Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More BOS Foolishness

Amazing amount of buck passing by the Town Manager in attempting to pass off a veterans issue as a union issue. The propaganda that came forward was “I held the line on the budget.” TM has no problem funding an assistant and can’t – along with our lethargic BOS – figure out a way to make it happen? Hey – even Jack Healey and his creative accounting could get it done.
Do any of them realize – TM and BOS – just how foolish they look? Yes – especially Steve McKinnon. What Steve should have said rather than an absurd comment about the 82nd Airborne (A cheap shots similarity vis a vis Steve Spataro) was to simply say: “How can we as a BOS and a TM get this done?” If you can pontificate for the new police station via being a point person for the PAC – you can do this. I’ve heard you say on many occasions to support our police with this new shed. So 9.5 Million is OK' but dragging up a few bones for vets is not? Please – no more silly this and that regarding Town Meeting approval.
Back to the 82nd Airborne comment. Was it intended to be the large crowd of vets and their supporters that showed up? What is wrong with that? Can Paul or anyone else bring in folks that wish to show support or have a say? “Costs must be contained” – what a crock! Want to contain them? Build a station for 7.5 Million.
This was and is a classic “Bloody Shirt” issue that should transcend any of the attempts to deflect with hazy attempts to link it to Town Meeting or to point the finger at the union. What they really need is someone full-time, but if 20 hours will suffice, then you go forward without generating as much negativity as possible.
Adam Bond said it as well as anyone could and he and Paul have certainly have their issues, but the common goal was always the same although the path may not have been.
Bond was in rare form – no doubt the result of his scintillating victory for the Planning Board. So along those lines, he cut to the bone on the utter stupidity over $121 and some chump change on an issue that leaves me just ready to ask my doctor if he supports euthanasia.
The roots of this mess seem to hover around some BOS nastiness that is now a he said, she said, and makes the whole litter box that they meet in have a sudden need for some new Fresh Step Litter. McKinnon made the quite appropriate comment that – and I paraphrase – we can pass a 72.6 Million budget in a blink and debate this endlessly.
President Obama has now joined former President Bush in protecting our "allies" in the House of Saud from any possible law suits resulting in their possible knowledge of 9/11. The decision is quite clear - the administration(s) value the Saudi's more than American citizens. Withholding such information is morally bankrupt.
Parents need a choice and actually demand it which is why charter schools are necessary.
Based on Middleboro’s tepid MCAS scores the waiting list would be substantial.
There is no evidence to support claims that casino’s decrease lottery dollars.
Bibi warned Congress a year ago about terrorist getting nukes. Now Obama has awaken from his stupor to state the same.
“The Donald” would be a voting disaster for Republicans.
Middleboro’s budget is 72.6M and the Red Sox Rusney Castillo has a six year 72.5M contract for sitting on the bench.
Much personal animosity on our BOS – maybe Trump can move here?


Hal Brown said...

Maybe Trump can move to Middleboro and you can move to Portland to live among the weird liberals, where we do have legal physician assisted suicide. I know someone whose mother availed herself of it. She was a holocaust survived who choose to die her way. It was a moving and deeply felt goodby to her loved ones as she drifted off into oblivion.
As you know we also have legal recreational marijuana and more strip clubs per capita than any other city.
If you stay in Middleboro, how about running for selectman? At the least, get yourself a radio show. And come on, if I can update my second worst blog in the universe every morning, you can at least update your blog once a week. Take the blunge and buy a name people can remember. Bogofree has been grabbed up by a reseller, but I am sure you can come up with something like for $6-8 a year.
Then just a small ad in the Gazette or Spenterprise.

Very slowly my readership is increasing, but it is hard for me to tell exactly how much since I don’t know if the stat measure counts the many times I log on to see how it looks as I produce the morning edition. Yesterday I had over 100, let month over 2,000.

For reasons I don’t know after the U.S. (575 page views) the most readers come from Israel (475 page views), next down is Ukraine (25 page views). I think I know why I have 10 from China.

Richard McNair said...

I actually expend most of my literary talent on - my latest article "only" had 3,000 reads. Your blog seems to have the same diverse readership as mine - especially the foreign contingent - no doubt from "Mr. Softy" warning me my computer is about to crash or selling me solar energy.

Bogofree is from when I use to be an avid couponer, but now with so many store brands I generally avoid that scam. But I also use - as you know - the far more appropriate ojdidit in honor of the ultimate and not acknowledged watershed in American racial relations. The first time in our history a dysfunction and rich Black male could walk on a crime that traditionally rich and dysfunctional White males could walk away from.

Hal - you have mentioned strip clubs several times and I would suggest the ladies will find you far more attractive if you have a was of $5 and no longer use the ones - not that I would know anything about that.

I find it amazing what the government attempts to regulate such as marriage, birth and death. I can certainly toss in the various other aspects of what somehow becomes major issues such as who uses a potty and using recreational drugs in the confines of your double-wide.

Back to Middleboro.

Really not much to write about the community where minor issues are major and major issues are minor. A rather skewered way of doing business.

Latest book I would recommend is "Love, Sex and War" that focuses on WW II.

I usually check your blog about once a week, but tend to avoid it since I am jealious of the presentation.

Hal Brown said...

I am so literal and befuddled that I looked up bosoxinjection wondering why you’d be posting on botox website…

Meanwhile The Cos will probably die of old age before he wears prison orange.

I have never been in a strip club but when I first got here and started exploring the area by car I was amazed how many such clubs there were. I’ve been told that lots of young women move here from our wild west, which is the eastern part of the state, and get jobs at strip clubs. When I am out and about and see attractive looking women of that age I wonder whether they are millennial hipsters or strippers - or both.

Lincoln should stay on the $5 until there’s no more racism in the US, in other words, forever. I don’t see why we can’t have another $5 for strip clubs with Gypsy Rose Lee on it.

Gypsy Rose Lee (born Rose Louise Hovick in Seattle in 1911) was—and remains—a force in American popular culture not because she acted in films (although she did act in films) or because she wrote successful mystery novels (although she did write successful mystery novels). The reason Lee’s influence endures can be attributed to two central elements of her remarkable, all-American life story: first, her 1957 memoir, Gypsy, which formed the basis for what more than a few critics laud as the greatest of all American musicals, the 1959 Styne-Sondheim-Laurents masterpiece, Gypsy; and second, her career in burlesque, when she became the most famous—and perhaps the most singularly likable—stripper in the world. (Today’s “neo-burlesque” performers, like Dita Von Teese, Angie Pontani and others, cite Gypsy in near-reverent terms as a pioneer and inspiration.)

Near to where I live there are two next two each other, both famous. I mentioned before that the third store along that street is a marijuana store.

The Acropolis is noted for it’s $6 steaks and we have the only vegan strip club:
(8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd., 231-9611,
Google "strip club steak" and you find the "A-crop," the old-school standard for sirloin and sleaze in Southeast Portland. The family that has owned this Sellwood institution since 1976 is also in the cattle-ranching business, allowing the club to sell beef at lower costs. Aside from the $4 cover, the Linkin Park remixes and the stripper who accosted me by the salad bar for ignoring her while I ate, the Acropolis serves as an effective benchmark for the "strip steak" experience.

The steak: Worth the hype and 20-minute wait. The steak's gently seared exterior lacked the crusty scabs of burnt seasoning that the Ponderosas of the world use to dress up flavorless cuts. The inside was tender and pink, vivid in the red light.

Portland, Oregon has one of the largest concentrations of strip clubs in the US. And now the city has the distinction of having the world’s very first vegan strip club.

Yes, you read that right. A Mr. Johnny Diablo has just launched the Casa Diablo, a strip joint that offers “meat on the pole, not on the plate.” Tactful.

Diablo is a vegan of 23 years, and claims that most of his strippers have similar tree-hugging views. Besides the fact that his new joint will feature no meat on the menu, the dancers themselves are not allowed to wear fur, leather or snakeskin — in short, no sexy materials allowed.

The business mantra here isn’t clear — it’s not as if a tree hugger needs incentives like a vegan menu and a no leather policy, to visit. And once inside, who’s really looking at the menu anyway?

For now, the reaction has been mixed with hard core vegans pleased at the boost to their cause, but skittish about Diablo’s tactless comparison of females to meat. Feminists are of course, furious.

And before we forget, the joint doesn’t allow smoking either.

Richard McNair said...

Ah....I saw the original Gypsy on Broadway and it has now returned for - I believe - its third revival. Irving Berlin turned down the project. I know Gypsy Rose had a TV talk show for quite a few years and I believe she also had a child by Milton Berle.

The strip club scene around these parts in either Providence or towns surrounding Boston. The Foxy Lady has always been a hot spot and the few times I went it was with someone else's expense account. The style is generally reminiscent of mid 19th to early 20th century bars where the food is cheap, plentiful and actually quite passable but the booze is astronomical. For strippers look up the name Louise Wightman. Very interesting since she was quite active in the old Combat Zone area before it got cleaned up.

I had a former student that paid my school a visit about ten years ago and she was working as a stripper since the money she made was incredible. Paid for college in cash.

I just read this after having a nice rib eye steak with a mixed greens salad. Great food. It is a vacation day for me since my wife - The Lovely Cynthia, - my daughter and my grand daughter are in Boston to see The Wizard of Oz. I will avoid that show.

I saw in the local version of the London Times (The Enterprise) that the tribe has purchased the land they have had the options on. I believe the two parcels are about 500 acres and the cost was somewhere in the 6M range. My inclination is they may attempt to use the land as a tribal resource - primarily housing - for the workers at the slots parlor. No doubt they will somehow attempt to use their "status" to circumvent paying real estate taxes but still use our schools, etc. Just my conspiracy theory for the day since the alien stuff seems quiet.

When I look at Donald Trump he reminds me of one of those inflatable punch dummies that you whack and they pop right back up. I realize comments on personal appearance is rather infantile, but, hey - no reason to stop. I would comment on Hillary but the sisterhood would probably be barging into my hovel.

In the meantime, I may seek my cheap thrills by going to Target and grabbing a few dresses and attempt to enter the ladies changing area. Just tell them that I "identify" with being a woman. I'll request a low bail.

Hal Brown said...

That is quite the story - I never heard of Louise Wightman -there are some legit psych practices with South Shore in their name, here’s what I found about her’s

South Shore Psychology Associates, LLC is a Massachusetts Domestic Limited-Liability Company (Llc) filed on April 26, 2000. The company's filing status is listed as Involuntary Dissolution By Court Order Or By The S and its File Number is 000703356.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Lucy Wightman and is located at 175 Derby St., Ste 7, Hingham, MA 02043-0000.

The company has 2 principals on record. The principals are Karen Beason and Lucy Wightman. Debatable how good or legit the Mass School of Psych is. Certainly anyone can buy a degree from Concordia. They advertise a lot on TV here for an MBA. Wightman is actually list on Wiki when you look up Concordia, apparent one of her notable “graduates.”

Louise Wightman[edit]
In May 2007 Louise Wightman of Norwell, Massachusetts, was convicted of fraud and larceny for misrepresenting herself as a licensed psychologist and for falsely advertising that she held a doctorate in psychology. Part of her crime was claiming to have a Ph.D. based on having received a degree from Concordia. She holds a valid master's degree and devoted five years of study to a Ph.D. program which she did not complete. She is therefore legally qualified to use the term "psychotherapist" but not "psychologist" according to state licensing requirements.

She told the jury that she felt she had earned a Ph.D., so she paid about $1,300 to obtain her degree (Ph.D. with a major in psychology) over the Internet from Concordia College and University.[24] This credential ultimately proved to be worthless.[25]

Lots more here

On my blog - and hey it is really getting good - I am often reduced to putting particularly grotesque photos of Trump, mostly his contorted mouth - on.

I am blog flogging by cross posting onto Kos, 13 so far since I started a month ago. I have to be careful because I am a newbie and the regulars can be unmerciful in their comments if I don’t meet their standards, even for spelling (I was corrected twice within a few minutes of a post for spelling “its" incorrectly).

I always put http://halbrown there hoping I’ll get some page views. I’m counting on you to tell everyone you know that the guy from Middleboro they used to dislike now has an amazing blog named after himself: just google him and Middleboro to find it.

Richard McNair said...

Lady Cheyenne - Louise was one of the most renowned strippers in the Boston area for years.

Kos is - to me - the Fox News and CNBC of the internet. Maybe you will add some well needed class and objectivity to it? Just looking at some of the needle brains that post replies makes one wish to place a sharp object into the brain pans of each of them.

My vast readership will certainly follow the crumbs trail to your blog - at least the few that actually reside in the Western Hemisphere.

The occasional nitpicking with grammar just means that they cannot devalue content and only construction. My limited construction skill base is attacked by using several programs designed to pick up what I miss. I never run my blog through any of them - maybe I should?

Our web site writing portal on Fanside or Bosox Injection has a few programs to use and I have a few others so I end up spending 15 minutes writing a 1,000 words and one hour doing the grunt work of editing. Must be doing a decent job since I post without editorial supervision. I have actually refused to be an editor on the site or other sites within the network of 300 teams/entertainment/travel.

I also use a readability program that always me to look at where a post falls in that category. I try to target the 60-65 range that is about the level of an Obama speech and that is the real sweet spot for our readership. Since the scale goes downward the lower the score the more difficult the comprehension it can be an interesting tool to see your writing and compare it to others.

With baseball I have to take into consideration numbers since that raises the score. Not unusual to have a 77 and remove all the statistics and have it drop to 60. Check it out.

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Hal Brown said...

Hey, you have hit the big time - somebody found your blog besides me and tried to get people to look at their website.

Richard McNair said...

I see that. Wow....probably a real human, too! Maybe they will go to your site?

Hal Brown said...

Check out the comments to my latest attempt to cross-post my way into fame by piggybacking stories onto a site with a large readership of people who ought to agree with most of what I say, but surprisingly always want to pick my stuff apart.

Amazing how few people seem to have actually read what I wrote today (called a diary on Daily Kos) and totally missed my point. Only one woman really got - and heartedly agreed with - what I said.

Richard McNair said...

No girls allowed? How archaic. From what I gathered there was considerable shouting 20 or so years ago directed at a husband who had some indiscretion issues.

Maybe I will lower my high standards and post on the Daily Kos?

I will - quite naturally - ignore content and concentrate on construction.

Hal Brown said...

I just put another cross-post on Kos <a href="”>HERE</a>
And this time the commenters didn’t misread me and they basically agreed.

At least on Kos when you write something it stays on the front page for an hour or so on the sidebar, and this gets you some comments. You can then comment on the comments and this can keep things going until readers get bored.

I suggest you read some of the posters (diary writers) before you craft a piece yourself… they don’t cotton to over-the-top sarcasm and if you are crude it will get you flagged and possibly banned.


I think she want to run as his VP.

Bernie is in Eugene, Oregon today. That’s south of Portland, where the University of Oregon is. Oregon State is in Corvallis, also south of here. Portland State, a decent university is here. The best college in Portland is Reed, also one of the best small colleges in the county. Oregon Health and Science University in Portland is an excellent medical and dental school.

Bernie is very popular in Oregon, so there’s a chance for him the the primary. We vote by mail here - so add that to assisted suicide, pot, and strip clubs for being progressive.

Richard McNair said...

If Hillary gets in I may need a strip club, pot and assisted suicide.

I avoid Ann as much as I avoid Trump. But with Trump his package sells so the networks eat it up.

Bernie will take Oregon, but it is all over for him. Even if it was close the super delegates would do him it. Too bad.

I would not be writing for the Kos unless they wish to have some baseball commentary.

I am sure the readership has the same itty bitty attention span as we do on the baseball site. An article can catch fire and then in 24 hours be in the rubbish bin.