Friday, August 14, 2015

Police Staion to weed - and everything in between

A cell phone ban at BOS meetings! How dare they! Is there anything more insulting than attempting to have a conversation with someone who is spending far more time enraptured by their attachment to whatever nonsense is being texted to them? That is exactly what is being done when the members carry their little electronic toy into a meeting.
Selectman McKinnon had the good sense to bring the issue up and to actually do the walk to match the talk and keep his cell phone out of meetings. However, the rest of the BOS apparently managed to do a song and dance routine that would be the envy of Gene Kelly in avoiding the prospect of life without connection – at least for a few hours.
Recently had to call the G & E about some of my wife’s – The Lovely Cynthia – precious trees overhanging some wires in front of our palatial estate. Within a few hours they were down, did a quick assessment and said their tree service folks would have us on their list. OK – a list from a government or quasi agency – expect the problem resolved by the next ice age.
Well, in a few days Barnes Tree Service showed up and cut they did. Cut way back. Beautiful job and a better clean-up. Quick response and professionalism all around. My gas/electric bill will be slightly less painful after that.
The bargaining goes one over a weed shop in Middleboro. Forget the “medical” part as it is a roundabout way of getting a joint without getting your ticket punched by the local gendarmes. Now the BOS will attempt to squeeze a few more bucks out of a local entrepreneur who wishes to open up a dispensary and didn’t we see that back in the day with a casino?
Anyways, I’m all for 100% legalization of all drugs. No incremental BS – manage, tax, maintain, regulate and punish like a DUI if a user does something silly like driving down main street on Krazy Days. So, maybe Middleboro can bag (one ounce or less) this business to add to our collection of Highpoint and McLean’s? Oh….and if the BOS is in negotiation be very careful if Mr. Shaw offers you any brownies
Krazy Days or is it Daze? Well, whatever, was rather impressive this year. Spreading like Bumpkins waist line. Plenty of options, free stuff, specials and an enthusiastic crowd. Hey – I have enough pens to last be to the next millennium. But there is one complaint.
Step right up to that train ride. My daughter and 3 and a half-year-old granddaughter took a $6 and three minute ride. This should be front and center on any local rip-off columns. Take a hint and dump this “ride” or get the price more in line with value.
Adam Bond was recently on FB with a whine – he actually whines more than moi – to express frustration over hiring local for a planned expansion. I imagine Adam is building a no smoking section to the office? But I hear him loud and clear and actually will give him some well-deserved kudo’s for going local.
Another police station override attempt is in the wind. Will this one have a weight room? Better call it an exercise room since a quick glance shows many an office has a “weight” issue. So what will be the cost per square foot? What frills will be needed? Place to cash those detail checks? Maybe kiss the Quinn Bill goodbye?
What the Police Station Building Committee is totally lost on is just who they are reaching out to impress or convince. My daughter has a condo mortgage, condo fees, car payments, works two jobs, is going to nursing school and is acquiring debt. She will see the salaries and say “why?” I can’t afford it. That, my friends, is why this puppy will be defeated without a strong and convincing argument. Folks like that should have been recruited by the committee, they will not join since they are (1) not embedded in the elite town structure and (2) actually are two damn busy surviving.

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