Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finishing Off The Year

I read a recent comment about Senator Scott Brown that he is “Not a puppet.” This became readily visible in his vote in favor of repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and START. Can you imagine Kerry or Kennedy going against the grain in one week on two significant issues? Many of the anti Tea Party and just “hate Republican” crowd no doubt will remain silent on how dead wrong they were on Brown. No doubt they will support whatever lock step ultra liberal they can drag out in 2012 to run against Brown so they can get back to the position of mindless orthodoxy. Brown has done a remarkable job of voting for the legislation and not for the symbol of “R” or “D.”

The new year means a new diet for many folks. January usually sees an upsurge in “Y” attendance as all those resolutions are made to get the fat off. I see shows on TV constantly plugging one product or book after another to make everyone slim and attractive like Bogo. The real truth is rather simple. If you wish to lose weight just eat less and exercise more. The weight comes off. Now as far as the eat less that does not mean one coffee roll rather than two but simply eating a more balanced regimen. A key component in any weight loss is exercise and exercise can be just plain old walking especially trails once the hunt for Bambi ends and CPA spends a few hundred large to have a trail system locally. But, seriously, there are some great trail systems locally so just use them.

My son just returned from a stay in Kuwait. His missions were simple - drive into various places in Iraq and extract equipment. The missions usually lasted between twelve and twenty days and the trucks he drove - HET’s (Heavy Equipment Transports) offered wonderful target opportunities. The trucks had amour and all sorts of counter measures but still they’d get hit or close to it. Needless to say several members of the transportation group came home early due to extreme stress and many of those were on their third deployment. On 12/24 the entire group arrived back in Massachusetts and they know their next stop will be in Afghanistan in two years.

One of the more compelling stories my son told was the first time he saw a group of children and tossed candy out the window. They ran thinking it was explosives. Then they returned to collect the goodies. As the missions continued kids began to get some upgrades as we sent over packages of Hot Wheels to distribute.

The Care packages sent to troops are so important. You can donate just the postage for a package which is about $12 and I do believe Oak Point has a Vet’s group that does just that or look up Cape Cod Cares. Just include letters and local papers even if they have no relevance to who may get them. It is not unusual to get a note from a kid in Iowa who is in Iraq or Afghanistan who has a Gazette or Herald or Globe or Enterprise and relays how important it was just to read a simple newspaper and look at articles that we routinely bypass and even advertisements.

Give President Obama a break. He’s trying to enjoy a family vacation and all you get is the shutter bug paparazzi attempting to get a photo op. This applies to celebrities from the “A” list to the “D” list. Why is it important to look at a photo of Jack Nickelson coming out of a restaurant or some reality “star” getting into a car? Who is really fascinated by this stuff? Is this something for 20 somethings? I just don’t get it. Many a time I have seen celebrities in a public place and the last thing I would be is intrusive and try to get a picture taken or an autograph. I remember on a Red $ox road trip we had dinner at a hotel the team was staying at and one of the players was - Lou Merloni - was signing autographs in the lobby so I went over just to observe the madness and he asked if I wanted his autograph. Instead I gave him MY autograph and said if he wanted a picture with me he better have a camera. Fortunately he had one and I’m sure Lou has in hanging in his den.

The famous also get special treatment such as go to the head of the line or a comp. Recently Shaq was at Nashoba Ski area and refused a comp for himself and his children and SO.

That brings up another wonderful Bogo story. In the early 1970s we flew into Hyannis Airport and went to the upscale restaurant on the premises - the Neptune Lounge and they required a suit jacket and tie, Being the GQ person I am I had neither but they supplied me with an awful facsimile. After ordering in came a large party and none of the gentlemen had a suit jacket or tie. I asked why and the response was “That’s Ted Kennedy!” So I repeated and got the same response. I left. I imagine the check is still being held for me. By the way the Senator was highly intoxicated, loud and just plain obnoxious and I know all about obnoxious.

Football time. I am a fan of the NY Football Giants (via NJ) and they have put on the most pathetic display imaginable the last five quarters. Then you have the local entry that has managed to perform beyond expectations. IMO the real star surprise for the Patriots is Green-Ellis. Kid is like Jim Nance for you old time Pats fans.

Huge Hefner is getting married again. The 84 year old Hef is engaged to a 23 year old who professes her love to Hugh.

The start of the new decade is upon us as that takes place on 1/1/2011. The same applies to the millennia which began on 1/1/2001 and not on 1/1/2000.

I am still mystified by the recent statement that about 50 Xmas trees met their fate at the chipper last Xmas season so therefore why bother. I imagine this is some rather telling math deficiencies on the part of the DPW. On our street along there were about ten and we have only 35 houses on the street.

More on the DPW is that the recycle pickup will not take place for those of us scheduled for Tuesday. We’ll have to wait two more weeks in a shinning example of more quality service for the $208 trash tax. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - called up the DPW so that is how I know. She called again to whine - I mean, to complain - and was told the DPW supervisor would get back to her. Still waiting. Probably happened sometime this century.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts rendered a decision that has resulted in a mandate for all of us to clear our sidewalks and even our steps or face the consequences of legal action either via local fines or from slips and falls. The recent snow storm provided a windfall or snowfall for The Boston Herald that took photos and attempted to interview justices that didn’t follow their own ruling. Naturally they could not be reached for comment. With government officials they are them and there are us and both have different sets of rules.


North Slope Rigger said...

Here in Quincy the streets are a mess and flooding is a real problem. Let's blame it on Mayor Koch just as we blamed it on Mayor Sheets. Looks like you people get minimal bang for your trash buck.

Wheeler and Jenks, Bogo, so the bullpen is getting better.

bogofree said...

The Sox got younger. a bit more steady hitting and rebuilt the bullpen. Reasonable health and it'll be 105 wins.

Wally Glendye said...

Love the Sox and Pat's getting young while still being very competitive.

What part of Quincy are you from N.S.R? I grew up in the Merrymount section and lived there for 32 years.
I still have bumper stickers from working on Jim Sheet's campaign.

Wally Glendye said...

Give thanks to you son Bogo!

I send a care package overseas every year and it doesn't matter how much it weighs.

This is what I fit into the box every year: Baby Wipes, Dice,
Q-Tips, Disposable Razors, Chap Stick, Dental Floss, Toothbrushes, Foot Powder, Movie DVDs, Music CDs, Beef Jerky, Canned Nuts, Packets of Coffee, Candy, Hard Candy, Gum, Breath Mints, Pens, Paper, Books, Phone Cards, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Canned Fruit, Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Drawing Pads, Writing Tablets, Magazines & Decks of Cards.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

First hand stories about our troops are always wonderful. Thanks to Josh.


Tough cookies for celebrities pestered by paparazzi. Celebs are paid by the public. Paparazzi and "Enquiring minds that want to know" are a condition of their job.

People who work in fish factories wear uncomfortable safety equipment and come home smelling like cat food. If they do like those conditions of employment they can (hopefully) work elsewhere.

Feel no sympathy for celebrities garnering $10 million per movie (paid by interested factory workers earning $15/hr) that are annoyed by paparazzi. Those whiny celebs can quit the movie business and anonymously fillet codfish in New Bedford.

Who am I to scorn a working Joe that wants to be close to a celebrity for a fleeting moment? It may be a highlight of their life.

Under no circumstances should The President of the United States expect any anonymity. At least presidents have permanent bodyguards paid by the taxes of America’s dwindling factory workers.


ON OJ Simpson:

True story: My close friend and his wife were at a restaurant on the Cape. The ever obnoxious OJ showed up with his entourage. My friend's wife handed her husband a steak knife and asked him to have OJ autograph the wooden handle.

North Slope Rigger said...

Been living in North Quincy at a condo for several years. Grew up in Dorchester. I know Bogo worked in both N. Quincy and Dorchester from conversations on another site where we have baseball chat. Told me about the post, Wally, as I usually don't check this site but once a week or so.

Red Sox have scored big in the off season and the Pats will (sorry, Bogo) get to the SB.

That OJ story is great.

Where I am in living you have several celebrities living but they are the low end type from TV news and bench players on local teams. Only thing I care about is their perceived fame may make a selling price of my unit more attractive to the stars in their eyes crowd. Ones I see seem to crave the attention and actually seem hurt that you don't intrude as the whole thing is part of the package of fame. A real trade off.

anonymous said...

Hey, Bozo, have you asked for BB's autograph yet?

I send those packages out all the time and a real big hit is Slim Jim's.

You get little in Middleboro for trash pickup. Probably better to use a dumpster at work and save some money.

anonymous said...

Justice finally won out on OJ.

I use to try and collect autographs at Fenway by waiting at the players parking lot. Some would sign and some would tell you to F off and I'm serious. Dwight Evans was great. Rice was not.

bogofree said...

Never been an autograph collector but may change that as I ask BB to autograph one of his columns. That little piece of memorabilia will certainly end up on that antiques show. I'll have him use a turkey feather quill pen to sign it.

Family Guy said...

Quincy is an interesting city and I understand they got the go ahead of a major development in the downtown area. I've had a few relatives that worked at the old Fore River Shipyard during WWII.

Middleboro trash collection is minimal for what you pay for. Now this year there is no tree collection and that just reflects another way of adjusting the budget or maybe just disdain for the taxpayer?

Patriots look very good and are up 17-0. Just hope Brady stays in one piece for the playoffs.

bogofree said...

I had a email regarding Limo and he is doing well. Limo reads this blog so that makes me question his sanity but he is no longer up front active in the casino wars. I certainly enjoyed my exchanges with Limo on the old CFO site and his own site.

bogofree said...

Make ends meet Al? Hey, Al, I pay $208 and get crap for service. Cost effective? How about service effective? Steve is spot on with this issue.

bogofree said...

OK...I dropped the freaking tree off at the BOS meeting. Enjoy!

Suo Mynona said...

Lots of trees still on the roadside

Wally Glendye said...


I was born in Dorchester and moved to Quincy when I was 7. I worked for 20 years at a fortune 500 Company in North Quincy until they laid several thousand of us off. (You can probably guess where I worked)I still go to the Eire Pub for the best pastrami Sandwich in the World. In fact, I was there last week.

Plenty of celebs out at Marina Bay if that's your thing but you'll find more at the Eire. Many of the sports from the Globe & Herald stop in. I'ved a hot with Eddie Andleman and Mike Barnicle (Ended up on TV) Had beers with Referee Paul Stewart and chewed the fat with John Dennis. Everyone is treated the same no matter what your background is.

bogofree said...

Wally...was that BG?

Wally Glendye said...

Yes it was the BG Sports Writers. Some of my words did not show up after I posted. Another one is
Hot Dog with E.A.


bogofree said...

I use to work in downtown Boston in the mid 60s when "Newspaper Row" still existed. Use to work nights and many writers would show up at the pub where I had supper and they usual had a more liquid refreshment. One writer that I got to know was Larry Claflin. One night we went over to White Tower Hamburgers for cheap and crappy food. We are sitting at a counter and this kid comes up and hands us a business card. Says he is Deaf & Dumb - a common term in those days for a mute - and "asks" for any money we can spare. Larry kicks him in the leg real hard and the kid shouts "Why did you do that you F'in A-hole?" Larry laughs and hands the kid a fin - that was big money in those days.

bogofree said...

Oh....didn't mean The Globe but Boston Gear. Is that where you worked?

LMAO said...

LMBAO! The great Xmas tree caper! This BOS is unresponsive to the understanding of the need to provide basic services for which we all pay and pay handsomely.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Telecommunications for the State Street Corp Bogo. The State Street Complex in North Quincy has about 3,500 employees and about 20,000 overall. Boston Gear is much smaller and I don't think it's a Fortune 500 Company.

bogofree said...

Boston Gear was at one time the second largest employer in Quincy. I worked at Howard Johnson's Company in the same area.

Wally Glendye said...

I remember Howard Johnson's in Wollaston which is now Condos and they also had a Restaurant on Rte. 128.

bogofree said...

Had the corporate offices in Wollaston and then they moved into the South Shore Plaza area as we had financial/computer offices in the basement of the plaza and another building on Forbes Road. Then they moved over to N. Quincy and the office park.

When they sold out to Imperial Tobacco that was the beginning of the end.