Thursday, August 14, 2014

How bad is it when I agree with Bumpkin?

How bad is it when I agree with Bumpkin?
Bumpkin nailed it on the police station issue. You want it? Dump the Quinn Bill. Or keep the Quinn Bill and rely on flaggers.
You go anywhere else in the United States and cops are stunned with the largesse that is tossed their way in Massachusetts. You will get paid details, but for road work? Looking in a hole? Gabbing on your cell phone? Last I looked the state was using flaggers. At least they said they were. Try and find one.
IMHO town workers that were not associated with the fire or police department went negative on a new cop shop. Think a clerk gets a 25% boost for attending and passing the rigor presented at Anna Maria College – a noted cop shop gimmie mill.
And how bad is it when I have to agree with Jim Thomas?
Thomas nailed it on the editorial in the Gazette recently supporting our current archaic town meeting system.
Mischief is afoot in downtown Middleboro with the destruction of hanging plants. I guess having a downtown police station really is not a deterrent to crime? Goodbye to Charlie and six excellent years of leadership.
The search for a new police chief is all in-house. That certainly culls the herd of potential candidates.
The flow of children to Massachusetts has opened up the heart of Deval Patrick who has found housing for them. How about housing for our children and their parents living in motels? Or for those described in a recent tent city article in the Enterprise? Yeah, Deval, “It’s for the children!”
Finally, at least on the surface, Patrick has relented. What goes on under the sheets is another story.
According to this Thomas Jefferson character “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Wonder if the executive and legislative branches are aware of that statement? Why has it become so chic for the left to support Palestinians? Strange group.
The Beacon Hill Civic Association is an example of the preservationist Nazi’s at their finest. The association is fighting the implementation of handicap accessible sidewalks since it would destroy “The character of the neighborhood.”
How is that casino coming along?

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