Sunday, September 28, 2014

Musings of madness

Burger King makes a business decision to move to Canada to gain favorable tax status. I have seen the information and the savings would be substantial. So the reaction of the Democrats is an attempt to place restrictions on moves like this – what is termed an inversion. What is contradictory is the fact this same party has no real issues regarding a virtual open door policy for illegal immigrants.
Reedy’s Archery building is now a vacant eyesore. A business has been denied the premises thanks to the archaic foolishness demonstrated by the Middleborough Historic Commission or is it hysteric? Seems that the use of the siding is repulsive to the collection of militant preservationist. So the building will join the multitude of eyesores that are what passes for downtown Middleboro. Maybe a wake-up call is needed to inform the commission that the downtown area is not exactly Deerfield or even East Brookfield.
The gas tax is on the ballot. That means little since the legislature does have a history of ignoring initiatives. The tax was originally passed in the dead of night – no surprise. Then comes the issue of where the money will go? Roads? Really? Ah….the trust that our elected representatives will do the right thing.
According to the nonpartisan Reasoning Foundation Organization the administrative cost per mile in Massachusetts is almost $79,000 while the national average is $10,500. Want to know where that money is going? Feed the machine! No surprise that our costs per mile for construction are three times greater per mile than the national average – only topped by New Jersey
When is the fabled “war on women” going to motivate Democrats to speak out on Sharia Law? Now that really is a well documented war.
The latest hulking wreck to be on the list of projects to avoid is the Oliver House. This could be used as a remake of the movie “Money Pit.” The land is attractive with a nice river access but the building? Does anyone remember the disaster in Bridgewater over a similar project? The only one not wearing rose colored glasses is Steve McKinnon. They land is worth it, but the house?
I listened to a talk my Martha Coakley a few months ago. In five minutes she mentioned Wall Street four times and Koch and Tea Party once each. Thanks for making Charlie Baker look reasonable.
I actually found that George Shultz, a former Sec. of State, supports the concept of Global Warming or climate change or whatever they attempt to stick on it. And all along I thought Republicans were reactionaries on science. Way to go, George!
Glen Marshall is probably more of an Indian than Elizabeth Warren.
Wonder if Steve Wynn will hire on Marshall?
As a trail runner the amount of trash one comes across can be staggering. Certain areas become a focal point for illegal dumping with power lines especially attractive. Then there is the bottles. Why not really put a charge into it? Make it fifty cents and especially on those “nips.”
Wood Street is now navigable thanks to recent paving. Nice job by the DPW.
Now then comes Precinct Street. Blame that all on the anti-casino forces since if the glorified gin mill was built it would be a pristine drive instead of a street that resembles being carpet bombed.
Back to trail running. The drought in this area has allowed access to trails that were not usable for close to thirty years. No longer submerged and in some instances not even muddy. Will show some dividends during hunting season.
Charlie Baker calls a reporter “sweetheart” and out comes the selective outrage. Turns out Obama did the same thing on two occasions, but selective memory and outrage steps in.

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