Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Special

A pharmaceutical company needs to develop a type of Prozac to be used for those with excessive consumption and greed.

The Patriot Act had good intent but needs to just go away.

Too many Alpha males in politics and business have a sense of entitlement when it comes to females. Herman Cain is just the latest and one of the crudest to exemplify this.

Thirty-five years ago if you mentioned flat tax I’d think you were nuts. Now I’d consider you a visionary.

I saw Obama give a speech at the Pan-Asian conference. He is now our Lecturer In Chief.

Why are the Israeli’s waiting so long to whack Iran?

Should Lakeville now use the moniker “Home of the cheap bastards.” Their median income is approaching 100K yet the do things on the cheap and attempt to sponge off of Middleboro.

The TSA continues to mystify me. I see many great agents but I see way too many dolts with not an ounce of common sense or customer service skills.

Occupy Wall Street attracted too many kooks especially from the far left. Despite good intent that is killing it.

Those supermarket prices continue to spike.

Shotgun season is about to begin as the hunt for Bambi will go full steam. As a trail runner I will admire the post apocalyptic deer kill by counting the number of empty beer cans and pints under the deer stands. Do the Environmental Police ever give these folks random breathalyzer tests.

The Brockton Water Department may be the single most dysfunctional department in the entire state.

I have been inundated by an array of calls for loans and credit cards. Made sure my no call status was updated.

Watchdog agencies like the EPA are now more pit bull agencies using their interpretation of the law for an out right money grab in excessive fines.

Sign of the apocalypse. The United States has 300M people and 70% of the worlds lawyers.

Biggest offenders in insider trading? Our Congress! And they are exempt from same punishment anyone else would receive. Until Congress is forced to live under the same rules as the rest of this they will remain an elected criminal organization.

Fitch Group issued a warning on 11/16 that U.S. banks were at risk over fiscal issues in Europe. WTF! Just about everyone already knew this year the stock market dropped almost two hundred points in less than an hour. The idea with the market is to get on the right side of the “con.”

Massachusetts casinos were “inevitable.” Don’t count out Middleboro.

Should Black Friday sales be halted as a public safety issue?

Rising from tha ashes is Crazy Days or is it Krazy Daze? Just in time to add to my tee shirt collection.

Green School is coming along and done without CPA money.

Lawyer rant # 23,768. The BOS cannot ride on the MHA fire truck for the Xmas parade since it is a liability issue. Insurance company will make no changes to policy to cover it for a day. Industry standard and done on advice of their legal department.

The state raising the retirement age from 55 to 60? Amazing! Many in the “Dreaded Private Sector” face working well into their 70s.

With gaming comes a whole bevy of lucrative new government jobs to manage the pack of semi thieves operating casinos. I can just imagine what will happen in the next five to ten years.


Suo Mynona said...

Maybe Lakeville can drive their truck in the parade

bogofree said...

Can Bills Towing handle that thing?

sm867 said...

So let me see. The BOS is considered the "CEOs" of the town, hence they (kind of) own (or are responsible) for all town equipment. The Fire Truck is a piece of town equipment. But the CEO's can not ride their own piece of equipment because an insurance company said they wouldn't cover the liability? Sounds like a SNAFU!
Can I get a great big FU to all the insurance companies and their associated attorneys?

Suo Mynona said...

The scam between lawyers, insurance companies and the federal government is just wrong.

It is pure business for them.

Someone (Joe) has a legit or falsified claim upon (say) the town. It is not a tragic accident.

Joe hires a lawyer (Jane) who (advertises at noon and midnight) to get compensation from the town's insurance (say AGI). AGI hires a lawyer, Frank, to defend AGI (as opposed to the town).

Frank and Jane usually know each other

Jane, Frank, and AGI then decide how much Joe will get. Joe really has little choice. The insured is left out of the loop unless they fight to stay informed.

Tort reform is needed, but the insurance and lawyer lobbies are too powerful.

bogofree said...

From our insurer.

"This policy provides no bodily injury coverage or medical payments to passengers unless they are transported within a vehicle in a portion of the vehicle designed by the manufacturer as for the transport of passengers."

So essentially what the Historical Association has done in the past is unacceptable. Last year two members of the BOS planted themselves on the open space between the rear of the engine and the passenger/driver compartment. One (Steve Spataro) hung on the back with me and helped distribute candy. Not allowed! I contacted the insurer J.C. Taylor who said there can be no exceptions and no way a clause can be inserted for a day. All about potential liability.

IMO too many lawyers have created an environment of frivolous law suits. In addition so many have weaseled their way into the lawyers of government and they write and interpret all the mountains of "laws" that not control our very existence. The Billy Flynn's gone wild. Just look at the red tape they create.

Now with the town I have no idea about liability with Santa on the truck.

Family Guy said...

Payoff a few grand is easier and cheaper than actually fighting something even when you are in the right.

Class actions suits result in huge settlements and fees but it just encourages flocks of lawyers to pursue the same. I have actually been solicited for these.

A law degree use to be a sign of respect. I am long past that.

Family Guy said...

I won't even get into the slime of slime - divorce lawyers.

anonymous said...

Crazy Days

Bring back the beer garden.

End the useless junk that proliferates the event.

Have a farmers market.

Have some street entertainment.

Plenty of kid friendly things to do.

Special sales at our few remaining downtown stores.

Have some food tasting.

Bring in some stores not in downtown.