Monday, August 25, 2008


I have been following this issue on Toxic and have posted some of the posts, a sample, from that creative and wonderful site (insert sarcasm). I have no idea if it is or is not a PAC? Much of this is in reference to their proposed yard sale. Here are a few of the posts from someone, certainly not me, who appears in the know on this issue. I don't know what their status is. Maybe someone else does?

CFO seems worried about permits for cooking marshmellow. This weeks Gazette says " is a non-profit organization, and the request was submitted by.." CP. What type of 501(c) is CFO? Are they really a PAC?

Here is some non-profit information:

Lobbying Activity of Section 501(c)(3) Private Foundations

Private foundations that spend money on lobbying activity will incur an excise tax on those expenditures; this tax is so significant that it generally acts as a lobbying prohibition.

In addition, a private foundation does not qualify for section 501(c)(3) status if a substantial part of its activities is attempting to influence legislation (commonly referred to as lobbying). Legislation includes action by Congress, any state legislature, any local council, or similar governing body with respect to acts, bills, resolutions, or similar items (such as legislative confirmation of appointive office), or by the public in referendum, ballot initiative, constitutional amendment, or similar procedure.

A foundation will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges members of the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the foundation advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.

Is CFO A PAC? Have they registered and filed reports? Here is some PAC information

The term "political action committee" (PAC) refers to two distinct types of political committees registered with the FEC: separate segregated funds (SSFs) and nonconnected committees. Basically, SSFs are political committees established and administered by corporations, labor unions, membership organizations or trade associations. These committees can only solicit contributions from individuals associated with connected or sponsoring organization. By contrast, nonconnected committees--as their name suggests--are not sponsored by or connected to any of the aforementioned entities and are free to solicit contributions from the general public. For additional information, consult our Separate Segregated Funds and Nonconnected Committees fact sheet
After registering with the FEC, PACs must file regular reports disclosing their receipts and disbursements. PACs have the option to file these reports quarterly or monthly, and may change their filing frequency as often as once a year. PACs that choose to file quarterly may be required to file certain pre- and post-election reports, depending on their activity. Please consult our reporting page for more information.

Perhaps MB can write about this in his Gazette article and Middleboro Review and Gladys Kravitz can blog about it.


From Is CFO Legal?

After registering with the FEC, PACs must file regular reports disclosing their receipts and disbursements. PACs have the option to file these reports quarterly or monthly, and may change their filing frequency as often as once a year. PACs that choose to file quarterly may be required to file certain pre- and post-election reports, depending on their activity.


From Lakeville BOS

Please ask what their legal status is at the next meeting for the public record. I would but fear retribution. We have a right to know exactly who wants to use our town property. Are they a non profit PAC? Sounds impossible.


From Not Listed CFO

"Monson Voice On Casinos PAC" is listed as State registered PAC #80813 on the list of Massachusetts "Polical Action Committees"

Where is CFO?


From Donations

MIPAC is a registered Massachusetts political action committee (CPF ID 80587). Under Massachusetts campaign finance laws, to contribute to MIPAC, you must be an individual 18 years of age or older. Contributions to MIPAC are not tax-deductible and are limited to $500 per individual per calendar year. All contributions greater than $50 will be reported to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.


LMAO said...


Is it a PAC? Maybe the Gazette can check into this? Do they file any reports? Is this the job of the secretary? LMAO! "1623" might have screwed this up.

bogofree said...

I have sent in a request to The Office of Campaign and Political Finance. They may be able to tell us if they are registered and have filed approprate paperwork.

This is a CFO issue and not mine or anyone else but they need to be, unlike JP and MT, accountable.

bogofree said...

From their donation page.

Donations to CasinoFacts.Org PAC can be make online:

or by check. Please make the check out to CasinoFacts PAC and mail to: PAC
P.O. Box 105
Middleboro, MA 02346-0105

Donated money will be used for such things as educational mailings, exploring legal avenues, purchasing signs and other anti-casino materials.
Donation Guideline:

Anonymous donations are not allowed
Name and address are required. Please specify if different from the mailing address on the envelope
Please include a phone number so we may verify any information

anonymous said...

CFO will owe you and a big thank you. If they are a legal PAC (and I really hope they are) then they have gained publicity. If they are not a registered PAC or making proper financial reportings then they owe you a thank you for calling it to their attention.
I just wish they would call an end to the charade and give the real answer.

bogofree said...

I have started to post the various updates on

I am sure they must have followed the law on this matter since they would be in the public eye. Whoever is posting this information on Topix deserves some kuddo's for making this a public issue. Personally I feel CFO should provide as much information as possible on their site.

LMAO said...

Hey, Bogo, I'll be over there but there is still no word from this slap happy crew at It looks like they have slipped up again. Your retired. Get off your ass and go check these frauds out. Probably nothing better to do and the employees at the Town Hall would love to help you. Oh do they remember Jessie!

Transparency said...

It is ironic that CFO has spent so much time complaining about transparency in governemnt while they appear to be hiding. They should publish more documentation about their status to reassure their supporters.

Anonymous said...

Check out MR (Jessie Powell) said:
It was publicized after the fact, that the Mashpee Wamponoags held a Sacred Ceremony on land that appears not to belong to them on Precinct St., as commented on by fellow blogger, Bellicose Bumpkin"

What did Belanger say on his blog about it?

Anonymous said...

will a new title for the blog be required "Confirmed Trespasser"

Anonymous said...

This tell you the kind of man he is. It reads like he is making a joke about knowingly trespassing. So in this blog he says he missed them accidently. And "ooops" he did it again. How many other times have there benn?

From his own web site:

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:08 am Post subject: Casino property question/observation

I've accidentally missed all the no trespassing signs on the casino property recently(twice actually) and may or may not have ridden my bike extensively through the property. I may even have broken a spoke on my rear tire and I'd appreciate Sol Kerzner replacing my bike since he owns the land. But I digress ....

bogofree said...

Hung by his own Petard?

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