Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Representative Anthony Weiner has managed to go center stage for a few weeks over some rather explicit photos he posted. In the best tradition of one nabbed came first the denial, followed by evasiveness and finally full admission complete with an Ed Muskie press conference.

As the days have gone by this is no longer a lapse of judgment but a pattern of sexual explicit emails and postings. Weiner is now a “problem” for the Democrats but he is also a moonbat favorite and some have taken to some rather bizarre attempts at justifying his actions. Personally I’m waiting for Jessie to blame it on the Koch Brothers.

Weiner seems to want to stay on the job no matter what and no matter how much pressure is applied. This is right out of page one of the Studds/Frank playbook where no matter what the level of shame you hang on. I’m sure Weiner knows that both survived rather well despite indiscretions that in the real world could grab you some jail time.

Now the talk shows and especially the NY Post have had some merriment with the Weiner - Notice how I avoided saying they are being “hard” on Weiner-
predicament leading to what I consider my two favorite headlines - both in the Post.

“Fall on your sword” and “Erections have consequences.”

The Democrats seem to have less of a shame factor than Republicans.

Sarah Palin had a unique interpretation of American history that actually was accurate. Understanding history and having “dumb luck” are obviously present in this case and to be the latter wins out.

The Town Meeting went rather quickly and I managed to arrive around Article twelve thanks to a hot water heater deciding to leak and getting stuck in a massive Boston traffic jam. Wayne Perkins kept things moving and the BOS had some practice speed reading. A few totally unnecessary head counts that bogged things down just a bit.

I was surprised at the overwhelming acceptance of a tax break for saving military. Totally unnecessary.

Jim Thomas had a letter in the Gazette a few weeks back that demonstrated an appalling lack of understanding of the current military. He was no doubt reflecting upon the beer league soldiers in the century in which he served. . A rebuttal appeared in the Gazette this week and pointed out the numerous flaws in Jim’s reasoning. He must not have been awake when a recent group of local guardsmen were sent off to Afghanistan or articles appear in the various papers about deployments. You join the guard you will be deployed.

Thankfully a power grab by the BOS regarding CPC appointments was deep sixed.

I have often considered TM the purest form of special interest and was not disappointed when after the Rivers Edge vote at least twenty-five headed for the exits.

The Republicans have not really offered much as an alternative to the dismal performance of the Community Organizer In Chief which bodes well for this apparent failure. No real alternative has surfaced unless Mitt is considered viable or electable.

There is a scene in the movie Titanic where the ship is sinking and you see all the rats scurrying to escape. Presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich (R-Infidelity) had his entire staff quit on him. The HMS Gingrich is taking on water and about to sink.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - had her annual meeting of the Middleborough Historical Association and was rather upset afterwards about how she conducted the meeting since her grasp of Robert’s Rules leaves a wee bit to be desired. However she muddled along and it was not as bad as she thought it was. I sympathize with her as I find the whole process confusing and boring like the Town Meeting. If I was running the meeting then you would see a real butcher job. Some live off the organized mayhem and I don’t.

The town of Norton I believe has a nice sixteen page book describing the process of TM.

At TM one speaker took a nice cheap shot at Lakeville over the rejection of SYSCO. Was right on target.

Are they still hunting down a new school superintendent? Do you have to be a swim coach to apply?

Obamacare is really starting to look rather bleak. Forget the waivers that now number over 1,300 it will all come down to employers willing to pay fines rather than submit to the program. That burden then falls upon the tax rolls. Been a number of neutral reports showing all the flaws.

D use to stand for Democrat and now it stands for Demagoguery. Paul Ryan started the ball rolling on entitlements especially the twin towers of fiscal doom - Medicare and Medicaid. Both chew up over 25% of the budget and are based on a model that is 20...30...and even 40 years old and that represents a drastic change in demographics, funding and expansion of programs. Instead of having a debate on this issue the Democrats are hiding behind that curtain and hauling out all the traditional evils in that this is just another Republican venture to protect their rich constituent base and heavy donors. This myopic view designed to play to the choir does nothing to address the issue. They offer up no alternatives other than to portray themselves right out of the Nikko Toshogo Shrine in Japan - hear, see and speak no evil.

The Democrats have this long tradition - or at least claim to have it - of actually having some sympathy for the downtrodden - much like Progressive Republicans of the last century. IMO that image dissipated years or decades ago. The issue of entitlements is out of control. This is not Chicken Little but a fiscal tsunami that will continue to get worse.
Friday is now free ice tea day at Cumberland Farms and I must say I have taken an obscene advantage of the situation. If I could actually feel remorse I’d be concerned but I started out with getting the paper and an ice tea at 6:30AM. When I went running about 9:30 I stopped at the Cumby’s downtown for a pre run drink. Returning from the trails it was a post run drink at the Cumby’s in Bridgewater and then still another in Middleboro. I justify this by the fact that on free ice coffee days I sample none since I can’t stand ice coffee. I can rationalize my behaviors with the best of them.

On a sports posting board a New York fan was poking fun at our regional accent that is certainly of higher quality than anything in the NY area. Anyways I posted we pronounce New York as “Noo Yawk” as in “We swept Noo Yawk…twice.” Got several likes for that one.


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