Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Line Gaming

Some of you may know that I have a baseball site I am active in. There are a handful of us that share in the management and expenses of maintaining the site. This is not a lot of money yearly and is just a way to get together for game time chat, have posting boards and trash the yankees (always small caps). Recently our site was offered a small amount of money to allow online gaming. Here is the latest missive:

Thanks for your reply,

I have talked to my supervisor as I like your site and she is ready to increase the original prize of 25USD for three months to $40 for 3 months. I really hope we can work it out and have a long term business relationship between us.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Looking forward to hear from you

I have not included the name of the person involved but my understanding is that the offer will now be $100 for three months. Each time an offer is made we reject it. In fact an email to members show a uninversal rejection.

Online gaming offers a burgening business. In a previous incarnation of I had an extensive post on online gaming on which I had actually done legitimate research. The returns to the player were actually higher than in traditional casino settings - less expense, but I had some real problems with the whole concept. Just concerned about the ease with which money can disappear, lack of tax income and ease of access for minors to highlight a few. You may agree, disagree or be neutral.


Anonymous said...

Gambling is here to stay. Like it or not. Joe Biden's son was to lobby the federal gov't for a very large on line gambling site to reverse a law that GW Bush signed into law. An excerpt from the very conservative NYT:"Federal lobbying records show that Hunter Biden’s firm was hired in June by lawyers for J. Russell DeLeon and his wife, Ruth Parasol, billionaire expatriates who founded a Web site called PartyPoker. Their company, PartyGaming P.L.C., which later went public in London, stopped doing business in the United States after President Bush signed a bill into law in 2006 aimed at curbing online gambling"

You and fellow webmasters are to be commended for staying true to your beliefs.

bogofree said...

Thank you, Anon. I have no problem with gambling but feel too many problems exist with the online operation. Just can't trust the 'Net as such. Maybe Clark, CT is really some island in the Bahama's?

JP seems on a Bush/McCain rant of late and maybe she'll comment on the legislation you presented regarding Bush The Younger and gambling? Interesting connection with Biden's son that I place more importance on than the potential second daughter being pregnant.

anonymous said...

Good topic. I use to do some online poker that my brother got me involved in and lost about a grand real quick. Poof! He does rather well and picks up a few hundred a week. Trouble is his son (7 years old) loves to watch.

LMAO said...

.bout time, Bozo, you wrote something. Have you been following the nut jobs blogs? Looks like MT is tossing figures around and JP is on a political mission of some sorts. Still nothing from either about their lies. What a crew!

The online stuff is unreal. Give them that credit card and they love you! Never have to leave mommies basement. I'll stick with the glitz, gitter and sounds and smells (not MT) of a casino. That's the real show.

These phonies from cfo will be all over the place when it opens. Trust me. They'll be trying to hook up jobs and will be at all the tables.

LMAO said...

Hey, almost forgot. What is your take on the playoffs? On the Patriots? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

If the economy goes into the tank for 5 or 7 years like it did from 1989 to '96 (+/-)many people might want a job at the casino. The tribe's biggest day of traffic could be when they start accepting applications. The need for food clothing and shelter humbles people in a heart beat.

On-line gaming benefits few people and offers no jobs here at home. The sad part Bogo is that while you were true to your beliefs others will still game on line, just not at your site.

bogofree said... are right on the button. I may not want a casino but I'd give a little part-time job a whirl. I tutor but I would not mind something local. If I saw it was taking away a job from someone who really needed it I'd walk away.

When I posted on the see no evil site - - I mentioned speaking to folks who actually worked in casinos and they gave it some fairly high marks. I especially remember talking to the parking lot guy at one of the casinos. All this was is a place for those who were club members to park. He did noting but tip his hat. $8 an hour and tips easily brought that up to $20. Twenty hours a week. Nice take for someone on SS.

Now, LMAO, I see the first round as the biggie. The downsise is the Angels are the best team in the league but the upside is Beckett, Lester and Dice-K. You win with pitching and that threesome pitches like they have of late the Angels may be in for a shock.

Comeon, you know I'm a 'Jints fan! I've posted many times that the Patriots will still be the team to beat within division without Brady. But I always hope they lose.

LMAO said...

Hey. I'm tossing the you know what around on Topix. I tell you there are actually a few that attempt to defend that trailor park trash from Bridgewater. See, no names! The woman is a liar just like JP. Sorry to vent here but just so pissed off at the fact that some can actually think this person is constructive.

Yeah. The Giants. Thanks for the reminder. A Red Sox fan and a Giants fan. Go figure. Are you related to MT Bozo? Sorry. That was low. LMAO!

deliverance said...

I can just feel all your love