Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pitchers And Catchers Report

Those great words: Pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
William Delahunt, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, is now the pot king of Massachusetts. Out of the tenty medical marijuana licenses handed out Delahunt managed to get three or 15%. Not a bad haul. Wonder if political connections had anything to do with it? Naw….not here in Massachusetts.
I recently returned from a trip in which I had the opportunity to talk with several folks from other nations. Really a globe trotting experience. Many were interested in our politics but were cautious about discussing the subject, but I was also curious - especially in regards to the current White House occupant.
There is an incredible about of negativity in regards to his performance. The perception is Obama is well over his head in dealing with his peers in other countries. Most folks have followed the same trajectory in regards to Obama and that is down. The hope and change mantra was actually universal and seems to have really dissipated among our friends (and enemies) overseas and on our borders.
I recently spend some time on a tour of the Little White House, used extensively but not exclusively by Harry Truman. Now when I view Truman there is an ingrained personal prejudice since I consider him one of our top of the line residents of the Oval Office. So we I see his desk with a “Buck stops here” name plate I realize that the current president is in the low minors and HST is a major league super star.
You steal $30,000 and get 50 hours of community service? No restitution? The logic is it is “Difficult to pay under his circumstances.” How about a part time job? So that figures out to $600 an hour pay? Just what gives? From what I could glean from the articles on this situation the money was not exactly spent on articles of need. Nice message, Judge Carpenter. And a great job by his attorney.
There is a proposal to give driver licenses to illegal’s. Yes, just when you expected Massachusetts not to get any more screwy this comes up.
Middleboro will now be a tourism Mecca. I am planning on a tour of closed store fronts, nail salons, abandoned housing and my favorite pothole infested streets.
Scarlett Johansson is certainly easy on the eyes and this young woman has a pair that many males need to adopt. Ms. Johansson is spokesperson for Sodasteam, a company that manufactures at home soda makers. The company actually converted a munitions factory to a production facility, is environmentally sound and green to boot. So what is the issue? Why has Ms. J. been hung out to dry? Well, the company is Israeli. And, of course, to many of the beautiful people that means anti Palestinian. Ms. J. told the whiners to “stuff it.” You go, girl!
Mohegan Sun, a rather expansive gin mill, is feeling the heat for putting lien’s on the homes of those who owe a rather substantial gambling tab. Why did they extend such credit and why did the fools use it? Debts are collectable.
Massachusetts DCF continues to put clients at risk and do a side step, along with the governor, to be as evasive as possible regarding accountability. The head mistress of the agency, one Olga Roche, has been in fine avoidance mode.
A very nice rent is the $1,200 being offered for a ten year lease on the now deserted Eastern Bank in picturesque downtown Middleboro. This is a great bargain for the renter and will probably be negotiated downward in number of years. The goal, of course, is to add a potential business, besides a nail salon, to the downtown. Everything possible should be done to reach an accommodation with the tenant. The risk of a new business venture is well documented as most just fail.
I will watch the Olympics very selectively. With some events, such as the Biathlon, I imagine there are probably only twenty people on the planet that do it. The bobsled is something I will eventually try at Lake Placid.

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