Friday, August 8, 2008

Mass Mailings

§ 100.27 Mass mailing (2 U.S.C. 431(23)).
Mass mailing means a mailing by United States mail or facsimile of more than 500 pieces of mail matter of an identical or substantially similar nature within any 30-day period. A mass mailing does not include electronic mail or Internet communications. For purposes of this section, substantially similar includes communications that include substantially the same template or language, but vary in non-material respects such as communications customized by the recipient's name, occupation, or geographic location.

Someone posted that on Topix regarding a post Mary Tufts (AKA - Gladys Kravitz) made regarding some of the tactics of the pro casino forces. I cannot dispute much of what Mary posted except to say that there appeared to be a certain level of agitation present on both sides. At the TMFH hell I was greeted with some hoots for clapping after a few anti casino remarks. Being in a tent with X number of union types I was a very distinct minority - even greater than the final 67% to 33% drubbing. But back to the post.

GK claims that one of the aspects of the actions of the pro's was a mass mailing. What? I don't recall any such thing. I've asked around yesterday and today and neither does anyone else. This has resulted in a "call out" on Topix by some of the more ardent pro forces and anti GK forces of some proof - and I certainly would like to see some. Based on GK's previous supported of Jessie Powell on her noted lies I suspect there may not be any. If so, why keep it in the blog? Makes no sense. Then again, neither did that fowl attempt at humor.

From my own experience on multiple posting boards it is best to supply the FACTS or to say it was a simple mistake and remove that portion of the post. I have done that several times myself as it is no big deal. But when you leave false information out there and support false information all that does is reaffirm the obvious.

I have, as you can see if you waste time reading my stuff, post considerable information on baseball. With baseball I have discovered, as with virtually everything else, that opinions can change as the facts change. I never really have seen that applied with most of the anti casino group. Some, like MB, are at least will mention that they have, like me, a price on the issue. Too bad it has taken on a take no prisoners aspect for many of the anti casino crowd as all that will do is isolate them from actually being a viable force.


Nameless said...

I am surprised that a year after TMFH some factions are still on the verge of mass hysteria. The vast majority have long since slipped back into the shadows and have moved onto other more pressing issues, like how to afford to heat our homes this winter or how to afford our kids' college tuitions with MEFA loans shut off.

It's time for people to reset their priorities and figure out ways to get from one day to another instead of bashing each other over the head with sledge hammers.

Cookie said...

Mary, oh Mary
Why must you be so contrary
You've been flying by the seat of your pants for over a year now...Consumed with the passion of your cause. You've been so caught up by the fury of the moment that a slip like this was bound to happen. Take some time to step back, reflect on the consequences of the printed word, and allow reason and moderation to prevail.

To retain your credibility you need to address the issue os mass mailings ASAP. Remember, everything you write reflects back on the whole organization, not just you.

bogofree said...

I do believe that when one views the pattern established by MT's blog you will understand why some were just waiting to pounce. I have to question her as a reliable source for anything after the pathetic support she gave Jessie for the Clark issue.

At this point someone has added another charge to the mass mailings list and that is the question of vandalism. At this point MT has provided no proof for the mass mailings and I suspect that none exists. I am also waiting for some type of verification regarding vandalism. I was subject, as was a neighbor, to a minor issue that I reported to the DPW and not the police. But MT will have to provide something more substantial than that.

When I read the comments of "nameless" I suspect that it is just an attempt to get this issue, as with Clark, off the table. It will not vanish. MT's best avenue is the one Jessie chose not to take and to simply state that it was an error. Simple as that and quite acceptable. The longer the bil festers the greater the chance of infection.

CFO failed on the Clark issue and they will fail on this one.

nameless said...

Not trying to get this issue off the table. Just reflecting my disillusionment with the methods being used by some for a cause I once supported. Can no longer expend my energies there because I feel some bloggers went too far over the line. Can't condone the responses of the pro side either. So, I've disassociated myself from the whole mess. Let the two sides tear each other apart. I have a life to live. The casino couldn't be half as bad as the carnage I'm seeing in its anticipation. The sky won't fall either way

bogofree said...

Nameless. You are not alone but I will not tolerate false information no matter who tosses it around. I have no qualms about rolling in the mud. Others do and I praise them for a positive choice. If someone makes a mistake and posts false data or incorrect data just correct it. I did that on, middleborocasino and the old CFO site more than once. That has not been done by Jessie nor does it appear to be a path that MT wishes to take. That reflects on the whole issue and their own character and gives the pro side a mountain of ammunition. I will not give CFO a mulligan just because I may have a shread of sympathy for their cause. CFO is going in the wrong direction and has been for months and my opinion is posted on this blog.

I look at casino-friend and have to give my old pal Hal credit as he's stayed fairly level headed on this issue. Even his "Canada debate" was just a link and not the bully pulpit that his opponent in Lakeville choose to take with his blog.

Nameless. Post anytime you wish on topics that are casino or non casino.