Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back Home Again Post

David Madden step right down and say hello to Charlie Lincoln. Madden is the former mayor and fire chief of Weymouth who managed to appoint himself back as fire chief before he left office with the end result being a boost in his pension of $30,000. Everyone in Weymouth signed off on it. Quirk in the law “enabled” this legal and morally reprehensible move.

Good economic news will be when I go to the store and see country of origin as USA.

Maybe it was Al Gore who “invented” Occupy Wall Street and Elizabeth Warren who “invented” the internet?

The more I read about Joe Biden the more I realize the VP is just an overbearing jackass. Wonder if he can spell potato?

A fantastic World Series for those that bothered watching.

Why doesn’t Medicare cover dental?

While waiting for Beavis and Butthead to come on I managed to get about a ten minute view of “Jersey Shore.” The term “retroactive abortion” comes to mind.

In Massachusetts charter schools have out performed publics even with similar composite student bodies. Nasty little secret is how many teachers send their kids to private schools. They know something.

I really don’t care for Zombie movies but Walking Dead (TV) and 28 Days Later are the exceptions.

worth of olives disguised as a bagel?

The little brats come to the door on Halloween with attempts to plunder my candy stash. Naturally they have “threats” such as a trick if one does not fork over a treat. The little plunderers act just like politicians in training.

Rails-To-Trails just offered me a free 2012 calendar with a donation of $20 or more. How is it free?

Nordstrom’s Department Store has a great policy - no Xmas decorations until Thanksgiving.

Maybe stores will discontinue that stupidity know as special Black Friday early AM sales.

No way I’d own a Mini Cooper.

Whenever my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - claims I (and other males) am an embarrassment I just point out The View or The Running Of The Brides at Filene’s Basement.

Why does the government fund PBS when it seems half the programs are from England? Maybe the Brits should fund it?

The BOS in Upton managed to make national fools of themselves over a Rosary Vigil. Somehow they had their own convoluted interpretation of separation of church and state and were “educated” by two civil liberty lawyers.

Check out the CPA website. Link on left sidebar under local favs.

Alice Elwell had a great article on dump scavenging. Middleboro (no surprise) does not allow dump picking. Probably a manpower shortage.

Khazei got kicked to the curb by the Democrats so that liberal poster gal Lizzie Warren can have a clear and open shot at Brown. Khazei is impressive but when the party upper crust speaks he bows out.

Hannafords has appeared to shut down self check out. Does this mean no more $10


Suo Mynona said...

I have had the opportunity to put many miles on a relative's who has a Mini Cooper as a toy. It is not a car for everyone, but it is roomy and has great ergonomics for people that are under 5' 9". It is very responsive, grips the road, and is basically a BMW w/o the roundel. Over 35 mpg on the highway is a plus. While far from a car for everyone, it has many merits.

bogofree said...

I also drove one and considered it the English Yugo only a bit more stylish.

When I look at it my mind sees "clown car" and I expect to see 15 clowns climbing out.

That kind of money I'd get a Pontiac - oops, no longer made. OK - a Monte Carlo - oops, no longer made.

LMAO said...

I drove a Mini a few years back and loved it. Smooth to handle but the huge draw back is the room. Mini is the correct title. If it was $5,000 cheaper I'd take it over a VW Beetle.

Suo Mynona said...

I am not a car guy. I have no idea how much they cost. They were very cool in "The Itallian Job". I can't imagine a movie using a bunch of late model Pontiacs.

One thing is for sure, they have broken into the market place with a vehicle that is does not look like a Camry, Accord, Taurus, Ellantra, Sonata or any of their cloned juniors. Mini marketers know their demographics

Family Guy said...

Bozo drives around in a Corvette. You need a fork lift to get out of that thing since it is like lying down on a rocket sled. Talk about cramped.

Seems some of the movies like to use modified Honda's for scenes as they also do with Mini's. Looks cool.