Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Elections And Other Garbage

Patriots will win and will cover.

MiMi Duphily has announced that she will run for a second term on the BOS. Based on her display on Monday’s my simpleton opinion is MiMi is the appendix of local politics. The appendix has no apparent value and can be removed without damaging the body.

Why is it MiMi and not Mimi?

Brian Giovanoni has announced a run for the School Committee. Brian and I were on opposite ends of the casino issue but Brian has put in some valuable time on those committee’s no one hears of. And would certainly apply himself to a job on the SC. That will be an interesting contest if the incumbents reup.

Ben Quelle has announced for BOS and that gives me one option to vote for and I am sure another will pop up. I cannot vote for either MiMi or Marsha. Marsha for her attempt to quelle (pun intended) free speech and MiMi for being MiMi.

The lowest of the low is the Westboro Baptist Church most notable for demonstrating at military funerals. The few members of the church have made it known that they planning on demonstrating at the funerals in Arizona and the response from the far right, left, Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party is to pass some type of legislation to prevent this or severely limit it. What an abomination! Typical knee jerk reaction. I can see this matter being handled similar to abortion clinics but this situation seems more restrictive.

Managed to get out around noon time on the day of the storm and the roads were in great shape. The DPW may not pick up trees but they did a very good job on my street which is a side street. Route 28 was down to the pavement. Trouble is we had some more snow during the night and that did cause a bit of an accumulation on the side streets. In The Boston Herald Ray Flynn, the former mayor of Boston, had an article on how he use to drive around with the plow drivers to make sure things were getting done. Unlike Mayor Bloomberg in NYC (and some members of the BOS) he realized it is the little things. Bloomberg got the message and had full force during the latest NY storm.

I read that all this snow is a result of global warming. I had also read that the warmer weather in the summer is the result of global warming. Nice to frame a science debate where no matter what evidence is presented backs up a position.

Evergreen in Massachusetts is dead. Eight hundred jobs gone and a bundle of taxpayer dollars thanks to Deval “Almost One and Out” Patrick. I understand that their Chinese operation is still going and, of course, their CEO got a nice bonus despite the company going down the tubes. The governor stated something about at least having jobs for four years. Such leadership! Good for going green.

Gambling will be on the agenda in Massachusetts for 2011 and will surface in one form or another in the wonderful world of extravagant gin mills. The Tribe seems to be out of this play so far but one never knows.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - enjoys shoving snow and who am I to discourage such a wonderful pastime. I even purchased a few additional shovels that are actually capable of hacking away at the ice. I do participate in this joyful activity but it is frustrating since I am constantly directed to “avoid throwing snow on the birdbath” or “Not near those bushes” as snow has to be piled in certain specific areas. Her primary goal every storm is to clear an area in the back yard so that her feral welfare cats will have access to the multiple feedings they receive each day. If any Haitian hurricane victims knew just what was available at the feeding trough they would head north and stay under the picnic table in the back yard.

My daughter managed to find some news that was not on her primary news focus in life - TMZ - that had a story about the elderly dropping from heart attacks while shoveling snow. When this storm rolled around she actually had a plow come over and plow us out. She even commandeered her brother to come over and participate in some sibling shoveling activity. That has not stopped my wife who has made twice daily treks to clean off melted ice or provide pristine pathways to bird feeders.

The CL had an interesting posted comment on a prominent anti casino site that had “data” pronouncing how many potential suicides are possible with a casino in Massachusetts. The information was so blatantly false as to be laughable. Do these folks ever realize that just a modicum of research will fill that BS full of holes? Find to be anti this or that but when the attitude is the ends justifies the means it is just plain wrong. Becomes much to common place in too many issues. The old repeat a lie often enough it becomes a truth.

Commercials that advertise we’ll beat our competitors price or the item such as a car or floor will be free is just plain idiotic. Does anyone really think about the stupidity of that statement?

Another one is car dealers putting a sticker on a car that is just ADM or additional dealer markup for a car on which there has been nothing added on. Just a negotiation ploy. A few weeks ago I was at a dealership where I saw think in full court press mode with a client with limited English skills. While the salesman was off - probably illegally checking credit without permission - I explained the situation to the customer and then left. Hopefully he did not pay MSRP and the additional useless thousands.

I came across a great book via email called “Disorder In American Courts” that uses actually court room testimony. For example:

ATTORNEY:  The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he?
WITNESS:      He's 20, much like your IQ. 

I will avoid any connections to any local attorney’s.

Patrice Tierney - wife of Representative John Tierney - has been sent to a to be determined Club Fed for thirty days thanks to her involvement with a money laundering scheme connected to her brother. Her husband had no knowledge of this according to his own statement and I can understand that. If my wife started to toss around thousands of dollars and buy a new car I’d not say a thing. That means the rep is either a liar or an idiot.


Suo Mynona said...

Comments on the Loughner shooting lead me to believe there is no far left or far right. There are only politico extremists.

Perhaps this is why so many people are now independents or centrists of their party. Hopefully the beehive of demagogues will continue to lose power in these trying times.

chica said...

I can't imagine someone using a tragedy to attempt to score political points. The reaction seems to be how something minor or significant could be used to debase your opponents. If the President makes a remark of some consequence it becomes fodder for his adversaries and that is something that runs both ways.

anonymous said...

It's all the fault of Fox News.

bogofree said...

Threat against a TP member over shooting.

Green Bay looked awfully good.

Pizza, beer and football today.

Look at those oil prices go up. Thank you, speculators.

bogofree said...

So much for a win and to cover. Another Bogo quality prediction.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Who still takes Tim Geithner seriously? his latest comment:

"Repealing the Affordable Care Act would be bad for business and bad for the economy"

This flys in the face of everything we have learned about the Health Care Act since congress followed Pelosi's advice and passed the legislation in order to understand it true benefits.

Hey Tim try adding some good old capitalism and allow interstate competition plus health care pools for small businesses & individuals.


Federal Government Paradox

"Fathom the odd hypocrisy that the government wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don't have to prove they are citizens." - Ben Stein

bogofree said...

Another Ivy League tax cheat who "forgot" to pay self-employment taxes. I think he blamed it - and I am serious - on Turbo Tax. Mr. AIG himself who should have been shown the exit with that debacle on AIG.

This is another liberal economist hoisted upon us by Obama.

Would have been nice if he had actually worked in a job sometime in his pampered life where he got his fingernails dirty. Even Barney Frank pumped gas.