Monday, February 22, 2010

More Minutiae

The Sarah Palin cheat sheets were a thing of beauty. I’m surprised she didn’t tattoo them on. If she runs again it will be interesting to see her and Obama debate. His teleprompter breaks and she washes her hands. One hour of silence.

I have a friend - I do have a few - who lives outside Washington, D.C. and has six feet of snow. Area is a disaster as many streets cannot be plowed. What the police have done is start to issue tickets to those residents who have not shoveled their sidewalks.

To the Registry Of Motor Vehicles. I have remounted my Red Sox license plate holder that the inspectors were forced to remove. It covered about 1/6th of Massachusetts and that is a big NO to the commissars who run the agency.

The latest “jobs” bill is languishing and about to expire. IMO the only positive in the bill was tax incentives for hiring unemployed.

Cap and Trade has me all confused. The more I read about it the more a get - as Han Solo would say - “A bad feeling.” I just really need some energy experts like BB, JP and Tony to explain how this is going to be good for me. Somehow this whole show has moonbat written all over it.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - has decided to accompany me on the Red Sox road trip to Denver and on to San Francisco. The downside is that will limit the number of games I can attend to two at each destination. Cynthia will, however, have the opportunity to with some other “Non Pink Hats” while I attend the games. The KC series is all set more me to attend with a large contingent of fellow Sox fans from the mid west.

I wonder what type of damage control will emanate from the more virulent strain of anti’s once casinos and slots get the big kiss from the state?

Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Just what we need another government agency and more layers of bureaucracy. Somehow the protection seems to be the creation of more jobs - in the government and financed by our tax dollars.

Bayh’s political dope slap was directed right at leadership. The moonbat element has taken control and what better way to make a statement than a last minute withdrawal giving the Republicans an excellent shot at that seat. Obama can't control Pelosi and Reid since he is one of them.

“Billy Flynn” has been successful in the case of the century in Middleboro. No plow shall touch a sacred street now that a ruling has been returned prohibiting the concierge service. I’m sure the “Gang Of Twenty-One” can sleep restful this evening knowing that their 15 minutes of local infamy is complete.


drive-by said...

As more and more info leaks out about Dr. Amy Bishop's links to the shooting of her brother in '88 and pipe bomb mailing to a doc at Children's in '93, it seems that both the police and DA dropped the ball. The woman was a whack job, so much pent up rage, and so many red flags were clearly there in both cases. I see now that Dellahunt (DA at the time) is deflecting attention away from himself and blame gaming the police. Well, he was the DA, and ultimately it was his responsibility to bring charges.

bogofree said...


I paid little attention to the case until about a week ago. I agree 100% with your assessment. How bad is this? Alabama is critical of our justice system!

North Slope Rigger said...

Those wonderful words - pitchers and catchers have reported. See you in KC, Bogo.

I just love the fact that I am in full I told you so mode with that race hustling Chicago character that is now president. I was no big fan of Bush at the end but he’s looking better and better each day and I just wallow in the misery of the loony lefties as some are foolish enough to attempt to put a positive spin on this administration and congress. Even his toadies in the press are starting to jump ship. LMAO! So far I can find virtually nothing I see positive from the socialist in hiding attempting to use our government to fulfill the agenda of his own and a small cadre of fellow travelers. The great news is the American people are onto this game and his term is looking quite bleak as is the elections of the fall.

bogofree said...

Tell us how you really feel.

Suo Mynona said...

One of the resulting problems withthe issue is what internal protocols are subsequently put into place. Isntead of making internal changes, laws are frequently passed that further erode our personal liberties.

Suo Mynona said...

From the Associated Press

Interesting read for the people that "pee their pants" in laughter about indian stuff.

LMAO said...

Maybe they can take that oil money and build a casino!

I completely agree with you, Suo, on your assessment of laws. What I find particularly offensive is the continual attempts to monitor our lives for our own good. Now it is the diet police in action.

Where has Rocky been? Haven't seen him post for a bit.

drive-by said...

Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano FINALLY calls the Fort Hood Massacre a "terrorist act"! Duh,can we say dense?

Also, Toyota revealed that cutting safety corners saved them $100M. And now they're saying "Oops! Deeply Sorry!" and "Oh yeah, the recall fix it may not totally correct problem." Now that the Toyota CEO has brought shame on his country will he be falling on his sword?

bogofree said...

Just went by McGee and it looks like everything has been moved down to Route 44. No more new car dealers in Mboro.

Toyota is running for cover. What goes around comes around and now they have made our worse of worse actually look good. Time for another book from Nader. And the problem might not be solved.

I have no idea what is going through the mentality with this administration and they attempt to define what a terrorist is.

Suo Mynona said...

An American who was the first non Japanese person to sit on the Toyota Board of Directors said the company was hijacked by cost cutting people that compromised safety.

The american (no longer on the board) said Akio Toyoda and the new BOD have the ability and intention to right the ship.

"On June 23, 2009 he was confirmed as the new president of the company, along with four new executive vice presidents and eight new board members" -- wiki

My experience is that the Japanese are amongst the most racist nations on Earth. Last I knew third generation Koreans of individuals imported for slave labor during WW2 were still not allowed full citizenship. yet the Japanese are wonderful one on one and I love Japan. Individuals are usually much different from national policy.

Japanese students are not taught of the war atrocities the Japanese committed in Southeast Asia.

drive-by said...

12,000 lb. killer whales contained in relatively small tanks is just plain not normal, and must cause great stress to the animal. I'm not a PETA fanatic, but people should remember that the whale who killed his trainer at Sea World yesterday is still a wild animal even if born in captivity. This is the third time this whale has killed a human and his behavior remains unpredictable. Surprisingly, Sea World remains open today. Much more of a show than I'd ever want my kids exposed to.

Caught Arnold Droidnegger giving his schpiel on his war on childhood obesity. Fine to take junk food out of school menus and offer healthy choices. But what's coming next? Fining or prosecuting parents whose kids tip the scales over the average? I understand that it costs $$$ to pay for the resulting complications of obesity. But I'm afraid that we're headed toward legislation of every aspect of human behavior.

Suo, I'm surprised to hear that Japanese students aren't taught about the events of WWII in the Pacific theater. My grandfather is a wounded vet from campaigns in the Solomon Islands and the Philipines, and I find it troublesome that the Japanese as a society are not acknowleging the 4 years of hell the attack on Pearl Harbor led to.

bogofree said...

We have had Japanese exchange students and close friends from Japan who have stayed with us and we have returned visits to Japan. The country is 99% pure Japanese and have little clue to racial diversity in the U.S.A. Our friends are about as Americanized as you can get and the big friction in the family is the husbands (Nobu) mother inability to accept his wife's independent role for women which she is passing on to their daughter. The parents are quite traditional.

The exchange student we last had was amazed at Middleboro High School as he was totally unaware of such blending of peoples. Their concept of history is being adjusted in relationship to the United States but not to their dealings with other Asian nations. Still in deflective/denial mode.

I am one of those folks who has a real problem with zoo's. I fully understand all the positives but there is just something about the confinement. Several years ago we paid a visit to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and went to see the dolphin show. The auditorium was located in an area that overlooked the lake and a public walkway and that left free reign to demonstrators. If a fish jumped through a hoop the demonstrators would have a human dummy and toss it through a hoop. Every trick by the aquatics was duplicated by the protesters using humans in the place of the fishies. My wife was appalled and I thought it was fantastic and gave them a donation.

anonymous said...

The Japanese prostituted Korean woman during WWII and they barely recognize that even today. I imagine since virtually every other nation thinks long term they will just wait a 100 years or so until it is in the distant past.

The Toyota situation is one where they feel if you apologize enough the problem will vanish. It won't. The U.S. auto makers have been waiting for some good news even if that news takes the form of a massive recall by a competitor. I have no problem with their products up to this point. I have had a Corolla in the past that is still in the family after two decades and a few hundred thousand miles. No significant problems. But I also have a Chevy S-10 that is just as long and has more miles. Easily the equal of the Corolla. In this day and age I think American products have gotten the message. Quality has improved.

Suo Mynona said...

Where is OSHA when it comes to petting killer whales?

I am not a fan of Zoos either. Was at one in another country. There was a deep large oval pit holding a silverback gorilla and people were throwing things at the animal. It was enraged and threw a fist-sized rock discuss style at the tormenting gawkers.

bogofree said...

I sent a post over to the BB blog since they needed to be "educated." Noticed tacky ads are back. The site looks like a NASCAR uniform or vehicle.

I know he doesn't read this blog (LMBAO) but Suo and Bogo will be glad to be guest posters.

Suo Mynona said...

Bogo don't you remember we were shunned for being disruptive?

I could give nice updates on things like the proposed Town Charter Changes, the SEMASS contract renewal or the Green School.

BTW Lots of things have been going on with the school; including unsolicited donations from an extended family that decided to donate instead of exchanging Christmas presents. But BB considers it a "skunkworks" project after his CPA debacle.

Your recent post there is another affirmation that he still makes sizable blogging blunders.

bogofree said...

The Great Shunner! LMCAO! I get the feeling with the focus of the discussion on his blog that a certain poster may be the illustrious Jessie.

A discussion on town employee's and the casino will always generate discussion - especially employees since the general opinion seems to be that they represent a group of local layabouts. Latest is an influx of new hires from Bridgewater. I have no idea of their qualifications but the drift I get is that a kneww jerk reaction of negativity exists simple because they are pubic payroll additions.

I do enjoy his scattershot approach since if you toss enough Clark against the wall it will stick.

His "blog" is open to us and we have both occasionally used it but the illustrious forum is not. The last thing he needs is two rebel rousers pointing out the frailties of his poster and his foolish hypocrisy in supporting fraudulent information. Maybe we could put on sheep costumes and sneak in?

Family Guy said...

"A small victory for taxpayers"

Thanks, Adam. I sleep well knowing you are protecting us.

Family Guy said...

The town employees have traditionally been a focal point of public ire. Just a scan of a Howie Carr column will describe the excesses of many who get highlighted. This attitude appears to also fester itself locally.

Someone will see one slopping off to HD and assume that this is nothing more than enjoying time on the public dime. When I conduct town business I have always been waited on promptly and have had my inquiries answered to my satisfaction. The water department is a pay as you go situation and as far as any new hire my expertise in that area is limited so that responsibility is passed one to those we have entrusted with certain responsibilities for the public good. Try examining it from a positive perspective first rather than a negative.

I have also viewed the discussion elsewhere and can readily observe the direction it will eventually follow. Once again there are those attempting to find some conspiratorial pathway with the usual being a trashing of employees in general or those who have the responsibility for hiring. This is nothing more than the same old and I would not be shocked to see someone with a camera following town cars around.

The override issue is one that I remain undecided upon. I can comprehend the seriousness of the budget crunch on the schools but I am hesitant to increase my taxes knowing that after the first year that increase goes into the general fund and schools can again be faced with budget issues.

I am also of the opinion that Superintendent Sullivan can see quite clearly the direction the school system is headed and the override and made a personal choice between retirement and possible employment elsewhere or the burden and pressure of a school system that may be crumbling for lack of resources and eventually morale.

anonymous said...

Edolphus Towns of The House Oversight Committee now claims that Toyota withheld evidence of issues with their vehicles. Towns is not from Michigan so there is probably the strong possibility that he speaks the truth.

drive-by said...

You hear Jessie, bogo; I hear Adam. For one thing, no cut and paste. For another, AB seems to be campaigning for some yet unknown office (see his latest rant on Marc Pacheco with his statement "Re-elect nobody"). Also, if I remember correctly, Jessie tends to write in bullets rather than contiguous paragraphs. I'm probably wrong, often am, but Jessie seems more preoccupied with new USS anti casino stuff than town politics lately, though I must admit I can't manage to follow her blog anymore as it's always a snoozer. I think she finally ran out of steam. AB, however, seems to be building to a crescendo. Besides, aren't he and BB new found buddies? But what do I know?

bogofree said...

The more they dig the more they find with Toyota.

drive-by said...

Points well taken Family Guy.

bogofree said...

I agree with your analysis, DB, as I just seem to perseverate on Jessie almost as much as Suo perseverates on BB. BB and AB do have some type of "relationship" and I am sure it extends to posting.

I'm sure AB is working on a political resurrection and that certainly would be enjoyable. I hope Jessie would run against him as blanks would be the decisive winner.

IMHO AB has a extensive track record of backing the wrong horse. First up is the failed casino deal of which he was the prime architect. Second is his attempt at the town manager job. That quickly evaporated. Then came his "exit stage left" in a snit with fellow board members.

With Pacheco maybe AB will take him on? Is AB a Democrat or a Republican this month?

drive-by said...

AB is an Adamcratican, running nowhere fast. LOL

bogofree said...

Superintendents have this amazing quality at resurrection. They will leave one system and resurface in another with the special line of transportation being between R.I. and Ma. A quick ten years in either state and you are pension vested. The same applies to teachers as I know several who are collecting 70% to 80% MA pensions and getting another 75K employed in R.I. If you are a certified math, SPED or science teacher with 30+ years behind you it is almost a given you can get a job upon retirement.

Sullivan stated he intends to stay in education so IMO that will leave him with several potential options and I wish him well. Again - IMO - I do think that the current crisis in Middleboro certainly influenced his decision. His entire tenure has been one fiscal crisis after another with the current one finally representing the zenith fiscal Tsunami's.

The employee situation is almost taking on the aura of bullying. Few can respond in kind since that represents a significant risk. JP was rather relentless on her condemnations of what she viewed as questionable practices by our hirelings. I am sure, as with any organization, there was abuse but sometimes - IMO - the badgering was focused more on personal issues and minor failings.

bogofree said...

"AB is an Adamcratican, running nowhere fast. LOL"

Another line I can steal and claim as my own.

Suo Mynona said...

Always cultivating new people to alienate.

As Family Guy eloquently stated:
"Try examining it from a positive perspective first rather than a negative."

anonymous said...

Does anyone even know who's running for BOS in April besides Allin Frawley?

LMAO said...

Five people have taken out papers for two seats on the Board of Selectmen, incumbent Alfred P. Rullo Jr., former selectmen Steven P. Spataro and Frederick E. Eayrs, and newcomers John P. Beausoleil and Allin J. Frawley.

anonymous said...

Frawley has been quite active by attending board meetings and participating on the Charter Committee.

Eayers and Spataro have both been on the BoS before and have an extensive background in service to the town.

Beausoleil I am not positive about his experience in service to the town in other areas.

Rullo has impressed me as a member of the BoS and I feel he deserves a full term. He has not managed to walk out.

With Spataro I am still miffed over his "cheap seats" comment and Eayers did not impress me in his last run.

At this point I would probably vote for Frawley despite the fact he seemed more intent on being a pest at the BoS meetings over the casino issue that providing a substantive argument for debate. Frawley has still done some service in other areas and represents a fresh alternative to the same old.

Candidates night may provide some reasons to change my opinion.

bogofree said...

Here is another breakdown of the Middleboro ballot for the upcoming election.

IMO the most significant issue will be the override. As another poster pointed out this will represent a permanent tax increase and will not necessarily be allotted to the school system every year.

The Gazette will profile the candidates and will also sponsor a limited debate.

anonymous said...

With the looming possibility of lay-offs, and increased state and federal taxes, I just can't see committing to a permanent local tax that may not even go to the schools. In fact, I'm not convinced that throwing money at a problem is the best fix, although I do understand that the 2 1/2 proposal is meant to maintain the status quo rather upgrade the schools' academic standings. Seems to me that the recession is causing every sector of the economy to fully feel the impact of past and current runaway spending. Reality is the money just isn't there...we've run out...and cuts across the board are inevitable.

I work as a CE for the US Highway Dept. and we were informed Friday not to report to work starting Monday because our budget wasn't passed. No idea how long we'll be stuck in limbo. So I can't give what I don't have. It's just about surviving right now.

Don't blame Bob Sullivan one bit for wanting to distance himself from the incredible stresses he must be facing in an untenable situation. Despite what's been written about him in the blogs, he's a genuinely nice, caring guy, much more competent than some give him credit for. Life's just too short. I wish we had similar options in the private sector.

Suo Mynona said...

The override will only prove the prospective candidates' metal.

To get my vote they must take a firm a position and not say "put it on the ballot and let the people decide." They are being elected to decide. Passing the buck on candidates' night will show an inability to make the tough call.

It is more about being honest with the electorate in Middleboro than telling an interest group what they want to here.

For or against, IMO, everyone knows a majority of voters will not increase taxes on their neighbors and friends in this recession.

This is the most concise and easy understand explanation of prop 2.5 -- it helped me.

chica said...

This represents a conflicting dilemma for me. I have a home and certainly cannot afford the risk and burden of a permanent tax increase in these troubled times. Then comes the fact that I have children in the school system and realize the need to increase budget to meet expenses. From what I have determined the system has made substantial cuts and the staff has also made concessions on contract and raises. I also see that continuing health care costs have to be addressed and that brings up another dilemma with national health care.

Suo Mynona said...

***Local Nostradamus?***

How come the self professed Best Blogger will not talk about the override? It is a real topic. Not some pie in the sky thing upon which we as voters have no impact.

What say you BB? You know the "high level details" about wind turbines, the best places to find turkey feathers and tell everyone how to vote on elections.

Now "man up" (your favorite term) How should we vote? Tell people the factual ins and outs of prop 2.5 and school override. How could we ever make a decision without your sage advice?

Yes I did say sage. His political predictions are always precisely wrong. Kind of like Nostradamus, just different.