Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid Winter Blah

WOW has Jim Jones as his National Security Advisor. Not that Jim Jones but General James Jones.

I am sure that the current administration is trying someway to manipulate the latest employment data that shows the job market flat. The most stunning figure is the number of folks who have literally given up - 631,000!

I wonder how all those affidavits are making out? Is Adam going to check the kennels and spirit world for some?

Nomination papers are available for any who wish to run for local office - win - and then get bashed. I suspect some positions will go vacant. Maybe Suo can start another write-in campaign?

Columnist Betsy Hart had a good point recently when she pointed out when an abortion clinic is bombed or clients threatened and even doctors killed there is condemnation and outrage expressed by Christians. Do you see the same with Jihadist? Seems silence says all one needs to know.

And continuing with anti Muslim rants it is nice that President Obama has stated we are at war. Well…does that mean that characters like the underwear bomber will finally face military tribunals instead of civilian courts?

I’m not a Pats fan but Brady is a great QB on a great team and a good QB on a good team. Trouble is the really great ones are also great on good teams and take them to the next level.

Harry Reid who is on my sidebar for other reasons is under fire for some comments that some have deemed racist. Republicans claim a double standard exists and I can imagine the fire storm if this was McCain that had made similar comments. Harry may stay on that sidebar awhile.

Afghanistan is now Obama’s War.

Can anyone sink lower than the Coakley campaign? Democrats have shown in Washington what they have in Massachusetts and that is the incredible disaster one party politics can be. Goes both ways but IMHO they have now sunk to all time lows.

Betty Brown will be missed.

February Second is the big day at the courthouse in Plymouth for Plowgate. Come early and get a parking space as the streets will be lined with TV crew mobile units.


LMAO said...

Limo is always advertising and running bus trips so maybe he can run one to Plymouth on 2/2?

Suo Mynona said...

There is a link on Bogo's sidebar for information on the school override.

I have been visiting the site regularly, only to find nothing. My humble advice to is to get some meaty content on the website soon. An empty website will be counterproductive.

Strike while the iron is hot. BB demonstrated exactly how not to proceed with such an effort. Do the opposite. Far more people can identify with schools.

The two primary responsibilities of government are education and public safety.

bogofree said...

That site has been under construction since I put it on the sidebar around two weeks ago.

bogofree said...

Even the meeting message is still there and that was 1/6. Starting to look like the Coakley campaign.

anonymous said...

Joe Wilson continues to be correct. Latest is 2,000,000 jobs created. LMCAO!

chica said...

I wish to express my saddness over Hal's loss. His wife was a wonderful person and will be missed.

bogofree said...

Frustrating having a minor injury that curtails my running. The older you get the longer it takes to get close to 100%.

I was surprised that my daughter will not vote for Coakley. She usually votes Dem but finds her ads "offensive" and has been impressed by Brown in the debates.

I watched two of the debates and found them rather even.

Wally Glendye said...

Hi Bogo,

The healing will only get worse. I was a long distance runner and have run several Marathons onl;y to blow out both knees. I had my left knee totally replaced in 2004 at 45 years of age. It became infected and subsquently it had it revised in 2007. I still have a lot of pain and was recently told that it all has to be removed and done all over again.

It was still worth, I miss running.

Suo Mynona said...

You two need a violin player

bogofree said...
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bogofree said...
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bogofree said...


With me it was three Achilles ruptures and finished off two years ago with a reconstruction. Been back to running and am doing great. What cost me was the excessiveness as I was running 80-100 miles a week and playing full court basketball almost every day. The cumulative effect was an Achilles tear that was a rupture and that was 25 years ago. Next one was 3 years ago and I was told the surgery did not go well and to expect the worse and that meant in a few months another rupture followed by reconstruction.

So now I jog for about an hour to an hour and a half at a 9 minute pace. What I do get is get occasional muscle pulls and that finished off basketball about six years ago. Latest is a strained calf muscle as a result of jogging on that lousy track they have at the Y. I just concentrate on the exercise bike for cardio until I get 100%. I get into a routine of everything going well for a few months and then get a set back for a few weeks. What I have noticed is that as I get older - now 65 - the recovery factor is a lot longer.

The running is a great mind cleanser as I do nothing but trails. Very relaxing.

My wife needs a knee replacement and has been doing nothing about it. After your story I’ll keep my mouth.

Suo is extremely jealous of my buff body so he’ll make those snide comments.

Wally Glendye said...

I also ran between 80-100 miles a week and miss running so much. It is a great mind cleanser anmd I now have two kids running track at MHS so I now live running through them.

By the way, my body needs to be buffed!

Wally Glendye said...

Your wife will know when it's time to get a TKR, trust me.

Tell her to go to Boston. Don't make the same mistake that I did by having it done locally.

bogofree said...

The specialist that did my Achilles is part of a practice that has several other specialist including one on knees. She will not even go for an evaluation. Already had a surgery and some crap injected. No success. She had hers done locally and never went for a second opinion for pre and post surgery. When I had my reconstruct lined up I went to three specialist to have it evaluated to see if that was the course to follow. All were on the same page. The doctor that did the surgery I actually conducted an interview with him. Guy was and is fantastic.

I went to see the doctor that operated on me a few weeks ago just for a routine checkup and he was amazed at how I had progressed. Said when you consider my age and level of activity I am probably among a handful who returned to such a level of activity. I've always had a positive outlook on recovery and rehab even being in casts, boots and on crutches for almost a year with the rupture and then the reconstruct.

Eventually you may get back to running. Never say never. No telling what will happen in 5-10 years.

Suo Mynona said...

anonymous said...

BB wants some guest posters so I'm saying Suo to go for it!

bogofree said...

Hey....I just got a call from Curt Shilling! I get calls every hour from one of the canidates or one of their supporters.I'm surprised they have not had a seance and have Teddy record one: " is Teddy from beyond the ....grave. I encourage all of you to er...ah...ah...elect Marsha (what? ) ....elect Martha...Crotchly (what?) to the ah...ah...ah...Senate."

Family Guy said...

I went by the Green School the other day and they are doing what appears to be substantial work. Any updates on it Suo?

Suo Mynona said...

Family Guy:

We are still getting donations. people are donating in name of loved ones. More on that later.

The work progresses along. We expect that by the end of spring it will look brand new from the exterior. There will be all new clapboards and new or indentical gutters, molnings and soffets.

Once that work is done we will have it painted and re-roffed. Next will be the interior.

But it will look super from the exterior.

Not bad considering BB thinks it is a "skunkworks project."

Suo Mynona said...


BB's blog is void of anything which is worthy replying.

Look at BB's credibility on blog. It has gone to "the dogs" since he required people to post their real names. Everyone knows he had three people logging in annonynously.

He had the most traffic on both his forum and and his blog when Bogo and I were posting. That is not a credit to Bogo or I, it is indicitive of how interesting his topics are how he disdains people not towing his party line. disagree with him and gets his big boy undies all in a bunch and then starts his famous blustering and cursing.

I welcome him to join Bogo and to the Plowgatge hearing. I will pick up both him, gas (liquid type) and lunch at the Guru Grille (

Suo Mynona said...

Sorry for the typos, but I am dial up right now. major pain to correct anything

bogofree said...

The count as of 8PM is five calls from Brown and four from Martha. I'm sure they'll both have their callers going full throttle tomorrow.

Suo I do have a Bogo coupon for Sam Diego's.

I saw that on BB's site about guest posters so I'm sure he can have Jessie post...maybe something on ethics?

We are putting down a new floor in the basement (aka - playroom) and my wife - The Lovely Cynthia - discovered a real low price at Lowe's. Just picked up the "flooring" and I have issued my warnings. I will say I have computer paper thicker than this flooring and have gone on record as when the pool table is placed on it I expect it to crumble like a waffer.

Wally Glendye said...

Happy Birthday Hal!

bogofree said...

Cornhusker Kickback is now history as Ben Nelson realized the almost universal rejection of this measure by his constituents who stood to gain so much from it at the expense of almost everyone else. I guess that says something about middle Americans value system.

Nelson was a fence sitter on health care and is a Democrat who would in many places - such as Massachusetts - be considered a very moderate Republican. This one issue could make him highly vulnerable in the next senatorial election in Nebraska.

anonymous said...

Quite a rally the other day for Brown in Middleboro. Very energetic group.

chica said...

Integrity speaks volumes and Scott Brown has it. The man is a gentleman and I heard him say by going negative he could never look his wife and daughters in the face.

drive-by said...

If Brown wins, I'll break out that 30 year old bottle of Boone's Farm I found in a dumpster and scrape off the green mold from some discarded Hannaford's velvetta. "Bout time the "progressive" moonbat hold on Massachusetts politics and watch their meltdown. Payback's a b*tch! LMAO

bogofree said...

Boone's Farm! LMBAO! I use to buy that stuff for 99 cents a bottle and I saved the bottles. Then about ten years ago I discovered how much they were worth!

Progressive is the term applied for shoving down our throats a tax and spend agenda with no accountability or control. Yaeh..."It's for the children!"

LMAO said...

BOSTON (FOX 25, myfoxboston) - The Coakley Campaign Manager and Attorney have come forward at the peak of the election to discuss reports of pre-marked ballots.

Campaign Manager Kevin Conroy and Attorney Marc Elias held a press conference at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom discussing these reports. They stated that the ballots are threatening the integrity of the election.

The pre-marked ballots were handed out with Scott Brown’s name already checked off.

At least two incidents have been reported in Brighton and Cambridge.

LMAO! Is this the new strategy?