line within that industry.

Anon....I can understand your frustration and it is OK to vent here as long as it remains fairly clean. Anon seems to express the same high end distaste that I do for JP and MT but I feel his may be more personal. I hope Bluto understands that this sounds like a guy with time running out. I am fortunate in that I am retired and fairly stable financially but that was when I checked the market at 2:4

bogofree said...

Quote from Bluto
Look, if my posting here causes you personal distress, I'll stop. You are a real person with real problems and I don't wish to add to your distress.

IMO you can express your opinion. I do not like posters to leave as I am a firm believer in an open forum even with all the down sides (Toxic). I'm sure that anon will attempt to engage in a more positive exchange for that I don't have to repost every single ^&%$%^ thing he writes! I have often stated the real value in intellectual pursuit is not what you read but what you choose not to read. Not reading just shuts off ideas and sometimes even volatile exchanges can produce a positive result. What exists on this blog is relatively mild.

Anon has also apologized and he'll get props for that. Anon has college age kids so an economic slide is nothing new to him. IMO the casino will certainly provide some short term relief but the problem is it is not being built in a time of need. That worse case thing again.

Oh....Bluto....I fully agree on the Moonbat politics.

Bluto said...

I am flawed but not totally inhuman. Our family has gone through the panic of two lengthy layoffs over the years and the fear of not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from pulls the rug right out from under you. Been there.

I agree--we need more jobs and a more stable economy. It's been my experience that the upturns and downturns come in cycles. But that knowlege doesn't put food on your table. I wish I had some answers for you about what to do in the NOW and TODAY. Obviously you can't put all your hope in a casino that still has so many variables and uncertainties. If it is built, who knows when construction would begin. You need some answers right now.

Thank you for reminding me about the real pain and people like you are enduring. I still remain unconvinced that the casino will solve the current crisis and that $7M is shrinking in value by the day, but I do feel that you and others deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity. My apologies for forgetting that in my earlier posts. I understand better the hostility expressed on Topix now. But you do realize that forum really isn't going to accomplish anything. This blog seems to be a better place to vent.

My best wishes to you, anonymous. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Bluto said...

Not straddling the fence. I don't want to see a casino built in Middleboro. Better New Bedford or Fall River. But I am a pragmatist and I know we have to be prepared if this casino becomes a reality. And I'm not a Chicken Little. The sky won't fall.

The worst collateral damage as I see it is the flame war instigated by certain CFO bloggers. People have been needlessly hurt and I would expect them to get pissed off and retaliate. But there's not a darned thing we can do to stop them is there? Topix has just ratcheted things up and made them build an invisible fortress around themselves. MR may be blogging more about issues, but has she removed the links to MQ's site? Doubt it. Has her tone changed? Doubt it. Is CoffeeNot still thriving? I'd bet on it.

If your site can become a place for good, open discussion then you've really accomplished something.

anonymous said...

Bluto. Bogo said it as I was just venting. That's my personality and I'll blow steam for 15 minutes and return to normal. Was handled OK and I'll try to toe the line a bit. Won't be perfect but I'm trying. Actually, I'll make it OK but the younger guys I worry about.

I've read everything Bogo has posted on the deal, here and elsewhere, and you seem to be on the same track as him. Inflation and building delays will eat it up quick. I do believe Bogo has posted about the CPI starting on day one and I suspect AB is kicking himself on that. That's over with.

My view is more short term. When the casino is finally built it will only be because the economy is better and by that time I'll be hard at work again. It will provide jobs in construction for a few years but that is the nature of the beast. Rare when you have a big dig putting out checks for over a decade. But in that time some businesses will start up because of that construction and most will go belly up but some will survive. They never would even be started without a casino.

bogofree said...

Bluto. Straddle the fence is a GOOD thing and what I meant is you do not wish to predict outcomes. Probably just jumbled up my attempt. As I said no one really knows? Home run or strike out. Or sky is falling. Just don't know.

I view many of the anti casino elements as on a moral crusade and have blogged on my impressions gathered at the few meetings I did attend. That made me keep my distance and have a very passive involvement. The CFO support of the bloggers only reinforced that in this instance my instincts were correct as they should a different ends justifies the means approach. You have expounded on that with the MQ reference and continual linking. I also will give HB some credit as he has done an excellent job at maintaining his site.

MR may try to reinvent herself with energy issues, some of which I agree and some I don't, but a political agenda creeps in and that taints or makes the message suspect. I gather from reviewing a blog MT wrote regarding McCain at convention time and some of the comments posted that they have a right/left within their ranks once you skirt the casino issue. MR still will place the occasionally volley at a long lost cause as she did recently with the TM issue or commenting on the daily rants of MT that are usually directed at AB.

I don't mind folks commenting on this site but I have no desire to turn it into a nemasket or Middleboro casino. I am affiliated with middleborocasino with LL and all are welcome to post - pro, anti or middle of the road.

Bluto said...

I have a kid with a family and a big inflatable mortgage. Second child due soon. Job safe unless budgets get cut. Just in case things go south, we're beginning to remodel for a second family apartment. Lots of people are beginning to pool family resources to survive now.

Bluto said...

bogofree wrote "I am affiliated with middleborocasino with LL and all are welcome to post - pro, anti or middle of the road."

LOL. And then there's VegasVal. No thanks. I'll leave you to tango with her. :~)

bogofree said...

VV is a sweetie. I have an antidote. Really powerful stuff developed first to combat the bite of the Black Mamba only this is much stronger.

Just sign in at middleborocasino and don't say anything about her binky AB.

At least you got the kid OUT of your house.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Sorry, just a mistake. I was writing about the Topix poster called Laughing At You that you posted about. I just found it rather upsetting on his approach to another poster that lost his job but was still trying to hold things together. It was very similar to what happened here with another anon (there are plenty of us). I don't know if the guy who was scruffing along was the LMAO who posts here. Just that the guy seemed to really be working at it and they are just sticking it to him. Sounds like the Topix version of Gladys and Jessie.

bogofree said...

Anon....this is a two way street with the exchange between LMAO and Laughing but my sympathy does lie a bit more with LMAO. Don't know if he's the LMAO that posts here but he was rather nasty to Laughing but probably very, very frustrated. I really think that being critical of his job situation and virtually calling him a bum was a proper response and that only amped it up. LMAO also posted as an Ironworker and that brought a critical response. My son belonged to Local #7 also so I will say LMAO is probably quite accurate.

Many folks ID their worth by their job and when that is plucked away or diminished I'm sure they take a hit in the self-esteem area and the continual broadsides towards LMAO employment situation was a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty. Too much like MT and MR.

I posted on Topix on that situation and this just expands it a bit. I certainly do not approve of the edited language of LMAO but I approve even less of the demeaning approach employed by Laughing and another poster.

Personally I would expect Laughing to apologize and LMAO to accept it and post his own for his actions.

LMAO said...

Bogo. Write something. Getting boring on Topix.

IggaBoy said...

Hey Carl Peirce and Mary Tufts what kind of comment is this?

"Hi Diane! Are you in Roxbury or Middleborough today"

Whats a matter? Things a little to quiet for you two?

Grow the Christ up!

bogofree said...

Igga I believe that was covered on Toxic a few days ago under racism or some such stuff. Innocent or not one has to be very careful since that race card has been played and played. Even a casual statement can be taken out of context or give insight into a significant personality flaw.

LMAO I have been in a slump of late as I have started to do some math tutoring and, of course, baseball. I'm sure that if history repeats itself with CFO someone will say/write something really stupid and allow me to get something going. Obviously the original purpose of this blog will go unanswered as will mass mailings and vandalism. Do we notice a pattern of avoidance?

Right now the focus from those who were rejected by Romper Room - how humiliating - appears to be on Vegas Val and that should keep them busy. I figure six CFO bloggers versus VV is about equal. Should make it a fair fight.

Anonymous said...

Bogofree you are working? I am devastated. I believed Jessie when she said you were a retired do nothing. My faith in CFO bloggers may never recover.

Oh wait...I just saw the name of your blog. "Jessie Powell -- Confirmed Liar" I guess you had her figured out before the rest of lesser beings.

bogofree said...

LOL! Well, anon, I love the name you picked. Unique. I think I see it on about 20 out of 21 comments on the CFO bogs - usually one right after the other.

Not Anonymous said...

dylewOh fearless leader of the weak minded and uneducated. Can you accept the olive branch extended by Jessie in her forum (whoops I mean nemasket?

Trolling through blog (in case you have not noticed) will show there is thread named for you. Geuss what? -- You've been invited back to the vaunted "nemasket" forum by Jessie -- IF YOU BEHAVE! (Actually the forum is held in very high esteem by only two people -- Jessie and Mark)

If you behave? What does Jessie (the namesake of your blog) mean?

Perhaps you will have and order of conditions placed upon you that you MUST agree to. Surrender this blog to Mark; promise not to question anything Jessie posts; Never mention Clark or trespassing, always speak of CFO bloggers with respect they deserve and never allude to any positive impacts from the proposed resort casino.

Orders of conditions – Mark and Jessie do have a prior history of making demands on people, right?

The forum was never the same after you were shunned by the community of superior ideas and intlelecks.

If you want me to keep you posted on the goings on there I will send you email updates (really isnt worth it)

Fang said...

Not Anonymous:

I think bogo is pretty well able to think and speak for himself.

The point of the thread as I read it was that Mark and Bogo have maintained an ability to agree to disagree without resorting to verbal fisticuffs. And that really isn't any of our business is it?

Not Anonymous said...

When it is written for public consumption others can comment. Why does Mark feel compelled to make the comments quasi-public forum?

I guess you conform to condition of orders. You are not allowed to question anything that Mark or Jessie say.

Fang said...

Not Anonymous:

Guess you haven't read the threads very closely. Several posters openly disagree with their points of view. But somehow I don't think you want to hear that, do you?

Doubt very much bogo will return as long as MR is there anyway.

Not Anonymous said...

You said it was none of our business. I said Mark made it public business by posting on th topic.

I bet Bogo would return with Jessie there and make the dull site more lively. I also bet that he would be bounced out a third time for not yeilding to Jessie at Mark's request.

There really is no point to the message board anyway. Nothing more than a platform for Jessie and her "fellow blogger nemasket" to feel self important.

The name of this blog sums it up.

bogofree said...

My feelings on this situation have been expressed numerous times. As far as the Nemasket forum it would be too tempting for me to just start in again and I would soon be posting subtle references and disagreeing with everything she says even when I agree with it. The olive branch to me has been the same since this very blog started and was named - a admission to a series of lies. Simple as that. Finally fess up to Clark, ESL teachers and whatever other nonsense was attempted to pass as fact.

My only complaint on the Nemasket site was the reluctance of the moderator to hold a poster accountable for the above mentioned lies. The moderator had zero choice but to cut me loose and I knew that. No option. Disgreement is one thing but outright lies and knowingly accepting them are a different story since I disagreed with many and likewise they did with me. I would not have relented nor will I ever on that issue. Stubborn or honorable - take your choice.

I have posted repeatedly that Jessie has some wonderful ideas, has created a valuable source of energy data and could be a positive force in town issues if she could moderate her abrasive and very personal approach to those that differ with her. All that she managed to do was close the door on her own credibility except among a small coterie of folks who will support anyone and anything that is against the casino.

Fang said...

LMAO! Ten bucks says he doesn't!

Yes he is witty and fun to read. But no one is going to change MR. God knows some of us have tried. Moonbat syndrome is incurable.

So, why do you read that forum. Nothing there worth copying and pasting for a flame war.

Fang said...

Geez bogo--

Why don't you start your own forum? "The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth: Liars need not apply" The other two are boring, slanted, and dying. You seem to have the magic touch with the disillusioned from all sides. Think about it. I'm sure you know someone who could set it up for you. Think about it.

bogofree said...

I'd love to see a few more posters on LL's site. I saw "Honest Abe" on Toxic so maybe he'll show up? I'd start my own forum but it's way too complicated. Anyways, Mike has areas set up for various stuff from the casino from hell to just about anything else and he really doesn’t mind opposing points of views. Val is occasionally around and that is sure to bring out the best in all of us. I think LL and CPL could have their own little forum. I have not even managed to come up with a blog the last few weeks. Getting lax.

I have not been to nemasket but am always interested when my “name” is brought up and appreciate the mention and emails. Maybe they’ll write something really, really negative and I can have a flame war. Miss those flame wars now that all the yankee (always small caps) fans have gone into hiding.

Maybe I could make a nice political blog? Have the moonbats sign on? I like moonbats about as much as Howie Carr does. Is there an election coming up? Maybe something on underwear that seems to be quite prevalent topic on Toxic?

I already have the baseball thing and that is certainly more esoteric (I saw that word in an English lesson today) than anything political. Is that election thing this month or next? Bad time frame.

If any of you wish to do a guest blog this site is open to you or if you have any suggestions for topics just post away .

Fang said...

I love Howie Carr, funniest columnist in the Boston press, especially when he gets going on moonbat rhetoric. No wonder they look down on him. Howie shreds them.

Wish MR would just take the strong hint, get off the net, and take up knitting. As to the value of her cut and paste blog, all of it is work done by others. No original thought. And most of her sources are biased. Also, DULL, DULL, DULL. No way I bother to read her anymore.

Well, bogofree, like it or not, this has become the only local site for free expression.

Bluto said...

Checked out LL's site as per your invite. Will watch to see if it gets more interesting. Used to have a good cast of characters. Which way did they go?

bogofree said...

Bluto....trying to get them back. As I mentioned in an earlir post I saw "Honest Abe" wasting his time on Toxic. Abe was on the site and I think he reached his Val limit. Same with a few others. Jane, FF and Coutry have made some posts but the site has not taken off. LL and myself are starting to be like MB and JP having a conversation.

reality check said...

Yo Bogo
This is from Jessie's Blog. She actually believes that place matters to people
"As a footnote: there was much respectful discussion surrounding the most recent selection on a local discussion forum, nemasket. (Participation requires registration.) It appears that only one Middleboro Selectmen can be bothered to read what is being posted."

Bluto said...

Reality Check,

You do realize that everytime you go to MR's blog you're pushing up her stats. LOL! I have noticed though that no one much comments there anymore.

bogofree said...

I go to her blog every few days but the energy stuff is of no real interest to me and the political rants are a turn off. In the past she has commented on the number of "hits" but that means little to me.

I think she should realize that she is not a "player" in town politics. Could have been but tossed away that opportunity as the sharks smelled blood with all the Clark BS.

The title of this blog will disappear when she removes her forums for LL and fesses up to the Clark issue. Heck...even Edwards will reconstruct himself and she could also.

inconvenient truths said...

Impossible for her to remove her "forums for LL and fesses up to the Clark issue". Hard to believe you think it may happen.

She was not a "player" and never was. The timeline is simple. She started a recall, which is not that difficult if you have as much free time as she does to attack people. The recall and her candidacy for selectman failed miserably, despite all the casino stuff.

She was then foolish enough to believe that she could be successful in her second attempt. But then she ran into a monster of a competitor for selectman (who ran a juggernaut campaign) named Mr. Blank Vote.

Mr. Blank Vote was to Jessie what Ralph Nader was to Al Gore, a big vote siphon. So it is fitting that she now tries to mimic Al Gore, the both have their "inconvenient truths" Al's is a book, Jessie's is Clark, CT

IggaBoy said...

Jessie has an obsession on MQ as bad as Mary has on AB. WTF is wrong with these two.

bogofree said...

Truths...that is truly priceless and exceedingly funny...but most of all - totally accurate.

LMAO said...

Yo....bozo...nice to see some posters mentioning that vapid wasteland known as The place is a boring rest stop for chronic complainers and malcontents whose cure for virtually every problem would end up being a total disaster. And if he wonders why no one shows up just look at his awful column. I've seen better stuff in a high school newspaper. If the Gazette is desperate it would be better to leave the page blank rather than put that drivel upon our eyes.

Speaking of drivel it seems like Jessie is in a pious mood all of a sudden. Mood? Speaking of mood swings just read her pitiful blog and you will see them. Highs and lows. Maybe her and MT should get a consult about that?

That site needed you ten times more than you needed them as you would not just layback and let someone have a free ride when they posted BS. You have a sense of levity totally beyond anything they can even comprehend. They certainly needed the occasional ego punctured and they have a few of them talking to each other. The site has about as much to interest anyone as say a rectal examine. Of course sticking his fingers up there the doc may find some of MB's columns since he seems to pull them out his butt.


Bluto said...

There are only a few zealots on either side of the casino issue. The majority of us are fence straddlers, "well, under the circumstances...", or have moved on and don't give a crap one way or another anymore.

Myself? I'd prefer not to live near a casino. But it bothers me more to see people out of work and struggling to survive.

I'd also like to see JP's links to LL removed. But it's not going to happen. As to the Clark, CT BS, I always took her with a grain of salt anyhow.

Bluto said...

The weirdest obsession is the one everyone has with VV's real identity. I think she will become legendary as Middleboro's "Unsolved Mystery". LMAO

LMAO said...

I think VV is a riot but that's only because I'm pro casino.

Hey, bogo, I know you do financial stuff. Any comment on the crisis?

bogofree said...

LMAO. When you lower traditional standards that worked you will pay a severe penalty and that is exactly what happened in what has triggered this whole mess - housing and subsequent sub prime markets. IMO political muscle has been exerted for 20 years to water down lending standards and that proved to be an initial success. New home ownership. Eliminating of red lining. Creation of generational wealth by passing on home value in your estate. But when greed and regulatory over sight come into play more and more excesses take place and all is fine until the upper spiral of value disintegrates. And the paper becomes due.

I take special delight in Barney Frank attempting to somehow put a spin on his own self preservation in this mess. I am certainly no fan of O'Reilly, the MT of mainstream media, but he handed Barney his inflated ego head the other day. Frank and many other moonbats had pushed the loosening of standards in the late 80s and early 90s and Clinton went right along with it. Get your voting block into something real nice, folks. Republicans followed along in this party and just the current vote shows you there is minimal blame game and a whole lot of let's get this done with and save our collective arses. Bush, Pelosi and Frank are a total disgrace in this debacle and that is just the tip of a bi-partisan group of fiscal incompetents.

I really have a thing for welfare cheats, those with false disabilities and other low lifers that play the system for a free ride at the expense of those who actually toe the line and show a level of responsibility. However, they all pale in comparison to what was just done. IMO this was the most dishonest piece of legislation that I can remember. Wonder why this Congress has an approval rating of 17%? The thing is this will probably have little or no impact on the rest of us who will watch savings, businesses and standard of living evaporate., but will rescue the life style of a passel of eight figure salary types. Just the who got what and how much in political contributions from Fannie and Freddie tells a wonderful story - near the top of the list? Why, of course, “Fundamentally sound” Barney Frank and our next disaster into the Presidency - Obama. Personally, I will vote for Obama, but, then again, I once voted for Nixon and Bush and Jessie so I am not one for picking political acumen.

As a sometime day trader there are bargains available. I’ve been “playing” airline stocks which will fluctuate 10-15% based on oil futures (another scam). Some long time blue chip stocks are nearing lows that make them hard to resist. As far as mutual funds you can’t hide unless you are in bonds 100%. Diversification means nothing. Some just lose less than others. Commodities and energy are a roller coaster and have been, at least for me, winners. The rest? Forget it. As the Dow tumbles I move 5% into bonds with every 500 point loss. That is a substantial amount of investment allocated into one sector but all it will provide is a break even against inflation. If you can float a loan real estate is attractive since if you believe in patterns it and the stock portfolios will eventually go up. But how many years?

anonymous said...

Bogo. I had $150,000 in my 401K and now it is at $100,000. What a joke these financial guys are. I wanted to dump everything into bonds when I had lost $25,000 and was told "what goes down will come up." Great advice.

I see you have passed the blame around. I saw them scurrying around like rats in a sinking ship last week trying to put a shine on this. Obama and McCain support a bailout. Frank is just sad. He's all bluster and only in Massachusetts could someone like that get elected over and over. He's all over youtube making a fool of himself with his predictions.

The only ones that made out in this are all the fat cats and that's who both parties support. I'm disgusted with the lot of them.

anonymous said...

Time for a back to the future with getting a mortgage. I had to have 15% down and it took three years to get that. I bought my home 30 years ago for $32,500 and then the value went up and up and now it's going back to $32,500. I invested a lot in that place scrapping the money up. No more free rides for those that can't afford it and those who write the mortgages for them.

LMAO said...

Bogo. I asked since I read JP's blog several times and as they say it is total moonbat. Her and the fellow moonbats will solve everything. Maybe they can get their moonbat Congressman Barney Frank to help? Nope to the dope as he's already helped enough.

I'll forgive you for going with Obama but I can just see the what he'll do with more of his cronies that gave him big bucks.

Trouble is when things go bad it becomes a target to do the socialist thing which is exactly what this bill is. Gives the looney fringe more power then they deserve.

Barney Frank? LMAO!

Bluto said...

I'll try to spot which articles on "Bumpkin's Corner" are influenced by your thoughts. BTW, those raspberry twist pastries at HD are quickly adding inches to my gut. Afraid I've become addicted.

bogofree said...

Bluto. MB was NOT going to go into HD until I brought along my portable no trespass sign. As soon as I hung that on the door in he went. I love their coffee rolls even though they did reduce the size a bit in the last year.

As far as my influence it is obvious that to read them one needs to be under the influence.

I hear some of you on the Obama thing as I suspect the Supreme Court and other judicial appointments will make Ruth Ginzberg look like Robert Bork. I have no faith in our government being able to handle anything at this point. Bush is a wreck and Congress is just as bad if not worse. This is the most reactionary do nothing Congress since the 1930s.

The mortgage mess is rather sad in that responsible people will be paying off the debt for the irresponsible from the homeowner slipping into a mortgage they knew they could not afford to the seven figure types that created the mind set and mechanism to do so.

Lee in Clark said...

As a resident of Clark, CT, I pleased to report there have been no foreclosures in our town. We will be able to keep our ESL teachers at full staffing.

I was interested in a blog by one of your residents claiming people are walking on our own "Ho Chi Minh trail" That is not the case. We drive reasonably nice cars with bumper stickers that say "I Love Clark CT" to and from work.

Bluto said...

Funny, I've known we've been in a recession for the past year, yet I didn't hear that dreaded word officially pronounced until last week.

Over the past 40 years I've watched the peaks and troughs in the real estate market. And I have to agree with you-it always eventually cycles back. When it does though it certainly won't be because of the efforts of Washington. Would like to sell out and move to NC, but guess I'll wait the current fiasco out.

401k and pension fund worth crap right now. Work all your life just to get kicked in the arse in the end. Well gotta go. Have a date with Johnny Walker. lmao

bogofree said...

Lee...Clark is like Never Never Land to me. A joyous place and consider yourself lucky. I do have my fantasys (Hmmmm) and one has always been a first hand visit to Clark. I may get that tonic that Bluto has suggested so that I can do that.

Bluto....the good news with our inestments is the bottom line. Easier to read three figures rather than six.

Anonymous said...

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bogofree said...

Xanax....why do they always have those kind of names for drugs? And those weird names for cleaning products like "409." Makes no sense.

Somehow I suspect Xanax is just one of those trolls looking for business. I always though Viagra should have a better name like "Big Woody" that would be more meaningful.

Anonymous said...

xanax your comment is stupid. Are you inferring that MT needs xanax?