Monday, February 1, 2010

Pre V-Day Post

Was a comment in the paper where a union leader blamed the Coakley loss on the “Republican Machine” in Massachusetts. This is straight from the BB school of political insight. I think the machine consists of a Register of Deeds out in the Berkshires.

WOW’s first year is a failure. Maybe he can regroup and be a bit more pragmatic since his entrenched and obstinate manner has caused a nice political counter revolution. Amazing how blind the administration was to the poll results of 2008 where it was clear that support was tenuous at best.

Now that the Republicans are “invigorated” it will be interesting to see how they mange to screw up.

Our house is locked tight for heat loss yet that gas usage just seems to climb. G & E bill is like trying to comprehend quantum theory but it does contain great information on usage.

I am just amazed that terrorist will be tried in civilian courts.

I admit my capabilities in home repair are minimal. Hammering two boards together is an adventure. My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - is just the opposite. We are having some work done and the carpenter noticed our work bench and tool collection that “your husband” has. She had to point out it was hers. He then pointed to the washer and dryer and said “Is that his?”

But flooring and tiling? That is the one thing I can actually managed. I’ve put virtually all the flooring and tiling down in the house myself but no more.

I didn’t even know Brad and Angelina were married. Now the discussion is what to do with the kids? How did they manage to adopt so many with their track record of failed relationships? Not really important since my “celebrity” life revolves around Paris Hilton.

A sitting judge is about to become town manager in Stoughton. Guess AB moved to the wrong town.

Someone had a great post on Obama on another site so here it is. When he took over he was two touchdowns behind and now it’s four touchdowns and he’s trying to get back into the game by kicking a field goal.

The Tribe may be shopping elsewhere but at this point I could care little as their day in the sun may be over. DeLeo wants gaming and this means Tribe may have over played their hand with the state and tracks could be a winner along with a handful of high priced casino licenses. Lottery has also expanded.

Obama has put nuclear energy back on the table. Fine with me.

On a further energy front is Cape Wind that is being delayed - maybe - over religious reasons among others. I don’t know that much about wind power but my knee jerk reaction is it may help. Seems to be popular in Europe but, then again, so is socialism.

A 1.6T and the “T” is for trillions federal deficit for one year! Worry not as it will (hopefully) shrink to 1.3T on the next budget cycle.


Suo Mynona said...

What a complete jerk Rahm Emanuel is for calling people f***ing retarded.

If the shoe were on the other foot there would be hell to pay. Obama condemed the Cambridge police for acting "stupidly" he should now publicly admonish Emanuel.

Obama and Emanuel can then go have private beer summit and laugh at all of us retarded people that are not their intellectual peers.

LMAO said...

At least he didn't call them third rate dips**ts.

Maybe BB has an excuse for him?

Suo Mynona said...

Cape wind cannot survive under normal supply & demand (cost per kilowatt hour) circumstances. It requires government subsidies.

Those mandated subsidies are provided by hard working individuals and businesses that DO have to survive under laws of free market competition.

Answer one simple question. How large of a check are you willing to freely donate to wind and solar panel manufacturers?

bogofree said...


How much would be "donated" by the current administration? Seems like they are willing to fund high speed rail lines of which at least half are not high speed.

I've always been amazed that the current job creation is the result of taking dollars out of someone else's pocket to create a job.

Suo Mynona said...

Y'all should take a dive-by the Green School. Things are really shaping up.

anonymous said...

What's up with Limo?

I still see Obama is grasping at excuses as far as his failed administration is concerned. This is exactly what happens when you elect a left leaning Deocrat who is unwilling to change. He's still holding out hope for health care. Some just don't get it.

I see some of the moonbats reaction to this is to blame everything on the right wing nut jobs. LMCAO!

anonymous said...

Chalk it up as a loss, Adam.

bogofree said...

"Under Advisment." Translation - get lost until the snow threat stops. Smart judge.

Suo Mynona said...

Apparently it is not an open and shut case to the judicial system. If it were as clear cut as the plowgate "real heroes" believe, an immediate injunction probably would have been made.

LMAO said...

I do believe Mr. Bond can check one off in the loss department. For once in the legal system it appears common sense has trumped nonsense.

I cannot imagine the override going anywhere. I just did my taxes and an extra $300 is important to me. I know it is "For the children" as Howie Carr would say but I do believe with the high unemployment and being nervious about jobs that this will be DOA. Maybe next year?

bogofree said...

Another glorious reason to see what is really, really important in Massachusetts.

I get my car inspected and they had to remove my plate holder since in partial obstructed the slogan places on top of the license plate. 3Bil in the hold, hacks in no show jobs, legislators that are a disgrace and just a real train wreck and this is the important stuff! LMBAO!

anonymous said...

A BB quote.

"I’m hearing some very interesting things about the potential for this land to go into trust. Catch me in email if you want to hear more."

Boy it must be nice to be such an insider. I wonder if DeLeo calls for advice? LMCAO!

Suo Mynona said...

I listened for a literally just a few minutes of Adam radio show yesterday (I was out of town).

He called the BOS "invertebrates" that are incapable of leadership.

Quite a statement for a quitter.

I can honestly say that was the first time I heard any amount of his broadcast and suspect it will be the last.

His radio shows biography say heis a sitting selectman. Does that make him an invertebrate?

bogofree said...

Still has not updated that online resume? Probably has it "under advisement."

Wally Glendye said...

This is in response to the piece of Land in Fall River:

In section three, the transfer act states: "The Fall River Redevelopment Authority is authorized to develop said land for commercial, industrial, and other economic developmental purposes, but expressly excluding any use for landfill purposes or for casino/gaming related purposes."

Here is the source:

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

You mean this was not super esoteric knowledge that only BB possessed? Wally, you must be part of his super secret inner circle. You will now be shunned for divulging this to the d*psh*ts

bogofree said...

The current casino issue has at least generated some traffic at another site. I would attempt to add some comments but I am firmly in the Suo camp as I readily admit my base of knowledge on the issue is limited. I will leave that to the zealots.

I am sure the fix is in regarding the Tribe so that eventually something somewhere will be built by the Tribe or others. Slots at the tracks and now we have Power Ball! Doen't get much better.

Wally certainly has his "A" game going.

In the meantime I have become quite interested in watching how the current administration is starting to crumble. Some vulnerable legislators are starting to attempt to distance them selves from WOW as the next election cycle approaches. Amazing how it is really falling apart.

anonymous said...

Fuzzy math seems to be part of this administration as you lose jobs yet unemployment goes down. Once again the problem is those that just give up. Me? I'm just fed up.

This casino issue will go on and on. I am convinced that the tribe will build somewhere. I am convinced we will have a resort casino and slots at the race tracks. When this happens it will represent a crushing defeat for the anti casino groups.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

I am one of those business people that would hire and buy equipment in a heart beat if I had more confidence in Washington. I have plenty of credit, but will be damned if I will expend one cent more than required. The current risk is just too great. Too bad because interest rates are so low. I do not believe they understand economics of small to medium sized businesses.

By Washington I mean virtually all of them. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are just hastening a demise that had already commenced under Bush. The wild spending and growth of bureaucracies has got to stop.

I do retain faith in our state government.

Did you catch how the Commander In Chief phonetically said corpse-man instead of corpsman three times? He does not even know the correct way to pronounce an everyday military title.

I wonder how he pronounces Colonel?

Wally Glendye said...


Suo Mynona said...


Hit the play button.

It would be unbelievable if it were not a law from Washington. You cannot blame the 54 state legislatures for accepting a loop hole given to them by the Feds.

bogofree said...

A tidy $311 per day savings. Wonder how others who attempt to write off business expenese view this? Why have it? A political perk?

Unlike Suo I have limited faith in the state government whose response to every fiscal issue appears to be increase revenues.

The federal debt is already impacting.

Off to see Avatar tonight.

Suo Mynona said...

My faith in state government is because they are closer to their constituents and they have to balance a budget. I believe most in our area do try.

The state has to live with unfunded mandates as well. The flood gates were opened by McCulloch v. Maryland.

How far do the implied powers of the constitution go?

bogofree said...

The balance the budget seems to be done by tacking on more fees and taxes in a depressed economy. But as Suo said it is more local with a bit more accountability. Individually they may be fine but collectivly they are like a mob.

Implied Powers will go as far as the SCOTUS lets it go.

anonymous said...

Taxes....more taxes....and even more taxes. This is a very expensive state to live in.

That override will go over as well as CPA.

Suo Mynona said...

Too bad Social Security was not set up like a local enterprise account or a common defined pension plan.

Defined pension plans have to follow federal guidelines to ensure solvency. The federal government does not follow it's own rules for private plans. Enterprise accounts cannot be raided by general government.

Social Security is technically very solvent. The only problem is congress has raided funds and thrown in a bunch of useless Treasury IOU's that now require general gov't borrowing (increase of debt) to repay.

Expect one or a combination of the three things in the near future:
*Increase in SS tax
*Decrease in benefits
*Increasing the age for retirement

Been on a rant these days...sorry. All of this widely known (even by us 3rd rate local yokel d*sh*ts)

bogofree said...

Probably all three.

Say you are single with no heirs excecpt a few nephews. You have contributed to SS all your life as has your employers. At age 63 you die. How much of all those contributions - probably in excess of 200K - go to your heirs? Exactly zero! Now if you have an IRA how much goes to your heirs? All of it! IMHO SS is a fancy Ponzi scheme with an attached piggy bank for government excess.

Family Guy said...

WTC is an Enterprise Account? Is that something from Star Trek?

bogofree said...

Suo is welcome to that question as I always screw up the definition and application. Maybe JP can "educate" us?

Suo Mynona said...

The G&E, sewer and water are enterprise accounts. Financially they are separated and they cannot charge more to the customers (the public) than the cost of the service. Both use to be part of our local general gov't but were separated as there funds started to be raided by general town government. The town's administration (BOS etc) and congress (town meeting) still managed to grab money from the water enterprise account to block the 40B subdivision on Fuller St. The dubious reason provided was that there was water located there and or it was a good place for a water tower.

The trash pick up is also set up as a less grandiose enterprise account. The fees just cannot exceed the costs.

bogofree said...

Yes....I would have "Clarked" up my answer to the enterprise accounts.

Can a town set up as many as they want? Is there any restrictions?

Suo Mynona said...

Most other town department that come to mind do not generate large amounts of revenue and do not warrant being set up as an enterprise account.

Without benefit of the Town Report, the building dept, health dept, planning dept, are examples of revenue positive departments. The amount of money charged in "fees" cannot exceed the cost of the service. In robust times these departments generate considerable revenue for the town.

The money generated is then returned to the town's General Fund -- the central banking account. The money belongs to the town not the dept. Many departments have little, if any, revenue as they charge few, if any, fees.

The question is always for departments that generate fewer in fees than the cost of operation. It usually comes down to three: park dept, library, & COA. Ironically, the services they provide likely become more important in this suffering economy. It is a catch 22.

Okay bogo are you clarking with me?. Are you trying to make it look like I am trying to "educate" people.

I am sure most of your visitors are rolling their eyes now.

bogofree said...

Quite informative, Suo, and I believe it may be of some interest to the thousands that view this blog - sometimes a dozen or so times a day. If BB read this blog it may help temper some of his opinions.

LMAO said...

I was familiar with the enterprise accounts as I had interpreted it as a pay as you go system but there is obviously more depth to it. The explanation was very detailed but not the overbearing lecture one is use to getting by whom this site honors and that persons patron. Done concise, with some subtle humor and points made without the pontificating you get from the afore mentioned.

I can imagine if the police were on an enterprise account. Think of the parking, speeding and various other infractions that would proliferate in Middleboro. I wonder if there would be steep fines for trespass and stealing turkey feathers?

I see a slight change to the title, Bozo, as the BS has been removed. Not that you are prone to BS.

I am certainly not a Colts fan and would love to see the Saints victorious but I fully expect Colt dominance. Final score: 45-28.

bogofree said...


The title has been changed since I think over the last few months BS (how appropriate) has become somewhat irrelevant. His life's blood is the casino and that issue is fading into the background. Like the rest of the hard core anti's they are up for a resounding defeat since expanded gaming - slots at tracks and casinos - will soon pass. The only “success” anti’s had was Middleboro and that was circumstances that were not influenced by them. The Raven put the death knell in place and as a NIMBY I rejoice. Even the “fix” will take place. As for BS he/she/it is welcome here at any time as his comments have been appropriate and mannered - even with LL. Maybe BS can comment on issues other than the casino to get some topic discussions started.

I think the SB score will be lower with the Colts winning something like 24-21. You expect a lot of scoring with two high powered offenses but I’ll go the other way.

bogofree said...

Another note on LL as someone asked where he is. Mike is dealing with his business issues and concentrating less - if at all - on the casino. I hope he occasionally posts.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

"I wonder if there would be steep fines for trespass and stealing turkey feathers?"

Some things will forever remain humorous. Bububbut officer I was just looking for some really cool turkey feathers.

Fantastic: Saints winning

Pathetic: 66 year old Roger Daltry singing Teen Age Wasteland with pruned vocal chords..

bogofree said...

Suo wrote:
Pathetic: 66 year old Roger Daltry singing Teen Age Wasteland with pruned vocal chords..

How about a 49 year old BB singing at The Flat Iron?

anonymous said...

And Bogo is winner of the cheap shot contest! LMCAO! Do you treat him like this when you run?

The local elcetion picture looks bleak. Maybe Jessie can be a write-in?

anonymous said...

Another classic from BB. His site has Google ads and what is front and center? Or should I say right side? The following! LMCAO!

Foxwoods® Resort Casino
Largest Casino in North America. Book Your Room & Plan Your Visit!

bogofree said...

BB told me about the Google ads when we had our last run. You get paid by the number of hits on the ads. I inagine he spends a good portion of his day clicking on the ads.

I noticed that Gladys (or is it Mary?) is still on the it is not inevitable spin. At least she had "Billy Flynn" pegged from the start so that's hitting .500.

Suo Mynona said...

Just think how many hits BB gets because people are looking for his continual Joe Biden like gaffes.

Foxwoods supports BB's website.

Next there will be advertisements for the Clark Ct Bed & Breakfast with free rickshaw transportation along their Ho Chi Minh trail to the Mohegan Sun.

bogofree said...

Just think of the potential advertisers that could be lined up.

Chicken Mallets Corp.
Grog fathers Brewery
Turkey Puckers Local
Sheep Unlimited
Trespassers R Us
Third Rate DipS**ts Club

Suo Mynona said...

Association of Marshmallow Makers
Ratfink Headress Photo Stealers
30 Bucks is Nothing Club
Eksellent Riters Gild
I could prove it if I wanted to Club
(but can't so I won't)

and a bogo special...
Suckers of General Wesley Clark

Suo Mynona said...

****More BB Hypocrisy***

After all his accusations about businesses supporting the casino for profit, BB is getting paid indirectly from Foxwoods. If he was consistent he would host his own website and not make money from gambling.

BB must be making a real profit from Foxwoods. They are running the add again on his blog.

Who negotiated his advertising contract? Largest Casino in North America. Book Your Room & Plan Your Visit!

bogofree said...

Kathleen Norbut of USS Casino or USS Slots or some such organization will present a casino math book today on Beacon Hill. I wonder if Jessie Powell helped create this book?

The casinos and slots are now "inevitable" so I guess this is the last stand.

As far as Middleboro it looks like that may be all but dead - thankfully - but you never know.

With BB there is nothing more consistent than inconsistency.

Wally Glendye said...

I wouldn't say the Casino is all but dead Bogo. Inside sources tell me to hold onto your seat because the ride is going to get bumpy. The Casino is far from dead!

bogofree said...

Thank you for the update Wally. You know I'm a NIMBY on this but I'm not ready to nail it shut since this thing always seems to rise from the dead.

BB mentioned on our last run about Google ads and if I was going to do it. No Clarking way! I also mentioned to him as I have posted on it in the past that the baseball site I have with two others was offered a link for online gaming. Our expenses for the site would have been paid for with that link. The possibility also existed for even more compensation depending upon usage. We all rejected it as did all we polled.

Wally Glendye said...

DeLeo mentioned on WBUR Radio yesterday that he is going to release his Gambling Bill in the first week of March not the first week of February as was earlier reported.

bogofree said...

I have always felt that it was "inevitable" that slots and casinos would be part of the Massachusetts landscape. The tracks are a logical place for a slot parlor since they have an existing infrastructure. Casinos would be part of the mix with either Tribal or commercial or both.

DeLeo has been hot on this issue as a revenue source and just does not buy into the negative economics that the anti's have spun.

Suo Mynona said...

**You Can't Make This Up**

BB's website update:

"Support my advertisers

Foxwoods Official Site
6 Casinos, 7,200+ Slots, 400 Tables Book Your Room & Plan Your Visit !"

anonymous said...

I am following this and it is rare when I get stunned but this is just incredible. This is suppose to be one of the anti’s?

We are having an upcoming election in Middleboro and is the office of Village Idiot available. I think Suo will not have to have a write-in campaign as I think aclamation for BB should do it.

drive-by said...

Being a NIMBY from the start (just never thought the thoroughfares or rotary could support the traffic and that state funding for the infrastructure was dubious at best), I'd like to see a casino in New Bedford rather than Fall River. The old mills on the waterfront right off rt. 195 are prime for renovation, the city needs an economic boost, and it would cut deeply into the area now most deeply crime infested.

As for CFO....does it even exist as a viable .org anymore? I think the only people who are still active are the officers. IMO, they were never an effective group anyhow. Just a handful of loud mouth bloggers. And they certainly can't take credit for defeating the casino in Middleboro. A chronology of ill-fated circumstances caused that.

Snow! Snow! Snow! To attempt the trek up the Southeast expressway or not this morning............NOT. Day better spent joining the snowblower brigade and schmoozing away the day having coffee with neighbors. Looks like Middleboro is in the epicenter for the 15+ inches. kids and I will have fun because it's going to be that heavy wet snow perfect for building forts. Perfect day for abandoning adulthood. The inner Drive-by wants to play. Hurray! Hurray!

bogofree said...

Thank you for an excellent post, DB, as you managed to put into words exactly my thoughts. IMO most of the NIMBY's view the whole issue in a similar manner.

I hate snow.

Suo Mynona said...

BB now has this as another sponsor. Read it carefully and make you own conclusion.

BB said it is okay becasuse he likes money! What's worse is that he is doing it for "a couple cents"

Clarking unbelievable. For him it okay for anyone else it wrong.
"Support my advertisers"

"HTS Foxwoods & Mohegan
$25 per person when you arrive in our Limos or Buses Unbeatable Rates"

Drive-by, I agree as well with most of what you said. I especially like the part of playing in the snow with your kids. Memories and a value system are what we leave our children

bogofree said...


Sorry I missed your visit. I would have been honored to sign.

I think the ad revenue is going into a CPA fund.

drive-by said...

Well, the snow fall was a dud. So the kids and I did popcorn, hot cocoa, and movies. But, when you look at the severity of the past few winters nationwide, Al Gore looks like a 10th rate d**sh*t regarding global warning. In fact, new studies have demonstrated a gradual drop in world temps since 1998. I have to agree with bogo on climate changes primarily being cyclic with an occassional asteroid hit.

Suo Mynona said...

I just heard on the radio that snow storms in the Mid Atlantic and lack of snow for the Olympics are affirmation of global warming.

bogofree said...

Power back on so cave man living is over. Wife - The Lovely Cynthia - is shoveling the driveway since only "she" knows the specifics of where snow is to be deposited.

bogofree said...

Since he never reads this blog I feel quite comfortable in pointing out the latest moronic - sorry to insult morons - post from the less than illustrious BB site. This time it is a virtually repeat of what fellow lightweight - the failed sports reporter - KO ranted about. I would suggest that instead of BB and the moonbat fringe scurrying about like political cockroaches over SENATOR Scott Brown they concentrate on a reasonable and intelligent defense of the current failed administration. LMBAO!

Speaking of lightweights just how long will the PlowGate issue be under advisement? Did the judge set any date?

Suo Mynona said...

****Bat Out of Hell****

As Meatloaf would sing: 2 out of three ain't bad.

BB's sponsors must like him. 2 of three sponsors are for gambling:

----Support my advertisers----
Foxwoods® Resort Casino
Largest Casino in North America. Book Your Room & Plan Your Visit!

HTS Foxwoods & Mohegan
$25 per person when you arrive in our Limos or Buses Unbeatable Rates

anonymous said...

This is just so Clarking funny. One of the Grogfathers of CFO fame getting his dime from casinos.

bogofree said...

Great column by BB in the paper. His best yet. The fact that it is about trails has nothing to do with my evaluation.

Speaking of the Gazette they actually had some coupon inserts. Bogofree stands for buy one get one free so you know how I feel about coupons.

Suo Mynona said...

Are BB's sponsors offering special promotion if you present a really cool turkey feather and mention his name upon arrival?

bogofree said...

According to BB they "should have listened to him back in 2007." Well...if you check my political phony on my side bar it is Patrick "Patches" Kennedy and he obviously listened to me! I guess I'll soon be a legit power broker or if this continues I may reach the stratospheric levels of blogging and unseat the self proclaimed "Greatest blog in Middleboro."

bogofree said...

I guess I'm perseverating on him like Suo! LMBAO!

bogofree said...

Nice of Wally to explain to "Billy Flynn" what a business partner is. The back and forth with fixes, IGA's and LIT's is both confusing and totally boring. The thing is it has been playing back and forth for 2+ years and until a shovel digs dirt in Mboro or it is 100% offically dead it will not be resolved.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Is perseverate one of those thesaurous words that d*psh*ts like me do not know?

bogofree said...

I don't know....BB used it once to describe how Suo feels about him. I thought it was all about man love until I looked it up.