Sunday, April 4, 2010

Election/Tea Party/Obama/Trivia/JP/Survivor

Four excellent candidates and that was reflected in the vote totals. A win-win situation for the voters. I can see that the two that supported the override lost and I’ll leave that connection alone. Not sure of the impact. Suo has already posted the impact of BB.

Tea Party (TP). How they have so flustered and enraged the Looney left (LL - not Limo) The TP has a message that resonates with many or at least part of the message does - expansion of government, taxation, entitlements, immigration, bailouts, excessive union influence - especially public unions and some others. You get the picture. There is something for everyone. Even someone highlighted on my sidebar expresses some economic policies that quite comfortable fit into the framework of the TP. I certainly find things I agree with and disagree with on the smorgasbord of talking points the TP has adopted. What happens is the LL crowd can’t separate the message from the messenger since the TP has managed to attract an element that have viewed themselves as being “disenfranchised.” This is quite a collection of religious extremist, isolations, assorted bigots, survivalist and others who have been cut from the herd or should be. What happens is the back door approach as they attempt to gain credibility and legitimacy by “joining” the TP movement that has some high profile members and has - or attempted to - take credit for certain political successes. The TP is inexperienced. They are a young group. They have an appeal that just may go across the board. That appeal will evaporate if they fail to deal with the far right loonies. They will end up like ACORN.

How to win points in a marriage. My wife has limited computer skills and the whole internet thing leaves her confused. I can at least navigate to web sites and do searches. Now my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - happens to be Polish. Not a mixed breed person like myself but a full scale Polish person. So what I have done is find Sunday morning Polish radio shows so she can listen to Polkas.

I was and still am a TV trivia expert except my base of knowledge stopped around 1980. I use to breeze through the TV puzzles that appear in the paper. Now? Can’t get a third of them done as I don’t recognize the shows or the “stars.” How can someone on a reality show be a star? They just film folks being idiots. I could read my blog and fit that category. Ship me the money and let’s do it!

Carney is pumping 100 Mil or so into the local economy dependant upon slots approval. His gin mill is in for 750 of the flashy noise makers. Now slots - that is putting something out front and center for the legislature to consider. His plans seem - at first glance - substantial. This is real jobs, new jobs, retention of old jobs and some more added to the tax rolls. One - If not my biggest complaints against slot enhanced gin mills is the fact that it is really just Income distribution. That philosophy seems awful close to the mindset of entitlement that seems to permeate the current administration by taking more and more from the responsible.

The top 20% in our country earn over eight times more money than the lowest 20%. Actually saw that in an article in The Herald when I managed to read something other than sports and The Track. This is the highest figure by far in any industrialized nation. Does that justify placing more of a financial burden on that upper 20%?

Obama made two great moves last week. One was granting off shore drilling and the other was the 68 Billion federal student loan program. The middleman banks are gone for loans that were virtually all guaranteed by the government anyways. More Pell Grant dough tossed in.

Jessie Powell (D-CL) had a great piece on the Greening of the Empire State Building. Later this month my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and I will take our annual trek to NYC for Broadway shows and I am planning on a visit to the ESB and Skyscraper Museum.

Maybe it was at the BOS meeting? Not sure since I am old and association with BB has diminished my mental capacities but I heard the term “free money.” Is this something I can get? It turns out this money is either Federal or State and available for the proper amount of begging. I wonder where the government gets this money? Gee…this is just a wild guess but somehow it is connected to tax dollars. “Free?” LMBAO!

I understand that adding 32 million newly insured to the health care rolls will overtax the system. I really don’t buy that - yet. Many of those 32 million either use the ER, clinics or pay out of pocket. Many of the rest of us - held hostage by the 32 million - don’t necessarily use the system that much.

Will the remains of Jimmy Hoffa be discovered when they demolish Giants Stadium? As a ‘Jints fan I might just recommend they replace him with the roster of the 2010 NY Football Giants (via New Jersey).

I’ve never watched the TV show “Survivor.” My daughter does and from what I could gather the idea behind it is to lie, cheat and manipulate until you win. I thought CSPAN already did that covering Congress.


anonymous said...

Happy with election results. More happy with dry, warm weather. Try to find a sump pump anywhere within a 3 state area. LOL

BB hasn't been down in the trenches so he lacks credibility with many. Just another upper middle class import into a working class town.

drive-by said...

Congrats to all the election winners. The climate this year seemed very subdued now that the casino isn't the focal issue, although I suspect that Frawley's involvement with CFO may have been a partial factor in his loss.

Happy Easter(or Passover to any Jewish readers)!! We celebrated with an early BBQ.

bogofree said...

Allin will be back as he got a good showing. Split was along override and casino lines. Don't know how to interpret that until I read BB's synopsis.

Have just finished a nice Easter dinner with traditional and Polish food.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

BB sunk Frawley. My interpretation is that casino was a non factor. Frawley does not gauge his opinions through casino colored glasses. I also no not think his support of the override came into significant play. People in Middleboro respect a person taking a firm polite position, even if it differs from their own. He is a stand up man with whom I have enjoyed working.

Frawley had three things working against him:

1) His signs were neither easy to read or widely spread. It is difficult and humbling the first time around to realize the necessity of those dang signs. You have to do a tour of self promotion, something difficult and counter-current to most peoples' nature (unless they play at the Flat Iron)

2) He still is not as "seasoned" as some would like. Participation on "lesser boards" is important and respected. To his credit, Allin attended more meetings than perhaps any other non elected person. People who frequent Town Hall know and respect him for such involvement.

3) Sadly, Belanger reduced Allin to a cartoon character after Allin presented himself as poised, passionate, committed and considered on candidates’ night. Belanger then insulted voter's sensibilities by telling them to bullet vote for Allin. I believe both actions by BB are well beneath Allin's character. Allin made a crucial mistake, IMO, by not asking Mark to remove the Superman and Bullet Vote blogs. Allin’s campaign wagon then became attached to BB's blathering and all the insults he has hurled that Middleboro electorate over the years.

I look forward to Allin remaining involved in town government. He has become a positive influence and is on the rise.

bogofree said...

I loved those signs!

Now I don't have to wait for the BB synopsis?

9-7. 162-0 coming up.

LMAO said...


I consider the influence of Belanger to be minimal to none or less than none at all. In my opinion the local blogs just do not have the traffic to exert any degree of significant influence in a town election. Candidates night had a 100 strong turnout and that probably exceeds blog traffic.

I will scan the blogs every few days, especially you know who, looking for the next great example of foot in the mouth. Usually is not a long wait.

I thought his use of Superman was clever and witty - perfect for Junior High School but for adults? Please.

The dismissive attitude he expressed towards the voters who did not choose his anointed candidate I found shallow and demeaning. I happened to vote for Allin and against the override and did not employ the silly "bullet vote." Allin is building a considerable base of experience. I am not sure of the status of the Fin Com vacancy or other vacancies but I would encourage him to apply. Allin brings energy and a willingness to learn.

bogofree said...

The floods are over and now it is time for the annual ant visit. Persistent little buggers that manage to evade every trap I set. Last year I actually put down a strip of Duc Tape in one area. Three inches wide. They sacrificed themselves so they could have the gatherers walk over the remains of their dead or dying fellows. Amazing little creatures. Maybe it is time to buy another Uncle Milties Ant Farm?

Suo Mynona said...


You did not have to wait very long for the next example of foot in mouth. This is what came out his mouth to make more room for his foot.

"Sometimes I wish more people would take part. Apathy runs deep."

WTC has he done except stand on the post office steps for twenty minutes?

Sometimes I wish people would stop complaining about people who do "take part."

bogofree said...

The aura of negativity continues to permeate from a small coterie of anti's.

Now when I say anti's I am only considering he casino as part of the picture. The symptoms seem to be anti everything regarding those who have placed themselves in a position to serve. A significant portion of it does go back to the casino but all of it?

The crowning glory of all this has arrived with the recent announcement of Massasoit blessing us assorted third rate dips**ts with the opportunity to improve ourselves via education. A main mover in this was Wayne Perkins who certainly can fit the mold as being an entrenched "good old boy" - if there is such a thing. Was it that difficult for some to toss even a meager bit of praise his way?

I just see a real lock step reaction to some no matter what they accomplish or attempt to accomplish.

drive-by said...

I've always taken the blogs with a grain of salt (more like a pound), knowing they represent certain biases. Some have their feet so stuck in their own self-generated manure that they can't look up to see the bigger picture. Actually I find it rather arrogant that some like ole Gladys and BB feel that their opinions are any more important than anyone else's. JP is a little different from the rest of the herd because so little of the work is her own. Anyone can write a one line introduction then paste someone else's article. But at least she seems to have stopped much of her ad hominem attacks.

My perception is that the local antis are no longer a cohesive group now that BB and RY have shown themselves to be less hardcore and more NIMBY or 'for the right price', throwing Gladys and 1623 to the wind. Nice to see less drama.

bogofree said...

I look at blogs like I look at astrology - it's fun to read but don't take it seriously.

Suo Mynona said...


A pound of salt!!!!! LMCAO

That exactly why most people post on this worthless blog. It is satirical rebuttal to BB et al who take themselves wayyy tooo seriously. I find it very comical. They get so lathered up about the democratic choices made by us idiots.

Last week my signature was required for a charitable donation. I was against our charity donating to this other particular charity. Everyone else voted for it so I happily signed the paperwork. Democracy rules. No harm no fowl.

BB is still blogging that he was disrespected at the BOS meeting about the CPA (he was treated fine). Even so why would the selectmen respect his opinion when he did not do real research on the town's demographics and after he spent two years blogging nasty comments about the horrible BOS?

Y'all remember that meeting. That is the one where he said he could prove I said I was against the CPA and he did not know pertinent demographics.

I have a standing challenge for him to prove it, just like Bogo and I have a $1,000 reward for Clark CT.

bogofree said...

Jessie is probably trying to incorporate some plot of land in Connecticut to grab that grand.

Worthless? Wait....this is a no ad site....worthless it is! As far as content I prefer "without any redeeming value."

I just went to Ruby Tuesday's since they are promoting a steak and lobster tail special on Tuesday night. No lobster tails but a macaroni and cheese lobster mix in its place. Ugh! I was told the reason is Massachusetts has a crustacean mutilation law that prevents them from selling lobster tails. There is actually such a thing. I looked it up. I just wonder if it is interpreted correctly. Will call fish & game.

anonymous said...

I hate reality TV, especially "Survivor" and "Jon and Kate Makes 8". These shows bring out the worst in people. Just look at the Monday night BOS meetings.

anonymous said...

The Crustacean Mutilation Law does not pertain to lobsters which have been cooked. Why don't they just use the claws in other dishes?

Gorgeous day.....more rain on Friday. Also, the Atlantic is expected to have an above average hurricane year.

Also interesting is that quantum physicists have been able to see with the naked eye tiny "paddles" which when refrigerated in a glass jar that the air has been sucked out of can be observed to move and stand still at the same time. This somehow proves that time zigzags instead of moving in a linear manner, thus the possibility of going backward and forward in time.

bogofree said...

I contacted the Fish & Game office in NB and they said that the restaurant interpretation of the law is incorrect. I contacted the manager and he was elated. Will follow up with Fish & Game and corporate to be absolutely positive they can run the promotion in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the only state that"mutilates" this promotion by serving a Mac & Cheese with lobster meat embedded in it. Dinner for two in this for Bogo if they can proceed with promotion.

Just finished God's Equation: Einstein, Relativity, and The Expanding Universe by Amir Aczel.

But for light reading am finishing up "Time Travelers Never Die." Fun book.

anonymous said...

Just watched "Sherlock Holmes" on On Demand. Refreshingly true to Conan Doyle's portrayal instead of a Hollywood bastardized hack job. Just enough hint of Moriarty to insure sequels. Robert Downey Jr. is superbly quirky. Glad to see that this gifted actor is finally redeeming himself.

For slapstick, "Old Dogs" teams up John Revolta and Robin Williams. Defintitely not for discriminating tastes but funny all the same, especially the golf scene when the kids mix up all the old dudes' medications. Just hard to watch Vinnie Barbarino balding and hiding it under some very bad toupes.

bogofree said...

In KC watching the Red Sox disappointed. Bullpen has been awful.

Heard about the Obama hamburger for sale at McDonald's? You buy it and the guy behind you pays for it.