Monday, December 8, 2014

Middleboro: Home of male, pale and stale

The town manager recently spoke of having community meetings regarding the police station issue. The TM suggested as a starting point Oak Point with over 900 residents. A member of the Police Station Study Committee objected on the grounds “they were not tax payers.” This myopic vision was soon shot down. OP does pay taxes as do the residents.
The attitude demonstrated by this point of view is distributing. So reminiscent of a candidate’s night a few years back where another business owner, whose wife was running for the BOS, took issue with another candidate for being a rent payer and not a taxpayer.
I am sure both these individuals would be comfortable with a return to colonial times where if you were male, White and owned property you got to vote!
The committee itself is still alive. They should be disbanded and new and fresh faces given the opportunity to move forward on the issue. The renovation of the current station is not happening. Now it is time to actually review the other options that were questionably rejected.
As a trail runner I often come across signs like this: “Government property. Unauthorized access will be prosecuted.” Somewhat paraphrased but you get the idea. I think of that sign with the current and ongoing debate over illegal immigration.
In the recent moonbat beat down a big question on the minds of voters was illegal immigration. I do believe that had some impact on the fact the Republicans took control of both houses and added on some governorships.
The moonbat fringe loves to invent new phrases to lighten the possible negative vibes flowing. One was attempting to re-brand liberal as a progressive. The latest is to classify an illegal as “unauthorized persons.” I never see the wingnuts attempt those type of deceptions. I guess, like Gruber states, they must be “stupid American voters.”
Falling inflation is a worry of the European banks and is also of concern here. The last thing anyone in government wants is cheaper prices. With inflation that debt – 18T and counting in the U.S. – is paid off with cheaper money. Ask the stiff getting a 1% raise if he/she wants lower food costs, fuel costs and trinkets.
Maybe the School Committee should consider what Brockton is doing and returning to neighborhood schools. Many communities still do that but years ago Middleboro decided to consolidate into that Buckland-Goode mess. Too bad. Now most of those schools have found other use, but don’t give up! Maybe the militant preservationist can attempt to resurrect them.
“Technically it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.” Those words are attached to soon to exit AG, Martha Coakley. Turns out a police office had discovered a novel (and legal) way to spot illegals and hammer away at the main issue – ID Theft. Initial love of idea expressed by minions in the AG’s office eventually led to no emails being answered. I guess ID theft is not important.
And then there is Ms. Divestiture herself – Peg Goldberg. Turns out her family charitable foundation lost 14M to Bernie and now Ms. Divesture will oversee a 55B PRIT pension fund.
I don't know what is worse - the hours after the announcement in Ferguson or Best Buy at 1AM on Black Friday.
Expand the tax base by being business friendly is a message from the new TM. Does that mean a single tax rate?

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