Thursday, December 16, 2010


SYSCO ends up in Plympton and it appears the deal maker was the quick permitting available. In Middleboro there was considerable behind the scenes activity to get the deal done but, alas, it was a great effort but no prize. My assumption is that SYSCO will use Spring Street on Rt. 44 as their access point for Rt 3 and I-495 . Middleboro rotary may get some heavy duty truck action in the mornings. Maybe the land that was designated for a potential Middleboro site could be used for a casino?

What is it with Rt. 24? This is now the Highway To Hell to quote one of my favorite bands. I use to work in Boston, Quincy and Braintree and have taken that road thousands of times and cannot recall - even at my advanced age - the number of accidents that seem to snarl traffic. Back when I had a daily commute Rt. 24 was generally clear sailing until you got to Rt. 128 or whatever it is known as. There is nothing particularly unusual about the configuration of the road like there is with say - I-95 in the Pawtucket area - yet it has become almost a daily occurrence to have wreck somewhere. My daughter now travels Rt. 24 every morning and has become an avid listener of traffic reports - something she had never done in the past.

I’m all for an extension of the tax cuts and really am getting a bit tired of the “soak the rich” mantra. There are certainly people of wealth who didn’t exactly extend themselves to any great sense to get the dough - maybe a thanks, Dad? But I know folks who exceed that magical 250K figure that moonbats seem to toss around and they are folks that are driven by long work days, incredible responsibility for decision making and really not living a flamboyant and excessive life style. The super rich - top 1% - have 23% of the income yet pay 40% of the income taxes according to The Herald. Class warfare sells.

The national debt keeps piling on and IMO the one key to the whole mess is a surging economy. If unemployment manages to get cut in half you will see revenues start to erode those many trillions especially when accompanied with some degree of fiscal restraint.

In baseball a good trade is one that helps both teams and the same applies to politics and the recent negotiations/compromise between Obama and the Republicans clearly showed that.

On baseball the famed Baggie Dome in Minnesota had a snow induced collapse. This was IMO the worse baseball park ever created. Thankfully the Twins have a new field and the Vikings may soon also have one.

As Christmas approaches the phone calls amp up on the begging line to which I usually respond: “I do not accept solicitations over the phone.” I really dislike the call centers that some quite legitimate charities use since it does siphon off a considerable amount of potential income.

I do believe LaBelle Chevrolet of Bridgewater is now another victim of the economy. Last time I drove by a few cars were in the lot and the sign was down and there was a sign that signaled a possible used car - pardon me - Pre-Owned car lot.

A high school track star was shot in the leg over the weekend in Mattapoisett as he and his fellow runners made the tragic mistake of running in a restricted area to hunters during hunting season. Earlier in the week a dog was plugged in another town as it is quite easy to confuse a pooch with a freaking deer. As a trail runner restricted means absolutely zero to way too many hunters in the quest for Bambi. I have been to areas over the years that are restricted and well posted only to find the beer swilling and rifle toting crowd out for the kill - deer, cow, horse, dog or human - just plug something. I have talked to many hunters who say it is amazing the changes that have taken place over the last forty years as many keep the woods clean of their rubbish but seem more inclined to sample some recreational drugs and more traditional alcoholic beverages prior to and during the hunt. Things are rough when even some hunters shy away from it.

I have a Facebook page that I hardly use but I did receive a message from Facebook about the possibility of my account being compromised so on I go. I change my password but could not sign on. When I go through the hoops they set out I need a code they have emailed me. Naturally I never received a code and therefore cannot get on and just delete this worthless piece of garbage. OK…just contact them but the trouble is you can’t. No way! Phone is useless. So I sent out about fifty duplicate emails to various parts of the company hoping someone will respond. After three days nothing. Useless


Family Guy said...

In today's Herald is an article legal practice of Clawback. I had never heard of it. This has to do with filing a suit against those who made a profit from the Madoff scam. Some invested money and took it out for one reason or another and now are being sued even though they had no knowledge of a scam being run. The idea was since all the investments had zero value if you received anything back in access of your original amount you profited and the money should be returned. Some have already done that but others have refused. I find it astounding that something like this would even be allowed.

Anonymous said...

I used to drive to Quincy every morning to work and would use Rte. 18 all the way. Rte. 24 is too straight and you have to maintain a speed of 75 mph just to be safe.

bogofree said...

My wife use to work in Weymouth and would take 18 in the morning and 24 on the way home. When she subs she does the same or sometimes Rt 3 to Rt. 44.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

30 years ago I listed Route 24 as a "dislike" in our H.S. yearbook.

Another crappy aspect of Route 24 is it's highly convex shape which makes the passing lane very treacherous in the winter.

bogofree said...

Just got word the 1166th will be arriving at the armory in Framingham on 12/24. Right now they are all at Ft. Dix getting ready to head home after the army makes sure they are sane.

I have always found I-95 from Pawtucket to Providence to be the worse with those S curves. Locally the worse to me is going up the hill on Rt. 28 towards the high school when the sun is in your eyes.

anonymous said...

That freaking rotary. I know heading in from Bridgewater it can be a nightmare at the 4PM to 6PM time. Ditto on the Route 44 heading in from Raynham but what is strange is heading down Route 28. Some mornings it'll take me 15 minutes to go from Stop % Shop through the rotary. Next morning at the same time I cruise right through. I thought they were going to make some marking changes?

bogofree said...

That rotary is just weird regarding traffic flow.

Nice going, Giants. 21 points in 7 minutes to lose.