Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Continues

Massachusetts now need a state climatologist. That’s right! No checking the Weather Channel or the myriad of weather forecasters that appear endlessly during the day on our local news outlets. Nope. Our governor wants our very own climatologist. Forget more funding for a totally mis-managed Department of Children or Families. This is, no doubt, urgent - probably as urgent as nine million bucks to renovate his corner office digs.
Now the administrative logic behind this assignment is global warming or its new euphuism - climate change. The idea is that the state climatologist will somehow “help” on this situation. My guess is Patrick has never heard of NASA and NOAA, which are fairly sharp on that issue.
But, since I am retired, a few extra bucks will help. Here it is, Governor. When a bad storm hits with get beach erosion and flooding. OK….that’ll be $100,000, thank you.
The rotary backup reached new, at least from my previous observations, lengths. Is bigger really better? The line last week at about mid morning went from the famed cross right on down to the rotary. Thankfully I was exiting Burger King and avoided the nightmare.
Now the rotary mess is suppose to be eliminated (ha, ha) with an exotic design that the state has finally decided to fund. My feeling is this with be the Big Dig of Middleboro.
And while discussing Burger King they have a few holes in their menu. Holes are usually a term used to described pricing inconsistencies. This one was obvious. Three French Toast sticks for $1 and five for $2.49. McDonald’s has a few pricing holes of their own. Always good to examine unit pricing at super markets since the occasional large is sometimes more expensive than the small.
The street I live on was plowed several times during the last storm. The street was kept passable until the storm dissipated and then came a few “runs” by the plows and it was clear and wide. Nice job. Not only that, my Christmas tree was picked up. That trash tax of $208 does have some upside.
I have to grudging admire the Patriots. Much adversity and managing to make it to the division finals where I will half-halfheartedly lend my emotional support. Three of the coaches involved in then current NFL dust-up, Belichick, Carroll and Harbaugh and, for me, truly difficult folks to like.
I hate to see a business close but there are exceptions. I am very familiar with Isis. That is a chain of stores that target upscale first time mothers with products and services. I looked up the term Isis and it is the Egyptian Goddess of overpriced products.
Isis also practiced the same policy far too many defunct businesses employ and that is to collect money right up to the day they close their doors. The seedy characters who operate like this need serious jail time and not bankruptcy protection.
The latest debate surrounding trash is the new and improved containers that Middleboro may soon have. I have seen the automation in action for years and it is very efficient. But when a member of the BOS points out aesthetics I get a chuckle. Yes….I often confuse Middleboro with Dover and Manchester By The Sea.
Your tax dollars hard at work will now fund a sex change operation for a convicted murderer.

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