Monday, May 30, 2011

Misc. Stuff

I really enjoy the Science Fiction channel but their programming manager needs a huge dope slap. Why? The other night they had on a made for TV disaster movie about two monster storms converging on Chicago with a series of E-6 tornadoes devastating the city. Prior to this focal point of the movie was a series of similar tornadoes devastating the Midwest. This movie was presented a few days after Joplin. As the movie was playing 15 more were killed in the Midwest in the exact area where one of the TV monster storms had a path of destruction. I guess the programmers didn’t get their prescription for sensitivity pills refilled.

Gale Sayres was a marvelous professional football player. The “Kansas Comet” was flat out the most evasive running back I have ever seen until Deval Patrick started to swerve over the whole Sal DiMasi mess. The governor seems to be telling just enough in hope of keeping the hounds at bay.

Once again Barney Frank has showed there are two sets of rules - his and those for everyone else. His justification for putting the push on to get a former lover a gig in Washington is the old “Everyone does it.” This shameless hack would be skewered if he was a white heterosexual Republican.

I am mystified by the amount of attention given reality “stars” and the money that is tossed towards them for making fools of themselves. Heck….I do that on my blog and get nada.

How long will it take of old behaviors to surface at the MG&E? I have no illusions that all will be transparent, pristine and proper now that a public caning has taken place. They will eventually push the threshold a bit to see if a migration back to business as usual will take place. I’d be vigilant regarding contract negations, travel adventures and cost comparisons to other publics.

The Middleborough Historical Association will have one of their premier gatherings at the Fireside on June 7th at 6PM. This encompasses a short business meeting to be followed by a dinner and a guest speaker William Martin. The dinner is $28 per person and you do not have to be a member to attend. If you wish trot through the portal around 7:45 to catch Mr. Martin please do so. All are invited as you don’t have to be a MHA member to attend.

The Red Sox may have many of us paying a visit to the Crow Mart for a large helping of bird. Several early season failures have come out of their stupor to suddenly make the early season 2-10 start a very bad memory.

Borders bookstore is just about to become toast. Borders and its evil twin Barnes & Nobles have all the charm of roaming down the aisles at a big box store which is exactly what they are. Some have tossed in a coffee/desert bar in an attempt to give the feel of those quaint bookstores that have still managed to survive in a selective niche. Like I really want a desert directly from SYSCO?

The real reality is that electronics will virtually kill off most bookstores and newspapers. I have even joined the Kindle revolution and will say it is not on par with a real book but close enough not to make it a deal breaker.

President WOW (Walk On Water) has suggested that Israel return to 1967 borders. I’m sure he would also be willing to have the United States return to 1848 borders. Israel will not compromise it’s security especially knowing that a fickle U.S. could potentially turn neutral if the oil faucet is turned off.

Jerry Stiller and the Capital One commercials are enough to make me stuff money under the mattress.

With the warm weather comes the bugs and the weeds of which I hate both.


sm867 said...

Oh great one, If we give back Hawaii, can we also give back WOW?

bogofree said...

LOL! I'm sure he has a birth certificate from Hawaii - maybe one for every state? Nuuk Greenland is a possibility.