Thursday, April 10, 2014

There are idiots everywhere, and sometimes we elect them

Enterprise article sites fast rising real estate taxes. A major contributor? Debt exclusion.
Two hundred sixty one ballots cast. Yes, I was one.
The Brewster contract has been issued for another three years. Despite the machinations of some that has worked out rather well.
The G & E had the greatest number of town employees on the highest paid list. A week later an article in the paper mentions G & E rates will increase.
Massport is proposing a raise in parking fees of $2-$3 depending upon lot used. They raised the fees in 2012 for the same amount and with the same reasoning. The added “expenses” and to - and they are serious - To encourage people to use alternative transportation.
And, this just in! Guess what? Massport payroll has hit 100M - well above budget. Not me. I can’t connect the dots between rising fees and rising payroll.
Massachusetts has been handing out jobs to those that have been guests of the Commonwealth. I have no problem with giving a hand-up (or out) to someone who has paid their debt to society, but to place an embezzler into a position of handling money? Then again, maybe they will be more responsible than or elected representatives?
Mark Pacheco (D- Probation) now is on the bully pulpit for a 50M statewide tree planting project. The last gem Pacheco planted on the unwary was the famed Pacheco Law. No doubt this project, questionable at best, will have a similar outcome on our personal bottom line.
A proposed 1.1B casino at Suffolk Downs had run into some permitting issues. Seems the brainiacs at the Massachusetts Historic Commission have decided that thirty former horse barns are now “historic.” Famed sports entrepreneur, Bill Veeck, once wrote a book “Thirty Tons A Day” describing his experience of operating Suffolk Downs. I know where that thirty tons should be dumped. So now the project may be delayed and further delayed over what can be easily corrected by a CAT D3C XL.
What the Hysterical Commission failed to even remotely comprehend is that they are dealing with some interesting folks from Eastie who look forward to this project. You may remember some of those orange shirts a few years back at a TM. I know as I fully remember a load of trash being dumped near my anti casino sign.
If the Commission really wishes to run interference for horse barns there is a viable option. A few days a week I go right by the Middleborough-Brockton Agricultural Fair grounds in Brockton. Plenty of barns still remain.
Taunton State Hospital has some magnificent buildings that date back to 1854. They are a wreck. Some have burned and most are in desperate need of repair. Where is the Massachusetts Historic Commission on that situation? Oh…right….I forgot. There are two standards in this state: One standard applies to state owned property and the rest to everyone else.
The Middleboro ZBA got it right when they mentioned parking and fuel depot for the new cop shop. But, to me, the most significant comment was the building should be a museum and I agree. The MHA should have had that building years ago.

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