Friday, June 26, 2015

Local "Turmoil" and other selected garbage

The Board of Selectmen apparently have a division amongst themselves according to published reports and assorted gossip mongers – never would I be a gossip monger. From what I have been able to ascertain the latest focal point has something to do with the Tourism Committee.
I observed via my overcharged cable package the last few meetings. In fact I watch most meetings – usually with sharp objects well out of reach. I have no idea about any “divisions,” unless this relates to math and the BOS is collectively deficient in that specific area.
In fact with my quite limited intellect I was not quite able to get a handle on exactly what the Tourism Committee was pondering at the meeting. Of course my constant dereliction of media driven attendance was hampered by the nasty male habit of switching channels. What can I say? I like TMZ!
I watch the meetings weekly or bi-weekly depending upon scheduling and notice that collectively the BOS appears a relatively passive group in their interactions. Is there some type of verbal conflagration that takes place in the parking lot or at the Central?
So, just maybe, I should be more careful when reading stories in The Gazette that discuss this issue and the Committee. The story itself made me wonder exactly what is going on with the Tourism Committee. Some type of internal strife? And that results in a connect the dots to the BOS?
So, I shall remain confused until it is explained – and very, very slowly, to me.
I had the opportunity to go down Precinct Street recently to go for a trail run on the now vacant casino area – no, I was not searching for turkey feathers. The street had taken a significant hit during the winter and the usual collection of potholes had grown to where those in the International Space Station could view them. No more. The DPW has repaved – nice job.
And speaking of renovation – our picturesque landfill (dump) with Mount Garbage growing to the clouds has also been revamped. The place was a dump (sorry), but has now been organized with multiple stations to toss everything from yard waste to wood, metal and plastic. I’m not sure if it is a collaborative effort between Waste Management and Middleboro, but it is a huge improvement
A new school superintendent has been hired and Middleboro now has what amounts to a family oligarchy for that position.
The downtown of Middleboro is again rather bleak with two buildings at a prime location empty – at least on the observable ground floor. The bank building and Maria’s should be anchor stores for the downtown and now collect dust. Too bad.
What is a fascination of whacking a hanging flower pot? My assumption is these are probably youths in their late teens who had some type of life altering experience with a piñata at a birthday party. No doubt they failed and missed out on assorted trinkets, so anything hanging – with no ability to defend itself – is a likely target.
I really would like to move or at least have a winter residence other than Massachusetts. But one place is certainly not on my list – Kansas. Why did Dorothy ever want to return? I make a yearly trip to the area that is totally dependent upon the Red Sox schedule to play in Kansas City, Mo. and stay across the Mighty Mo” in Kansas.
The heat and humidity makes Florida seem artic. The thundershowers would put a monsoon in South East Asia to shame. The landscape is depressing. The big business is prisons as the Feds have several – as do prions for profit – in the Leavenworth area. I am sure the lifers look out and say: “Escape to that?”
The SCOTUS went 2 for 2 in my book with the reaffirmation of Obamacare and the decision on Gay marriage.

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