Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finding Clark

This is what started it all on Finding Clark. Since I was traveling to South Dakota I found a town named CLARK. Rather interesting place and another poster, Dal, expanded upon it extensively. Will not be able to visit Clark since it is on the other side of the state but there are plenty of places named Clark. Maybe one is the secret location with the 100 ESL teachers? Add any to the list.


VirtualThoughts said...

Looks like CFO closed ranks in your absence and shut down Topix.

VirtualThoughts said...

However---it also looks like the nemasket forum has bitten the dust as well. Don't think MR has gotten the point that posters don't much like always being told she's right about everything and they're..well...dumb and uninformed. Amusing to see her post to herself. LOL Also, where did all her allies (MR, MR, MR...)who posted to her blog go?

bogofree said...

I just checked Topix and it is dead as is At nemasket even JP got tired talking to herself.

Hopefully, this is a trend and the blogs of the CFO will be removed or revised. When that happens this also goes south.