Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stood Up By The Tribe

Looks like an invite for Mboro must be in the mail. Guess Shawn and Scott just forgot that invite? Maybe an update of the email list is needed? Appears at this point Mboro is being squeezed out of the loop or, just maybe, this is an "oversight." LOL! Sure.

Looks like Adam is sitting there in his tux with some flowers and a LL Limo ready to take him to the big dance. Unfortunately, his date has gone with Deval instead and left him holding those prom tickets. Maybe Glenn will go?

I really am not surprised as they have already gotten what they want from us - a home run on the first date! Call you sometime next week, Hon. Thanks for the good time. Now, we can all sit back and watch that CPI be drained and drained as the investors can wait and wait for economic boom times to return. What will that 7MIl be worth in 2013? Maybe 5MIl in today's change?

So....does anyone really seriously expect the state to give us anything from the slots? And surrounding towns? Lotsa luck on that. Host community of Lincoln, R.I. gets, I believe, 2% from the state.

Personally, this is really a huge put down for the town and casino proponents. Tribe could have at least tossed a bone our way.


LMAO said...

Looks like they have changed their minds, Bogo, and the town will sit at the table. Maybe they read your blog and were humiliated into it. LMAO!

bogofree said...

LMAO.....looks like the original letter was a "draft" which is their way of saying they screwed up. LOL! Mboro will sit at the table but it'll probably be the children's table. They didn't realize all the negative PR this would have with it so maybe it's time to review having Scott around?

But the rest of my post sticks about that CPI. That has and will kill our monetary return. And I really can see us shoved into the background. I wonder how much a percentage of the slots we'll get? I figure something around zero.

LMAO said...

LMAO! The tribe at least is willing to admit a error which is a lot better than anyone has heard from

Mass mailings
Clark Ct
2 to 100 ESL teachers
=30 languages taught

They changed their tune and responded real quick. How about Nothing. Marshall got nailed and they cut him. The cfo bloggers get caught in lies and links continue. Shows you I'd trust the tribe 100 times more than cfo.

no name said...

Read the tresappaser's blog. He is there patting himself on the back for calling "right again"

Mr. I am always right even if I am knowlingly trespassing.

bogofree said...

LMAO....I still think they really look stupid on this. The Tribe made a big time PR mistake and tried to correct it with this BS about a draft letter. As you would say - LMAO! This is so shallow that even a total idiot (like moi) can see through it. WTF were they thinking?

The best thing is they responded quickly and it'll fade just as quickly. When you respond to problems and don't let them fester they have a way of diminishing and fading into the background. A lesson that should have been learned by two of my favorite bloggers.

bogofree said...

No name....appears he feels he has weathered the storm. Folks do have a long memory. Always be some who'll hang him....not that I would do that! Is Plymouth Cord Company still in business? Great rope.

LMAO said...

Bogo, here is a quote from Chief Pat Self On Back. Is this guy real? Does he really think that calling a spade a ...sorry, I forgot. Are these folks at cfo delusional? Send HB over.

So why the desperate play to start negotiations? Was this the LIT equivalent of a "Hail Mary" pass? Maybe the Tribe was tipped off to the dire condition of their LIT application? LMAO!

CFO and the bloggers telling it like it is and the press and politicians are reading and listening. I'm pretty sure that DiMasi puts more stock in CFO and the blogs than in Ferson press releases

LMAO said...

And on another note. Do they really think that anyone listens to them? They had no play in this and from what I gather the only ones that have any links are off the wall nut jobs like the circus clown from Media Nation.

I've spoken to a few pols and they have never heard of them. Nothing. They have no idea who Gladys is or RY or MB or MR or any of them. These are connected union types from the Boston area. They know who Ferson is and Hendricks. But this group? Pols will pay attention when you have power and they have none if you look at election results. LMAO!

bogofree said...

I can't disagree with you too much, LMAO. They have been left out so long that it has now reverted to self congratulatory comments on their blogs. IMO they have had more of a negative than a positive and that comes down to a matter of trust. I don't trust the Tribe (Developers) and I certainly don't trust CFO who, IMO, operates with no conscious. Wonder if they hand out Purple Hearts for blogging? They need to cut the links to the more pronounced fabricators....quite a list.

esspassertray said...

I love mountain biking on some of those Rocky Gutter trails you are talking about on "an idiots guide to local trails" at They are a real work out and challenge. You have to make sure you have cleated pedals and old shoes. They are most manageable after a dry spell. Best thing is there are no houses around to worry about. Never carry turkey feathers out there during hunting or mating season.

Your recall is outstanding

bogofree said...

I suspect that since it is a very public area with no farmers daughter(s) around it may not appeal to every bike rider. Plenty f turkey feathers and a real adventure if you care to go the opening day of shotgun season.

LMAO said...

Bogo. I left a comment yesterday on a new fraud that is linked to cfo. Someone who writes a blog called 479 Plymouth street. Posted against what the usual cheering section says and it was deleted. Something called a "Chris Mick" has the site and appears to be another you does not allow anonymous posts unless, of course, it matches the party line.

I love these people. LMAO!

bogofree said...

I checked out the blog LMAO and it seems OK to me. Not as over the top as the others.

I'm sure your comment was quite polite and appropriate, LMAO.

The bloggers of CFO will edit since a differing opinion is not allowed. Topix is your only other option or

Desert Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Desert Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...

Desert Rose said...
Realraven confirmed informant

What did you mean by that Desert Rose please explain. Why delete it?
Was it you who said once its written on the internet its hard to delete?

bogofree said...

My, my it looks like I got here late. Must have been some negativity written. Have no idea what it was so I'll have to consult LL.

bogofree said...

Well...I guess Desert Rose has the typical drive by coward complex. I'd love an explanation but, alas, I suspect none since, obviously, DR is just a drive by moron. Funny, in the past I've had a few posters with connections delete their posts soon after posting. Why are they so afreaid of their own words?

Anyways...who am I informing and what am I informing? Sounds like DR is writing from a rejected 24 Hours script. Far as I know I have no information that anyone would take of any value except buy LEH at 40 it'll be a great buy!