Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day

The ever present email trail has shown Goldman was playing against the market as their traders were bragging about their collective efforts. What was the SEC doing? Looking at porn.

The Ponzi scheme that is called social security is now faced with a negative income situation and those IOU’s issued to the fund must be paid upon. More debt to an economy that will be staggered by the short and long term consequences of the federal government using a credit card approach to the budget.

Scott Burns had an interesting point about the economic recovery in a column on Sunday. This recovery is shaping up as V shaped meaning unemployment will remain high.

Here in casino land the BOS is asking or is that pleading for the Tribe to have an open discussion. IMO the Tribe would be nuts to have an open forum unless in was run similar to the way the school department handled the override meeting - submit questions. I’m sure the goal of the Tribe is to slither away from a commitment that has come back to bite them. Has anyone taken a picture of “The Raven” in his orange jump suit picking up highway trash?

Physicist Stephen Hawking has warned about contact with extra terrestrial life as it may post a significant danger. I’m more concerned about the terrestrial life.

The Massachusetts House tried to sneak through the possibility of legislation to circumvent prop 2 and ½. When tax payer groups and certain legislators got wind of this slinky maneuver it quickly fell apart. Governor Patrick and Senate Chair Murray said they would have rejected it. Sure they would.

The gimmie bill know as Quinn has become somewhat of a political issue. This excessive payout to the multitudes “graduating” from Anna Maria College has certainly risen to the surface in cash strapped communities. Bad enough with paid details.

WOW wants bipartisan support on issues dealing with the debt. I’d encourage the party of no to look the other way. WOW - AKA - Commander and Thief - was exhibit #1 to get us in this mess.

The Massachusetts House recently killed legislation that would remove illegals from the welfare rolls. I am just amazed at the extent of benefits that are handed out to many who make a living off of those who make a living.

The do as I say not as I do crowd is in full sue mode after the approval of Cape Wind.

Thanks, Ed, for your CPA efforts to tax those who pay taxes while you live where you can avoid it.


anonymous said...

The illegals continue to get the bennies that they don't deserve. The whole term illegal says it all. Break the law and get rewarded? The legislature in this state is just screwy as it is on the national level.

My hat is off to the powers that be in Arizona for doing such a drastic measure. The feds have done zip so they have taken it upon themselves to try and rein in the 450,000 or so illegals draining resources.

anonymous said...

I was reading an article that said after that INS sweep in Fall River a few years back the company involved had a lineup of American citizens looking for those very jobs. Been nice if they put more pressure on employers especially all those liberals who always get nabbed not paying SS taxes for their nanny or maybe even getting rid of Obama's free loading aunt who is an illegal getting multiple handouts.

chica said...

A beautiful day to work in the garden preparing it for a bountiful summer and fall. Last year I used hay and it worked quite well as a moisture barrier and weed control.

I have enjoyed watching the various WW II docudramas on TV and I have a question that relates to the recent and ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf with the oil spill. Thousands of ships were sunk including hundreds of oil tankers and I was curious as to any environmental devastation that may have caused. I can find nothing on it.

Suo Mynona said...

Gotta love the pure irony of the current incarnation of the CPA.

Why in this three dimensional world would anyone propose a tax when:

*The school overide just failed
*We are in the midst of watching our friends and neighbors lose their homes.
*BB got less than 1/2 a golf pencil's worth of signatures

The only thing that MAKES SENSE is that the person proposing the tax will not have to pay the tax.

Ed Bowleo (Mr. I Want Your Taxes to Increase but Not Mine) would have more luck finding the legendary Pratt Farm Thump Thump Monster

bogofree said...

I think he has a "Ghost of a chance." Not the time. Even had it screwed up on a property that could have been rescued when in reality it was a wreck.

I also wonder about the oil from sunken ships during WW II. Many a tanker was sent to the bottom. Wonder if any research was done?

Suo Mynona said...

*Mobile Homes & Town Meeting Quorum*

**$100 dollar challenge for Ed**

I will donate the 100 bucks to a local food pantry if Ed can accomplish the following task:

He must prove his commitment to the CPA and insist for the CPA to pass an amendment that all manufactured homes must be included at same rate.

If necessary, He could use BB's left over golf pencil to collect 800 signatures from his neighbors to have it placed on the warrant. It would be real easy for him to stand at the Oak Point Mail box location.

An easier route would be to convince the BOS.

I do not support someone proposing a tax from which they and their peers are completely exempt.

Manufactured (mobile) homes are a significant portion of our housing stock and population. There will be about 1500 total homes when all three locations are complete.

See you at town meeting......

Most people know I advocated for and supported Oak Point. It has been a fine addition to this town IMO. Plain Street is now accessible to school buses thanks to Oak Point's complete funding of the engineering and paving.

The owners of Oak Point and many residents are quick to make business and personal donations to our community. They are like the rest of the townspeople and step up when a call for help is requested (not legislated.) An enforced tax upon the residents would likely be viewed differently.

Family Guy said...

I would certainly love to see the residents of OP pay more in the way of taxes than they already do which is none. It is certainly a selling point in locating there and there are similar communities that pay the same high fees but also pay taxes since the homes are not classified as "pre fab."

I compare OP somewhat to tax exempt properties and some of those, such as museums and colleges, do contribute in lieu of taxes.

The idea of a CPA is wonderful but only in the best of times and this is not the best of times.

Suo Mynona said...

I just met a local for the first time. He said he expects to be laid off anytime despite being a long term employee. The company has gone from 300 to 75 employees. He can feel the cross-hairs.

anonymous said...

Seems today that everyone knows someone whose house is in foreclosure or has lost their job.

bogofree said...

Ed seemed a wee bit math challenged attempting to answer MiMi's question. Those little percents can be tricky devils.

I checked and OP is assessed at about 3.3 Million. And Ed is correct in that they certainly represent one of the largest contributors to our coffers but don't stop there. What would the assessed value be of all the OP homes? Thousand or so from what Lincoln Andrews stated. Toss in that 100K exemption and you could really raise some cash just at OP.

I'll buy into it when a movement is started at OP to support it. Sure.

Suo Mynona said...

Let me be clear. I am not in favor of the CPA now. People cannot afford to be taxed.

I am a fan of Oak Point and always have been.

Ed B is just another person that thinks he has to educated us third rate dipsh*ts on things. Us yokels may not have all of our teeth and drive trucks, but we have tons of horse sense.

I am always amazed at how little credit some people give our residents. People at town meeting and the ballot box have a way of sniffing out all the BS.

LMAO said...

Unlike Suo I just find the situation of housing welfare for pre fabs a handout at the expense of others. This is Section Eight for those who don't need it.

I can't blame the residents of Oak Point since they are taking advantage of a situation that should not exist. I really don't care if it is an insular community that does not drain substantial resources. I don't care about their fees but what I do care about is the fact that the first measure of the latest CPA advocate should be targeting Oak Point residents as part of the package.

The presentation before the BoS was disjointed and confusing.

LMAO said...

Well, Bozo, how are those Red Sox doing?

Suo Mynona said...
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bogofree said...

IMO Ed B. represents only his interests and not those of OP. He speaks for himself only. Proposing a tax while being a resident of a development that will not be impacted just brings out the irony of the situation. I'm sure a significant number of the residents do not like any of the focus being directed upon them. Intentional or not.

I go to the game tonight and will have to see if the current winning streak of one game can be extended.

Suo Mynona said...

IMO Oak Point residents respect that they do not pay property tax and defer on such a topic. Most likely they would not agree with Ed B getting involved on this type of issue.

Harry Tuttle said...

I read this a week or two ago at another blog about mobil home park taxes.


bogofree said...

I saw that by Jessie. Good catch by her and I forgot to make reference to it. Interesting to see eventual outcome. Thanks, Harry.

Suo Mynona said...

This Enterprise Editor wrote a hilarious piece and windmills and casinos (regardless of your position)

Suo Mynona said...

Funny how silent BB is about the CPA. I look forward to hearing his avid support at town meeting