Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Ides of March

Forget the obstinacy of the business owner and his apparent track record of ignoring or circumventing the BOS, the issue is twenty-five cars on a lot. Common sense would mean 25 for sale. As was pointed out there’s a transient nature to a car lot. Customers have cars. Cars are in for repair. Employees have cars. A poorly worded by-law is being used as a punishment tool for an uncooperative business owner with a questionable relationship with the town.
What do you do if there is 25 cars on the lot and a customer shows up? Tell the customer to get lost? Pack up a car and move it off lot? If the town wishes to inspect the lot for cars make sure that there are 25 for sale.
According to the Brockton Enterprise there are five millionaires in Middleboro. That, according to state returns for 2012, is the adjusted gross income. There is no report on how many are employees of the police, fire or G & E.
Benghazi, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater and now emails. As George Will said “The Clinton’s would try to find a loophole in a stop sign.” So…Hillary is the front runner and you can fully expect the water carriers in her wing of the party to claim it is all a right-wing conspiracy.
Former Governor Deval Patrick is now with the Boston 2024 Olympic Committee. If there was any reason to say no to this boondoggle that should seal the deal.
Middleboro has managed to be rather successful in maintaining budget and that is reflected in lack of interest on the part of candidates. A smooth sailing ship.
The Boston Olympics certainly made a splash with Deval Patrick getting a $7,500 per day consulting fee. And no paid detail, either.
I have difficulty understanding the fascination on the part of the left with enemies of Israel. How much is rooted in anti-Semitism? A nuclear Iran? What a splendid option!
The Republican presidential hopefuls have now infected New Hampshire. A splendid group that make Sarah Palin look legit.
Baseball is getting ready for the season and I continue my spectacular articles on
If my street is any example Middleboro will be investing heavily in pot hole repair.
The Patriots have taken a step back and their competition a step up. I am certainly no fan of the Pats and do not shed tears over the loss of Revis - until he landed back with the despised Jets.
MCAS has been an educational success story so why Common Core? If Massachusetts was a nation we'd be among the top five in the world in performance and even higher in some instances.
When examining international testing such as SERI, be aware some nations exclude many students from the exam.


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