Monday, October 27, 2008

Open Posts

Looks like I'm running well over 100 comments so I figured I'd just toss something out here so folks can post any comment, obsevration, bitch, whine, idiotic statement they want. We can then agree, trash them and generally just run amok.


drive-by-moron said...

This is a big whine.......

Just had a couple of real estate agents out to see what we'd get if we sold out and downsized. Heating bills this winter will go way over our budget.

OMG, both estimates came in $100,000 less than town appraisal and what we still owe on it. Guess we'll buy a used woodstove on Craig's List and burn up our furniture to keep warm. Who needs a sofa, end tables, a head board and dressers anyhow.

Of course the RE agents give you a line of BS and tell you that the market will be picking up in a few months. Not to worry. Yeah right!

bogofree said...

I have had a condo in Galveston, Texas on the market for 18 months and have dropped the price several times. Now the hurricane has caused some more nightmares. With the lack of post storm housing I may get lucky once electric is restored.

I saw a home in the real estate featured section of the Enterprise a few weeks ago for a home that was built with stone with plenty of extras. Price was 1.25Mil and taxes were $7,500. WTF! That place is four times the value of my home and I pay half that in taxes!

LMAO said...

A few months ago I was reading the arrogant bloggers from hell and they mentioned getting their own candidate in any potential BOS races for Middleboro. Somehow I can't expect that amounting to much based on recall on the recent election. But the anti-casino bloggers felt this was the way to go. I say NFW!

Just LMAO!

bluto said...

No way no how anyone whose name is associated with or endorsed by CFO is going to get elected to office in this town. Folks don't trust them and they don't have any real political clout here. Look at what happened with MB's proposed town website. It was technically better than what we have, but his notoriety killed the deal. People just don't want to work with the guy. Even though MB's now distancing himself from the others, he has to figure that people who feel burned by CFO and it's associations have long memories.

Personally I'd vote for Steve McKinnon if he chose to run for Selectman. Even though he's only been on the FinCom for a year, I like what I see. Seems like a reasonable guy with the town's best interests at heart. AND...he's not CFO. In fact, he has a way of putting MR in her place with panache.

JP: Doubt she'd have the nerve to try again. Mark Twain best explained where her brains are located.

Bolshoi: wishy-washy, a people pleaser.

Greg Stevens: CFO to the core

MB: In another lifetime. Too far left, too pissed off, and very naive. Don't think he's the demon some make him out to be. But he did too little too late.

RY: People will always hold him responsible for what he allowed the CFO bloggers to get away with. Failed to step up to the plate.

Someone new and fresh and relatively untainted will have to step forward.

OR, we could draft bogo by popular mandate. The BOS meetings would be funny as hell.....and short because he gets bored easily.

Raynham said...

I found another confirmed liar,
Just drove all the way to West Roxbury to look at a car, Oil all over his driveway, I said is this from this car, He says no its from the Jeep on the grass over there. I go for a little ride, Bring it back fresh puddle of oil where it was parked, So I crawl under and low and behold LOL! I asked him why he lied? Ah! Duh! Im not selling it anymore! Man I would of bought it even though it was leaking oil, Nice car 03 Crown vic
$2500. Fix that real easy, But I hate liars! I should go on Craigs list and put him out there see how he likes it!

bogofree said...

Bluto....very nice write up. Have to agree with you right across the board. FinCom is a nice stepping stone. I'd be great on the BOS! Probably the only time JP could win a recall.

I agree, Raynham, and you have some car smarts. Think of the gullible.

anonymous said...

I'll keep with my novel name. Took a lot of imagination and seems very popular on MT's site. I agree with Bluto. Nice job. MB is starting to distance himself which is good but he is always and will always be viewed as cfo. JP can post all she wants on energy since all you have to do is view her political stance. Nut job! But she will always be Ms. Clark to me.

I think the BOS has done a good job. Seem to be taking care of what they should so I can't see any massive need for change. I know JP likes to trash Mimi who seems like a nice lady who is getting the hang of things.

LMAO said...

Bluto that was a nice post. Drive-by I am screwed on my house. I bought high three years ago and I don't even want to think of the value. Has to be much less than the mortgage but as long as I pay it no problem since I don't plan on moving.

Raynham. My first car was when I was 17 and a dealer just screwed me over. I didn't even negotiate. Thing just started to have problems after a few months and I was stuck. I knew crap about cars but had a few motor head friends who spent a lot of time teaching me and helping me. Do all my own work now. I'll even pull an engine out.

I jsut hate some of those cfo bloggers. Just the attitude that comes across. I scan nemasket sometime and Jessie tries to act so high brow with her writting and all I think about is all the lies so I LMAO!

drive-by-moron said...

Can't say you didn't warn everyone. But I got a brain fart anyway to attend STM. I forgot what a nitpicky, inane, downright cruel and inhumane experience it is. People get fixated on one little word in an Article and go on forever about complete irrelevancies. And then there's the gas bag Town Moderator who looses his cool and yells, "By golly, you're all going to do this my way!" LMAO!

What was interesting was listening and seeing some of the people I've only read about....RY, Bolshoi, MB, JP, and Chief Russell. The only guy who took the mike, succinctly made his point, then sat down was Brian G. CFO has accused him of having a mega ego. Couldn't prove that by me tonight.

I sat in the jeering section where everyone around me had fun making fun of everyone. That was the high point of the evening.

Oh, and I got to observe Mimi Duphily for myself. She conducted herself well and is obviously getting the hang of her new office. She doesn't deserve all those Aunt Bea, MiniMe jokes.

Anyhow, there will never be a next time. I have such a headache. I'll save you the trouble and say it for you----"I told you so!" LOL

bogofree said...

I hardly ever go anymore. Rare indeed. The purest form of special interest was what I always called it. You'd go and once the pet measure was voted on the place would empty - generally applied to town employees.

Brian is usually quick to the point which is great. Most folks have that itty bitty attention span - like myself, and after about a minute we are lost.

I know what you mean about articles as they just go on the on and on endlessly about just plain stupid you know what. Back in the day they would argue about something that was a few bucks for hours and go right to something for a million in a few seconds.

I always get confused by the procedures. Joe Freitas tried to explain it all once...twice...or more to me and I gave up. Like dancing. I get confused and am always a beat behind.

I'm sure glad some of the "regulars" you mentioned where there so that the rest could see what they are missing by not granting them the privlidge of being a force within the town.

I won't even get into the Town Moderator except to say I agree.

TMs use to be quite a gathering and are now for the real political junkies. Gives them a night out.

faceless said...

Note to Jessie Scowl,

You're like a foreign missionary trying to convert natives who don't want to bow down to your God (You)and who don't want to follow your commandments (Thou shalt not cross you lest they be blogged about).

You've gotten to the point where everyone's opinions but yours are wrong. Maybe you ought to wonder why you think that way.

I've talked to some people who've known you for a few years. They tell me that you've made a ritual about filing complaints and bringing suit for every little thing under the sun. That so? Can't let anything slide? Make you feel better about yourself to make others miserable?

You seem to feel it's your mission in life to educate people on 'righteous' paths. Why is it you have such a need to put people down who march to a different drummer than you? The only people I ever met who need to inform others of their rightness and superior intellect were overcompensating because they never met their own expectations for themselves. Could it be that you never got a real degree in anything and blogging has become your way of affirming your worth?

You know, Ms. Scowl, you really need to take a little time out for some deep self reflection. Figure out why so many people don't like you. Do you even want to change? I find it really unlikely that you're happy with things the way they are.

Raynham said...

Middleboro Review said...
You have raised good points, BB. The time to resolve issues in a lengthy Warrant is prior to town meeting.
With enough lead time, discussion of the various issue on nemasket ahead of time, all of the questions, issues, facts should be resolved.
On the 2 articles that were time-consuming, it was Lincoln Andrews, Neil Rosenthal and Selectman Bond who seemed to take much of the time.
Let's work to reduce the collective time spent on town meeting floor by providing the information early in an appropriate format -- the zoning article should have been made available along with the zoning map and ... OMG! a copy of the existing zoning by-laws so that questions were answered ahead of time about what was changing.

We saw how successful nemasket
was in streamlining ATM.

Let's work to accomplish the same for the next ATM! And let's work to publicize the meeting earlier so that we don't repeat last week's endeavor without reaching a quorum.

Nemasket made it all happen. Now Nemasket is going to streamline the ATM.

No No Jessie it was you. It was you who made it all happen. Goog going you are to be commended.

Please run for Selectman again.

faceless said...

I woke up this morning and decided that Jessie lives in the anti-matter Middleboro. You know..that parallel dimension where everything is the same but reversed..the Dark Side. So since she doesn't really exist here, I'm not going to think about her. Hmmm..I feel much better now.

faceless said...

Right, Nemasket made the difference, all six wonder posters. Jessie's just blowing smoke in you know who's you know what. Marvel comic's super heroes. LMAO!

bogofree said...

A cheap shot at Lincoln, Neil and Adam? What a shock! She trashed the first two when they did the TM Search Committee thing. AB it is ongoing and a spill over from MT. Boy....I am an expert on cheap shots but she puts me to shame!

I'm sure we'll have some more input on the Town Meeting and, of course, some Bogo type cheap shots at the usual suspects.

Faceless. Nice. Cute. Accurate. You say it like I wish I could say it. Pompous and haughty is what comes to mind. I hate getting cramps in my neck from looking up at the pedestal for the bon mots of wisdom emanating from those so much smarter, informed and connected than me.

LMAO said...

Oh Faceless that was a gem! Bozo here will actually occasionally praise that witch (substitude a b). I find nothing to like about her and the information is just cut and paste. You read her blog and she loves to take Bogo like cheap shots at the Republicans. Not thet they don't deserve it but she is way over the top.

Now her and the few that actually follow nemasket are somehow trying to make good news out of that wreck of a site. LMAO! Hey, MB, give it up! It has not caught on. Seems to be more here with the tech challenged Bozo. LMAO!

Raynham said...

Sara Kline said...
Christine and her friends at PETA are extremists who will go to any length to achieve their goals, which are out of sync with mainstream Americans.

Good luck getting financial information on their organizations! That is one of many things they want to stay hidden, like the apartment that was being paid for by their organizations, and the fact that

"Theil has changed his title in the organization so he does not have to report his income".

Non-Profits do this?

Vote No on3 don't be fooled!

bogofree said...

I was in favor of question three but now with the economy? Forget it. In fact, we'll may all have to eat the dogs.

mildly moderate said...

There's one big difference between a snarky Bogo remark and JP's- his are funny, on the spot, and not as mean. And he actually says some nice things to people. Sorry, bogo, you're not 1st in line for the Black Heart award.

Okay, let me get my crystal ball out. After the election, will dwindle down to MB, MR, SBS, and BolshoiB. The other natives are getting restless, challenging the BS more often...definitely an undertone of tension going on there. People hate nagging. And MR's penchant for that will make most of the hangers on jump ship. Look at the comments on the blogs: 1-2 for BB, 0 (that's ZERO) for MR. How many for Bogo?

This joint is a great place to hang out. Finally a place where anything goes. Yep, Bogo's the man.
Shows people don't need fancy technology and graphics. Just some freedom to talk frankly.

Raynham said...

Dear Ms Powell:

The records that you requested on October 23, 2007, are ready for pick up. The cost associated with this request is $115.00. If you wish to have them mailed there will be an additional fee of $1.10 for postage, making the total due $116.10.

Please let this office know as to whether or not you wish to pick up these records or if you will
be sending a check to have them mailed.

How did this work out?

mildly moderate said...

She probably filed complaints with every state agency and caused enough trouble for town employees that they just bundled them up and threw them at her to make her go away.

MR writes all the time about all the grievances she files. Wonder if she has time for anything else...well besides blogging to make sure people stay 'informed'.

Not feeling very mildly or moderate today. More annoyed and hostile.

mildly moderate said...

Arrggghhhh! roflmao

bogofree said...

I do believe MR suspects some type of Middleboro version of the Tri-Lateral Commission or some other mystical organization designed to put the entire town under their collective will. A local Village of The Damned! Hate to say it but most town employees go through the routine drudgery of their jobs as best they can. I'm sure they take turns on a Dunkin' Donuts run, play solitaire, take an extra few minutes for lunch now and then and probably call in sick a few times when not sick. No different in the dreaded private sector. But to the MRs of the world this callous slackers have to be hunted down, spied upon and put through an inquisition via blog and gossip innuendo. No wonder they are sick of her. They will not forget. I blogged several months ago about how the posts by myself and Dal were a big hit among town employees. Only way got traffic.

Maybe someday she will get it? Be selective. Look for the really, really big stuff and not nit pick to death. To me it is as frustrating as possible to watch talent go to waste simply because the person does not know how to apply their intelligence. had potential but now it is dead in the water. But it is difficult to get a site going as I can attest to first hand. A baseball site I have with a few others has about 200 memebers and on game day we get 15-20 chatters but our postings is just a few hardy souls with no life....except, of course, for me. has some real baggage with the anti-casino connection and that certainly does not help. Town employees and officals refuse to participate and that, IMO, is based on a nasty history that some feel towards certain posters.

Anonymous said...

Jessie says:

"Maybe you can offer some suggestions on nemasket about how we can better publicize the information earlier, in greater detail to avoid lengthy discussion of the basics on town meeting floor"

On Nemasket? The private forum? The forum that is not as open as it is here? How many people even read the stuff there let alone post.

She really believes that site has an impact on the town.

Howie Carr's would give her a Dope Slap.

chica said...

I have not read this for awhile but I like the idea of just being able to post comments. JP reminds me of the preachy teachers I sometimes had in school so I can't imagine why anyone would even bother with her. Always knows what is best for you and me.

Since I last posted I saw that Gladys is now an outcast from the anti-casino people. Took them long enough.

My husband and I are still working but what we had in our retirement accounts has been cut in half, but we are still well under 40 so it can just sit and maybe grow back?

Anonymous said...

I Just read all the stuff written by Jessie. There is nothing wrong with belonging in an alternative universe. The problem is when you are unaware you are in the wrong dimension.

What dimension did Dan Akrouyd call up the Sta-Puft marshmallow man from in Ghostbusters?

bogofree said...

I love Alternate History especially the various series by Harry Turtledove. Maybe someone can do a nice post on an Alternate Mboro where Jessie won the election. Now that may actually go into fantasy.

Also, I just noticed this morning my profile did not have my email address so I listed it.

mildly moderate said...

Okay, had a couple of glasses of Shirazz and ordered every item on the menu from Freaky Buddha. Nothing like a mega binge to help me chill.

What ever happened to those charming but tacky Chinese restaraunts decorated in red velvet, with dim fringed lamps, and glass beads in the doorways, sort of like Shanghai whorehouses? And what happened to the Flaming Ambrosias, ducks roasted in honey, and bird's nest soups? Kind of made you want to wander in the back room opium dens where they still served absynthe. Ah, how I miss those decadent yesteryears.

Forget Chinatown with withered dead birds covered with flies hanging in the windows. That area of town has become a dump.

Decided to deal with all the crap going on in the real world by finding some peace in interior spaces. Ommmmmmmmmmm!

Raynham said...

Whats up with the bloggers. OMG!
MT is digging into everyone.

CC is rambling on.

CP is saying casino's = well I won't go there.

JP is trying to look like she's doing something beside helping MT.

BB is Being BB.

After over a year of saying its not coming why all the drama?

Everyone of them sound like a broken record I can't even read that crap anymore.

Nothing to write about so lets do a witch hunt and fug with people.

Look out the people might Fug back!!!!

master po said...


Pluck the chickenfeathers from my hand.

Ah so. Time to go grashoppers.

anonymous said...

But raynham
They're already so busy fugging themselves!

Raynham said...

Senator Wilkerson also allegedly used one $1,000 bribe to treat herself to a night of gambling and dining at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

Thats it I'm PO. Gambling Senators, Clark Ct Senators, whats this world coming too.

Anonymous said...

is everyone having problems with comcast email?

anonymous said...

Yes, it wouldn't open up for about 2 hrs. Ran a scan-nothing. But now it works. Just now comcast locked my pc looking for my password. I never set one. Rebooted and I'm in. Crazy

anonymous said...

In "Brave New World" JP would be turning herself in for elimination having outlived her usefulness. Problem is so would bogo. Guess we'll have to endure her for awhile. :(

bogofree said...

Comacast has these "issues" at times with email. I have several contacts on AOL and sometimes it will take a day of two to get email back and forth. I have a default Yahoo account and sometimes I'll use that if something is of great importance - such as an internet study of vechicles the police can use.

Lord of The Flies. We could create quite a cast of characters for the various roles. Wonder who could be Piggy?

drive-by-moron said...

I have no problem with owning guns. No problem with hunting. Bring on those venison steaks and wild pheasant.

But supervised programs teaching kids as young as 8 how to fire automatic weapons? That story of that little kid accidenting shooting himself in the head with an Uzi and dying while in one of those training programs is totally beyond my understanding. An Uzi? Is it just me, or does anyone else think that giving children access to automatic weapons, regardless of being supervised, is just nuts?

drive-by-moron said...

Caught the films of Dianne W. stuffing wads of cash into her bra. So funny it made Howie Carr coin a new phrase------kleptocracy. ROFL

bogofree said...

I am not a gun owner nor do I ever intend to be one. If I was I'd go to Town Meeting and they would have to have metal detectors.

I worked several years ago with a collector and He took me to a gun range with his collection of just about anything that is impressive. I had my son Joshua along who had particiapted in shooting at Boy Scout Camp and he was allowed to fire the Uzi. He was given instruction in great detail and then sparked off a 15 second clip. I'd also fired the Uzi prior to that and had recieved the same instruction that was suppose to prevent any injuries from "kick back." Neither of us had a problem. But a 8 year old? That is a WTF story.

bogofree said...

I had a blog a few months ago titled its The Messenger and that is so appropriate with Diane Wilkerson (D-Soledad). Diane is nothing new to this and has been around the legal block several times. I had a virtual flame war with the MTA (Massachusetts Teachers Association) for their continual support of this low-life. Why did they support a crook? 95% favorability rating. Why did Patrick and Mumbles support her? Fellow traveler. Makes no difference how morally bankrupt someone can be as long as you are their philosophical twin. This is a constant theme on another blog that links to other blogs that will support one no matter what the flaws as long as they think "right" or is that "Left? Massachusetts is IMO just about the most politically inept state in the union. I would say corrupt but I'm trying to be a kinder and gentler Bogo. This state is now the political poster child for what happens in a one party system. As a side note....I generally see the Democrats as far too willing to defend the bottom feeders in their own party than the Republicans.

This messenger issue carried over into the casino issue and is why I have refused to break bread with CFO. I may agree in principal to most of their positions but cannot and will not support an organization that linked to folks that needed a severe visit from the truth squad or a prescription refill on their twice a day common sense tablets. Hence, a poll I started on Toxic about can you be anti casino and anti CFO.

mildly moderate said...

bogo:MOST ALL anti-casino folks and fence squatters are now anti CFO. In fact, a close friend of ours who was on their BOD awhile back, and he was real gung-ho at the beginning, quit in disgust when he saw where things were headed.

When the CFO signs and website first went up it was the first most of us 'apathetic', live day by day people ever heard of the casino. It was our only source of info back then, and the 'FACTS' they put out scared the hell out of us. Then the sh*t started hitting the fan, the blog and forum wars started, and most of us pulled away from the zealots on both sides.

I would never join because that forum host shoots first, then thinks about what he's said later. Sorry, I know he's one of your buddies, but he's too much of a loose cannon for me and many others I know. Thanks, but no thanks.

As much as I don't like VV's vitriolic rhetoric, she makes some good points about what CFO's accusations and innuendos about people have caused. You and dal, however, were the ones who made people take a long good look at how fast and loose bloggers were playing with the truth. That was the real beginning of the end for the Blogfathers.

So, yes, it certainly is possible to oppose the casino and be very anti CFO. They've totally lost their credibility.

By the way, I'm spreading it around town that you're a gorgeous hunk of man flesh. So don't be surprised if you find droves of women pounding on your door, hiding in your bushes, hanging from your tree branches, and calling at all hours just to hear your voice. LMAO!!!

Just between you and me, are you really a "10"? I need to know what I'm missing. I'll take you at your word. LMAO!!!

bogofree said...

I'm a 10 but IQ is not everything.I am a hunk for sure if you can classify gelatinous mass as hunk material.But compared to my ride/run companion I am certainly lean annd mean. Most women I know have hour glass figures with 40 minutes on the bottom, so it all will balance out.

I hear you on LL's site and traffic shows you are not alone. Even his toned down forum is not attracting the masses and is in the same condition. I've tried to stir up interest in middleborocasino but with no success. Too many mildly moderate types on both sides of the issue and also planted firmly in the middle that choose to stay away - period!

anonymous said...

I've seen Bogo and he could sell his body. How much do you get for a cadaver? Diane Wilkerson tries to get a liquor license by asking her fellow pols that there is a lack of such for minorities. Just what the "community" needs another place to sell booze or a barber shop (bookie joint) or check cashing outfit. I listen to the democratic shill, Michael Goldman, trying to put a shine on this and it was a joke. Maybe Jessie can now concentrate on all the corrupt democrats that pollute this state instead of everything being a republican plot. That would keep her busy for months. Theresa Murray and Mumbles look like two fools in all this. Murray looks like a praying mantis and I suspect she'll bite someones head off over this.

anonymous said...

Some people only see things one way and that is clear when you look at their blogs. You just know Jessie will wander off the farm when it comes to the BOS and her blog just is loaded with her usual hate filled "opinions" that she tries to present as facts.

At nemasket she attempted to out a former BOS member who dared to challenge her after she attempted to put one of her usual warped views on what had transpired on his watch at the Planning Board. As usual she ended up looking like the village idiot. Now she continues to point out the BOS entire collective, in her opinion, frailties and has, naturally, the support of MT - an Mddleboro expatriate. Our loss in Bridgewater’s disaster. If JP had managed at anytime in the last few years to approach town officials and employees without her fangs showing she would not be the total outcast she is today. Trouble is too many just do not care to publicly mention what a disreputable wind bag she is or they will be smeared all over some blog. I have mentioned to more than one that it is not to be feared but honored since she is viewed as just a total malcontent with no power base except for a handful of her “friends” at that seems to be her private posting board. Wonder why they are dead?

Raynham said...

RE: Sorry, I know he's one of your buddies, but he's too much of a loose cannon for me and many others I know. Thanks, but no thanks.

Loose cannon, Looooose Cannon! LOL!
I'm the best friend you would ever have. You don't even know me to say something like that.

But who ever you are I don't dislike you or maybe I do. I don't even know who you are.

One thing Ill never ever attack a mans livlihood, I would never ever get into the gutter like some did.

All I ever did was call it as I seen it. I'm still waiting for the day for someone to say Jeez! He was right on all along about some! You will see!

bogofree said...

Boy...the stuff I find just as I sign on. Seems, anon, like you are another victim of Jessie fixation and I guess just by having this blog I can be accused as such.

I do agree she is a bit over the top with her BOS harangues and that happens - just look at some of mine. But in the big picture it is nice to have a watch dog and we don't have any obligation to accept each pronouncement as valid. Determine just how valid you consider each statement. Try NOT to consider the source. Say to yourself: "Self...if this was written my someone else how I would view it?" I know with the excessive baggage she carries among some that may be extremely difficult but it could give a different insight. I suspect that even using that approach would not help.

bogofree said...

Double Boy as I saw Raynham's post after I submitted the previous one. LL seemed to explain his position and I can't really add to it - except to state what I have always stated. I have had issues with LL's positions in the past and in the present but have found him open and honest. I may not agree with how he has handled certain situations but he's always taken responsibility for them. I go waaaaay back to the old CFO site where we certainly had our "fun." Mike and I never got really personal with one another and when we did we had established our own do not cross boudries. That did not happen with Mike and others and that became a problem. Plenty of helpings in that blame pie to go around.

Raynham said...

Dear fellow Bogo,
As I study the english language is it ALWAYS or All Ways?

Raynham said...

All Ways or Always ?

All ways means "total number of methods."

Always means "at all times" or "constantly."

Examples: He tried all ways to fix the leak.
The clock always chimes on the hour.

"I will always love you," she sang.

anonymous said...

raynham: You're learning spelling and grammar very well. Commendable that you're making a good effort to improve yourself. A+

To and Too

Just remember that the only meanings of “too” are “also” (“I want some ice cream too.”) and “in excess” (“Your walkman is playing too loudly.”). Note that extra O. It should remind you that this word has to do with adding more on to something. “To” is the proper spelling for all the other uses.

anonymous said...

raynham: You're learning spelling and grammar very well. Commendable that you're making a good effort to improve yourself. A+

To and Too

Just remember that the only meanings of “too” are “also” (“I want some ice cream too.”) and “in excess” (“Your walkman is playing too loudly.”). Note that extra O. It should remind you that this word has to do with adding more on to something. “To” is the proper spelling for all the other uses.

anonymous said...

Oops! Hiccup!

bogofree said...

Raynham stole my coloring book!

anonymous said...

Raynham: Now look what you've done. You've colored over the lines and turned all the cars into limos!

Bogo: Sorry, the school budget was cut. You'll have to share a coloring book with Jessie. Maybe you can teach her how to play better with others.........Now, Bogo, writing "Confirmed Liar" on all her pages.....where did you learn to spell all those long words?

Raynham said...

I home schooled someone today on the proper spelling of Sovereign.
you spell *Soveign* = Sovereign.

Imagine me! Taken someone to school on my day off.

bogofree said...

You will be like JP - here to "Educate" us.

Raynham said...

Educate Naw! Amused yes!

Raynham said...

Vote no on 3!


I believe in being an educated voter. I like to know the candidates, listen to debates, read about their lives and such. I was talking with one of our local up and coming politicians the other day about local elections and the various ballot questions. When it came to Question 3, we both agreed that it is best for the state to preserve the status quo when it comes to dog racing. It provides jobs and revenue. In these times, this is a good thing. Racing is regulated just like everything else in Massachusetts.(I grew up in New Hampshire where last I knew you still don't have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.)

As we ended our conversation, my friend said something odd. "If you are serious about understanding the Question 3 story, look at the people behind it."

Okay. I'm game.

The two names that I hear and read most often are Carey Theil and Christine Dorchak. An article in the Christian Science Monitor reveals why these two names are always popping up together. They live together as a couple. Two other names also appear together frequently as well; GREY2K USA and the Committee to Protect Dogs. A quick search on these two organizations reveals they are both run by the same people! Oh yeah- ONE MORE: The GREY2K USA Education Fund. Yep-- same people. We're going to do our best to get the financial information (regarding salaries in particular) on these organizations in the coming days, as several sources are saying that Theil and Dorchak are making a comfortable living from these organizations.

At least George Carney and Bill O'Donnell are honest about the source of their income from the dog racing industry. It seems to me that no matter if Question 3 passes or not Ms. Dorchak and Mr. Theil come up winner$.

So, who is Christine Dorchak? The person who knows her best, Carey Theil in a news paper interview, describes her as "...stubborn..." Virginia Fuller, past president of the New England Wildlife Center said in the same interview that Christine is atypically impassioned and that animal rescue is the "focus of her being." This is beginning to sound like one of the PETA extremists to me. What next? Will she have us shutting down the New England Aquarium because they keep fish in a tank or serve fish on the menu in the cafeteria?

Ooops! I forgot! She's already done that!

Dorchak picketing New England Aquarium with extremist activists PETA in 1998

Perhaps this best reveals the character of Ms. Dorchak.
According to the same referenced article in the Christian Science Monitor, George Carney, owner of the Raynham race track, and a trustee of the New England School of Law, was on the stage to award Dorchak her diploma, which she received through a scholarship at least partially provided by Mr. Carney, who earns (at least some of ) his money from greyhound racing!

OUCH! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

If Ms. Dorchak has such ethical issues with greyhound racing, perhaps she should return the diploma for that law degree, or at the very least, the money from her scholarship.

bogofree said...

She is an ardent activist and I was at one time regarding smoking. At that time I was employed by Howard Johnson Company and they were owned by Imperial Tabacco of England. I was actually employed by the industry I was fighting! Eventually Imperial split up the company and I ended up with Marriott.

With activist you must be careful since it is very easy to drift into moonbat status (see: Kravitz, Gladys) and you become a parody of yourself. That was one thing we were very careful about and maintained a low profile.

Issues such as the mutts bring out a big tent just as the casino has. You can get quite a collection of oddballs, activists, mainstreamers and so on. Anti-casino faction has and I have posted on it. Unfortunely, with some hot button issues the real zealots become movers and shakers and do take over. This appears to be the case in this issue which some have commented on is nothing more than a stepping stone issue to other PETA inspired agendas. Passage of #3 IMO will not carry forward into that next level. The vast majority of the support is just targeting racing and not anything else and that support is starting to wane. It's all abot the economy.

Raynham said...

Middleboro review says..

I received the following responses from Rep. Barney Frank after expressing my opposition to expanded oil drilling leases and the need to reduce energy consumption. Since the responses explaining the complex issue of energy don't lend themselves to soundbytes, it is presented in its entirety with permission.
I appreciate your asking if you could post my letter. I think that any mail that a Member of Congress sends out in response to a constituent should be considered a public document, in part to guard against people giving different answers to different people, so I of course have no objection.
I also, however, want to answer your suggestion that I "begin to address conservation." In fact, I have been working on conservation issues for some time - for example I have been a strong supporter of higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles. In my role as Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, which began last year, I began an initiative to significantly improve the energy efficiency of homes, which is a major area where conservation has been neglected. As I dictate this letter to you, I am preparing for a meeting of the committee I chair on Wednesday, July 30th - the day after this - in which we will call for a significant increase in energy efficiency in the way in which we live in our homes. I think we have neglected this aspect of conservation and I am very proud that it was under my chairmanship that we began to take it up.

Raynham said...

Are they friends?

Jesse Powell said...

Hi all!

Thought you might enjoy seeing my new face lift. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Love and kisses- Jessie

bogofree said...

I still recieve emails from Barney Windbag despite the fact that I told him no freaking more!

Jessie gets a form letter response from some nephew of a pol working in his office because he/she can't get a real job. If Barney handles the environment link banking we'll be up to our eyebrows in toxic waste.

LMAO said...

I saw Mike's site and it was just not the place for me in each of its reincarnations. I'd check in and his home page would have a rant and then it would be gone. But there is another LL, as Bozo called him on cfo, and that is the guy that gives rides on New Years, did the pancake breakfast and was offering rides at the Town Meeting From Hell. So, I may not like the way he runs his site or some of the personal stuff he throws out but there is a different side that I admire.

Bogo also shows that side of Jessie when he stood up for her on the voting drive and he will still post some postive things regarding her. I like that in a person being able to not just totally trash someone 100% of the time. That, to me, is the big flaw with MT.

Raynham said...


Dorchak, of the anti-racing group, has also said the campaign takes “no position” on gambling, casinos or other animal issues.
“Grey2K has a clear history of working exclusively on the greyhound issue,” she said.

Not true Jessie, Check the facts!
Your making yourself look silly again!

Raynham said...

The connection is alread been made her and Theil are totaly on any agenda that will make them donations.

anonymous said...

I will vote against question #3 which is a switch for me. Why? Jobs. Two years ago I'd vote for the dogs. Not now. I lost my OT at work so I can sypathize with those who may have to hit the bricks.

Raynham, I just scanned your post and did the same with Jessie. I'm not really interested in all the points and counter points. With Jessie her blog is just an anti-Republican pile of BS but if you can nail her on anything just go for it.

I will vote for #1. I am tired of all the crap from state employees and especially the likes of Wilkerson. Nothing is ever done. Nothing will be done.

LMAO said...

I am going to vote in favor of question #3 since it is all a mis-treatment issue to me.

I woll vote against question #1 since I feel it is to drastic.

I will also vote for Obama but will not vote for Barney Frank or John Kerry.

Raynham said...

I can't understand her,
She just copies stuff and dosn't respond with anything.

I tried real hard today to get on the radio I couldn't get the computer up in time to listen.

I had a real sad busy day!

I had to move out of my office, I had for the last 5 years. Watched two of my cars get towed away. Im not happy today.

I blame 90% of my problems on the Insurance industry and 10% on Ms Powell and her friends. As I watched my cars get towed away today, The feelings that go through me about what went on in April well lets just say I could put my fist right through the fugging wall right about now!

Jessie will be fine, She can go on collecting and bothering people,I will struggle through this downturn. Ill be alright.

To every Anti person out there. NO one inpeticular, Think about the people you are hurting with your anti stance.

Sleep tight tonight!

Dream of windmills in your backyard.

I have to say something about that!

WTF think about your plan, Do you all get together and puff a little, WOW Dude thats a great Idea, I'll blog about it, Yea! Dude windmills, Rock and roll.

anonymous said...

Mike. I am sorry to hear about your downturn and you are certainly not alone. In this economy things can get bad real quick. Are you going to be running with less cars?

I agree with you on the "Queen of cut and paste." I know Bogo will give her props for some of that but WTF kind of brain does it take to do that? Even Adam tried to give her some credit a few months ago and that did little as she and the others just keep it up.

I'm not in favor of question #1 and will have the same reason some others have - jobs.

mildly moderate said...

lmao: Your point about everyone having the potential for good and bad is well taken. Both LL and JP have done some good things for others; both have stuck daggers into people who didn't deserve it. Did they purposely lie? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Seems to me they both believe what they write and tend to interpret the facts according to the Gospels of LL and JP. Both see conspiracies where they don't exist. Angry people aren't noted for their objectivity. Frankly, I wish both LL and JP (and the UN Security Council) would sit down and talk face to face. But I doubt either is willing to really listen to what the other has to say. Two pit bulls chasing their own tails, or in some cases tales.

Raynham: I don't know or dislike you as a person. My opinions come from what you write (then delete), and my opinions of JP, MB, MT, and CDP from what they write. You all could be the sweetest people in the world. But that's not what you show people.

mildly moderate said...

Raynham: I'm truly sorry for the hard times you and your family are going through. I hope you will find some way of turning things around. I also hope you have many friends to give you the support you need.

bogofree said...

I am the sweetest person in the world!

Mike and I have talked about the economic times his business and many small businesses face - and that applies to some very large ones., also. Mike has built up from one car to a small fleet of cars and buses. He has provided employment on a part-time basis to many and now that is gone and that is both a financial and emotional loss for those who depended upon it. Costs of doing business and a cut back by a his customer base has had a detrimental impact and he is certainly not alone as companies and individuals access all expenses.

I have seen many in similar situations and have posted on the problems that face many students I tutor in getting jobs due to economic circumstances. Agencies that in the past have been a conduit between the school system and private employment have seen employment opportunities cease. Nothing. The program our school has worked with for ten years has run into a situation that is now desperate for their own funding and for providing services.

Mike has been the resilient type so I suspect this will be a temporary situation and will improve as the economy (hopefully) improves.

Raynham said...

Its no problem, What I don,t have to work 18 hours a day.

I still have vehicles, I still have an office and most of all I
have my health. Don't feel bad for me. Ill survive its called adapting.

Been worse off than this before. Fact! Im living large today!!

God Provides!

Raynham said...

The day you read my obituary. You know I had a bad day!

bogofree said...

FYI....middleborocasino now has a chat room. Mike can provide more info here.

drive-by-moron said...

Questions 1, 2, 3 = No, Yes, No

Also, NO to Frank for wanting a 25%
cur in defense.

NO to Obama. A sheepskin from Harvard is not equal to some real experience. Too wet behind the ears. And I don't think he has any better answers for the economy than McCain.

Mike. Today obviously sucks for you. But, you've been in business for years. So you can't be a dummy. You'll find some way to get back on top. Just may take awhile. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

bluto said...

My company is flying me to Sydney Australia for two months to consult at a branch office there. Should make it home for Xmas, but the best laid plans....

Don't usually agree to travel for work. But in bad economic times one has to be very flexible to avoid getting on the layoff hit list. Not really what you'd call a company man, but I need to keep LOTS of food on my table. LMAO

Leaving Sunday on a flight to SF. Will stay the night because the trans ocean flight is 17 hrs. My carry on will be filled with all the goodies and reading materials Bluto needs to feed the body and mind. Bluto has a very BIG appetite, so I'll hit BJ's and buy the yummies in bulk.

Anyone been "down under"? Opinions? Guess I'll be headed into the start of their summer. Works for me.

Bogo: Make sure this joint is still open when I get back.

bluto said...

Mike--If any of the bloggers give you any crap while I'm gone, let me know and I'll sit on them. My fat arse is the size of Texas--a real WMD. My boss had to book me 1st class with safety belt extensions just to fit me in the plane.

bogofree said...

Bluto...make sure you get an open ended RT ticket...not that your company would leave you down there. Have an enjoyable trip.

faceless said...

Best place to buy quality artificial christmas trees? Starting early this year.

Raynham said...

I wonder how my Man feels about her wannabe attempt at rapping?

mildly said...

You see, Raynham, this is how misunderstandings get started. MT wasn't trying to do a rap. She was copying the style of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven". Reinventing it.

Furst stanza:
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

If you quit reading her blog you wouldn't get so wound up. She thinks she's being cool and clever because it's Halloween and Poe was a horror poem and story writer. BTW, he was an opium addict.

You're under too much stress.

mildly said...

Happy Halloween everyone. Wonder if the ghosts in the Town Hall will be having a party tonight.

Got my favorite chocolate truffles all wrapped up for the trick or treaters. Hmmm..if I turn off the lights I can eat them all myself.

Raynham said...

Ciara Attempts Rap, Sounds Silly.
WOW! I was talking about my man Bobby Brown's feelings with Ciara's attempt at rapping.

You came out of left field with something I don't even know what your talking about.

I see what you mean by misconceptions.

But Happy Halloween anyway!


Raynham said...

I was just trying to get on a different subject.


I love how you all associate everything with bloggers, Not once did I say anything about any blogger.

Its seems no matter what I write will be taken out of context and rewritten to someone elses thoughts.

So is the problem really me?

Hmmm! Ima going to have to ponder this.

Laughter is the best medicine, I read that somewhere waiting in a doctors office.

LOL! Stress free today. Ima Happy!

mildly said...

Ah quite right, Raynham. I thought you were referring to MT's new blog, "Nevermore".

My apologies.
You were right and I was wrong.
You were right and I was wrong.
You were right and I was wrong.


Off to work.

anonymous said...

Mike-You don't really believe that people holding anti casino signs caused that woman to commit suicide when her house was being foreclosed on, do you? Besides, I've only seen about 3 anticasino signs since last year.

BTW, how are most here supposed to know that Bobby Brown is your Main Man? And who is Ciara? LOL

bogofree said...

Bobby Brown? OMG! He's a "Raven" act a like! LOL!

Our 21 year old found the candy stash so I will have to go out and replenish the supply - then my wife will start in on the candy. I expect over a 100 kids tonight and we have had as many as 300 in the past.

Now I have my job "assignment" for the day which is to paint the tool shed.

Raynham said...

OK let me explain my statement! RE: Taunton, Any Anti with an agenda that ultimatly hurts people's family's as in "taking away there jobs" grey2k puts people in a depressed state, which could lead to bigger problems that an anti was trying to stop in the first place. Its just a think statement thats all. No one group in peticular.

As to the Bobby brown statement I don't know who's here? I guess It would have been nice to just ask Hey Raynham "who you talking about"
Ya! see BOGO knows B because Bogo is down.


Sometimes this is not all about any one person.

Its your own thought process that Raynham has to be putting someone down when in all actuality it might be you trying to put down Raynham.

I love you people though!

Hugs and kisses!

bogofree said...

Bobby Brown is a regular at District Court in Brockton.

Hey, Raynham, your last posts makes sense and I didn't even have coffee yet. Wow!

But I do believe it is a bit of a leap to somehow mix in anti casino with someone checking out. That is so Gladys like.

Speaking of Gladys I really resent her pilfering my Raven for a post! OK, Gladys, but just this once.

anonymous said...

Just took another look at the daily MR spittle on Republicans and specifically McCain. This is your classic moonbat. I wonder if she will ever post on the corrupt Democrats in Massachusetts or the nation? Somehow I doubt it. I notice no comments on her blogs so she either has put to rest her MPD or no one wishes - even BB - to give any degree of support to what amounts to a series of mis informed ramblings from the far left.

anonymous said...

MR has the same level of blather on nemasket so the next time BB tries to figure out why he gets no traffic may I suggest you attempt to do the fuction of a site moderator and require sources other than the far left.

bogofree said...

Anon. Many of us were like that at one time. As Churchill said: "If you are not a Liberal at 25 you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative at 40 you have no brain." Nice to have that change the world feeling and anoint all those who disagree with your position as evil incarnate. Almost all of us grow out of this but some do not. The sad part about such political constrict that you have mentioned is that it is so patently absurd. Can you imagine those of that ilk in charge? That is exactly why the Founding Fathers inserted a Second Amendment. And that applies to you examples of the Looney Left and I can certainly present for your examination their counterparts from the Wacky Right

Brian Giovanoni said...

What if you are a Republican at 18 (during Bush 1)?

bogofree said...

Then you treat it like your locker room pronoucements of the weekend date - you lie!

Thanks for stopping by, BG.

bogofree said...

Here are my three biggest voting errors

Nixon in 1972.

Bush in 2004

Jessie Powell in recall.

I would say the last should be #1 since I ignored the advice of many whose judgement I should have trusted. Already blogged on it.

LMAO said...

Hey, Bogo, I just saw Jp's latest blog bash and was wondering if the guy in the video was her twin! Take a look. Looks just like her! LMAO!

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Since dog racing is on its way out anyhow, why not just fill the track with slots and upgrade the decor? Seems like a wib-win for the state and the track owner.

As for the moral issue, since when can morality be legislated? People can just choose not to go to these places.

anonymous said...


Is it true that all the middleborocasino characters are really you? Please tell..please..please. If's it's true I'll join in a heartbeat.

anonymous said...

FYI-those internet background searches you pay anywhere from $9.99 to $99.99 are legal but a big rip off to keep you buying add ons. For kicks, I ran one on myself for a lark and it was full of inaccuracies and gaps. I looked up my husband's ex and found 4 different CURRENT addresses and none of the phone numbers were hers. The databases are way out of date and mix up people with same or similar names.

Well, after getting back useless info for nearly 100 bucks, some spybot lifted my credit card account number and started making charges on it. LOL What a pain that was to straighten out.

Bottom line..whatever the bloggers say they've dug up on people may or may not be accurate. The whole people search game is just a legalized scam to part you with your money.

bogofree said...

I am everyone on middleborocasino even Vegas Val. In fact, I am everyone everywhere on the casino issue on both sides! Just me! Heck.....I'm even the Bailey Brothers but, thankfully, I am NOT "The Raven." Picture me as HAL (Not THE Hal) from 2001 A Space Odyssey or maybe the central brain in Roller Ball.

I have a hunch that the deleted comment was tied into the previous post by LMAO. I have a feeling it was a 'beaut.

The only thing I gather in each year is my credit reports. All the errors have finally been cleared up and in the meantime I am doing war with FICO (Fair Isaac Corp) and how their proprietary math calculates your score. I did have an FBI file back in the late 60s thanks to the fact I was politically active (wish it was sexually active) and received info from everyone from extreme left to extreme right. Raytheon informed me about it and the security person laughed it off with something like "The FBI is bumbling idiots." After my recent emails to Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and George Bush they may dust off that file.

I am surprised that slots are not located on the tracks as that would be a natural progression. But when you look at the bucks the casino industry has that may not be much of a shock...not that money talks on Beacon Hill - especially under the table money. Boy, I bet Mumbles is in a sweat this morning.

ridley said...

"Picture me as HAL (Not THE Hal) from 2001 A Space Odyssey or maybe the central brain in Roller Ball"

Naw you are more like "Mother" in Alien. You helped to bring some these creatures to life.

bogofree said...

"In my belly!" I'm sure the alien could have connected to Austin Powers. Alien, IMO, and only the original, was just a great SciFi movie. Just finished a book called the Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman (The Forever War). Great read and much of it takes place in Boston.

anonymous said...

Forever War and Forever Peace. I just love reading Joe Haldeman and the Accidential Time Machine was great. Have you read everything by him, Bogo?

anonymous said...

I think we could list a whole group of Sci Fi characters for this site and elsewhere.

Leland Gaunt said...

Bogo reminds me of the new shopkeeper in town (Satan) in Stephen King's "Needful Things". Leland's converstaion with Buster is soooooo Bogo:
Buster: I just killed my wife. Is that bad?
Leland: Hey, these things happen!

Leland Gaunt said...

Today is All Saint's Day...tomorrow All Soul's Day. We should all be on our knees remembering those who went before us. But we're not....nyuk nyuk nyuk

anonymous said...

bogofree. Your profile is hidden from view so your email can't be seen either. You have to make some changes from the dashboard if you want people to be able to contact you.

drive-by-moron said...

Just a thought. Not sure your blog title fits anymore. Took you a little while to take off, but then you started to mutate fast in a lot of directions. Don't know if blogspot even allows for change of titles. Oh well, this is a complete non issue on a complete non weekend waiting for a complete non election. Kids are dragging us off to some fundraising comedy night in one of the local towns. Sounds painful, but we get to wear jeans. So what the heck? Is this the night the clocks go back?

bogofree said...

I'll work on the profile thing and in case it does not work (meaning I screwed up) here is the email

Never was a fan of Stephen King despite his Red Sox ties but that seems like a conversation I would have. Maybe a "Besides that how has your day gone?"

The title. I said I'd leave it up as long as JP stood her ground on this issue and so it will stay. Not that I am stubborn or anything. Maybe I can add a sub title? I'll investigate that dashoard thing.

bogofree said... is that for a new and clever addition for a title? Carefull...I can read thoughts...yeah...same to you! If you have any suggestions that can exceed my clever addition just post them. Somehow I suspect it will not be difficult to match my cleverness.

I also should have my email address now appear (I think).

drive-by-moron said...

There ya go bogo. That 'other stuff' covers a multitude of evil doings from a multitude of evil doers. I guess if you wanted to read my mind you could do that Spock thing, or try some sodium pent. But trust me, there are some things people are better off not knowing. And I'll just leave you to wonder what I mean by that. LMAO!!!

As for JP ever giving in..hell will freeze over first. Would make a great epitaph on her grave marker though. Think I'm madder at me than her for believing all her crap for so long. Guess that makes me a "Confirmed Idiot/Moron/Dumbkoff".

bogofree said...

Drive-by I was in the same boat and stand side by side with you for the idiots hall of fame. We can sponsor each other. Maybe a twelve step program? "Hi, my name is Drive-By and I fell for her BS." I even ignored all the warning signs in the past that would have had me doing a 180 on by heels and heading far, far away. But I think we have both tossed ourselves on the mercy wagon for forgiveness.

Being Polite said...

This person is angry, Are all anti people this mad at the world. Heck.. Don't ever have an opinion.

drive-by-moron said...

Don't expect you to answer this. But why have MB and RY stood behind her on that forum? Heck, Jessie IS that forum. Can't the Great Shunner see that he's being shunned in part because of her? Wait..I've got it. Jessie's a Wiccan and conjures up hexes that absorb through PC screens into the reader's brain. Paralyzes the left logical side. Anyone ever actually meet her? Does she cast a shadow?

bogofree said...

At the nemasket site I was dead meat as was fellow poster Dal over our continuing harangue regarding the very unrepentant and dishonest Ms. Powell. We were warned and then dismissed. I happen to still be friends with Mark and have told him I consider it a grievous error in judgment for not having to have Jessie show some degree of responsibility for her actions. MB just has a different view - an almost let it just slide mentality. Likewise, he could not let myself or Dal continue to disrupt the site as we had and would have continued to do since with me it was a matter of personal pride. I am sure I would be welcomed back but I would not last a day since I would just start up where I left off. The only redeeming feature of this whole affair is it showed exactly what kind of person wanted to be a “player” in town politics. What a total waste over not being able to make a simple statement of using erroneous data.

What that did show was exactly how the site would be run and how JP would escape public comment. I am sure private comment probably was exchanged, but I am not privy to that. That public support, IMO, seriously impacted on the credibility of the site. Any olive branch attempts to reach out to pro's or to make the site more neutral was now dead in the water and will continue to be. The same, in a way, applies to Rejected simply because of the sometimes over zealous passion of Mike. I can't really speak for RY but I assume his support - and some from Mark - runs deep due to the casino issue and recall. CFO, however, seems to be making strides to make themselves more presentable to the mainstream. Might be too late.

Jessie is also quite personable when off the political trail. Different person. If she had tweaked her personna better she may have eventually won a seat somewhere in Mboro. Can be likable as long as you stay away from taboo topics. Her method in dealing with issues is scorch and burn and that will also encompass those in her ire. To quote the Godfather: "Nothing personal - just business." With some it is always personal. Last thing you need with someone in an elected or appointed office.

mildly said...


SARAH PALIN: Before it got to the other side, I shot the chicken, cleaned and dressed it, and had chicken burgers for lunch.
BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a change! The chicken wanted change!
JOHN McCAIN: My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road.
HILLARY CLINTON: When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken to cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure right from Day One! that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road. But then, this really isn't about me.
GEORGE W. BUSH: We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here.
DICK CHENEY: Where's my gun?
COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.
BILL CLINTON: I did not cross the road with that chicken. What is your definition of chicken?
AL GORE: I invented the chicken.
JOHN KERRY: Although I voted to let the chicken cross the road, I am now against it! It was the wrong road to cross, and I was misled about the chicken's intentions. I am not for it now, and will remain against it.
AL SHARPTON: Why are all the chickens white? We need some black chickens.
DR. PHIL: The problem we have here is that this chicken won't realize that he must first deal with the problem on this side of the road before it goes after the problem on the other side of the road. What we need to do is help him realize how stupid he's acting by not taking on his current problems before adding new problems.
OPRAH: Well, I understand that the chicken is having problems, which is why he wants to cross this road so bad. So instead of having the chicken learn from his mistakes and take falls, which is a part of life, I'm going to give this chicken a car so that he can just drive across the road and not live his life like the rest of the chickens.
ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: We have reason to believe there is a chicken, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other side of the road.
NANCY GRACE: That chicken crossed the road because he's guilty! You can see it in his eyes and the way he walks.
PAT BUCHANAN: To steal the job of a decent, hardworking American.
MARTHA STEWART: No one called me to warn me which way that chicken was going. I had a standing order at the Farmer's Market to sell my eggs when the price dropped to a certain level. No little bird gave me any insider information.
DR SEUSS: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I've not been told.
ERNEST HEMINGWAY: To die in the rain, alone.
GRANDPA: In my day we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. Somebody told us the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough.
BARBARA WALTERS: Isn't that interesting? In a few moments, we will be listening to the chicken tell, for the first time, the heart warming story of how it experienced a serious case of molting, and went on to accomplish its lifelong dream of crossing the road.
ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.
JOHN LENNON: Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together, in peace.
BILL GATES: I have just released eChicken 2008, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your checkbook. Internet Explorer is an integral part of eChicken 2008. This new platform is much more stable and will never crash or need to be rebooted.
ALBERT EINSTEIN: Did the chicken really cross the road, or did the road move beneath the chicken?
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Psssst! said...

If you're gonna be a good liar, you'd better have a darned good memory. Jessie reported AB to the ADL last winter over that Holocaust thing. Evidently over the couple of months before AB found out, she forgot that she had outted herself to several in emails. Then she denied it up and down. Out of self defense she openly said she reported him again for making false accusations against her. In the meantime, some poor guy came forward because he also filed a complaint with the ADL. And Jessie let him take all the heat. Anyhow, if you're going to do something underhanded, don't trust anyone or at least remember who you told. And never leave a paper trail.

Being Polite said...

Tonight at the Orpheum in Boston He's one of my favorites I have other plans though!

You need to watch this video Henry sings right along to the theme of this Blog.

Being Polite said...

I just watched that video, Really listen to the words. God it makes so much sense.

To me anyway! LOL that ain't saying to much.

Psssst! said...

Oh yeah...then there's the issue about JP having an HP plate and filing complaints with the town and state ADA for town violations. Is she disabled? I see her all around town and at meetings and the woman moves like an athlete. What's up with that?

vegasval said...

Hey kid! Since they started me on my new meds, I've been having fantasies about you to. Care to meet for a night cap sometime? LOL

drive-by-moron said...

This open post idea is working great! Now if we could just get Howies Carr to link to you.

bogofree said...

Vegas....I'm waiting for that blue pill prescription to be filled. LOL!

I know JP has some serious back injuries so I suspect that plate is legit. She was a regular at the "Y" for the pool since water therapy worked well.

What should be the cut off for the open post? 150? 150,000? Before I open up another one. Don't know. Maybe I'll ask Mike to rename his sorry assed site Bogo and Friends - and Enemies Place.

anonymous said...

I like the free form of this posting. Hard to follow at times since it is not a forum with topics but you also get away from the bores like Jessie always preaching. She needs a pulpit and MB gave her one. Want to know why your site is a dud MB? Go no further. You lost the irreverence of Bogo to keep the pontificating of JP. If that is the level of your decision making skill I hope you are never in any elected or appointed position.

Recall said...

Recall when nemasket first opened, there were a fair amount of posters from a broad range of perspectives. Some people had multiple identities though.

Then a password was required and identities had to be known by MB. This was at the height of the CFO baloney that was going on. People became afraid to post.

Mark then allowed it to become Jessie's domain. No one knows why besides him and perhaps Jessie. She is ever loyal to him and he is to her. Maybe he thought she was a "player" and it would help him become one. Poster's drifted away even more when you and dal took Jessie to task -- that was some funny stuff. Mark came to her defense and booted the two of you. On your next bike ride/run together ask him if that was pinnacle of his "hits" after making it a closed forum.

Jessie has now painted herself into a corner with nemasket stuck between her and the wall (sorry for the visual) The forum that Jessie extols (and admonishes selectmen on her blog for not consulting) is a joke.

You are not missing anything for being shunned Bogo.

Now Jessie Powell -- Confirmed Liar probably has more traffic than the other sites combined. It certainly has more viewers than Jessie's World --- OOOPS I meant to say nemasket

drive-by-moron said...

Let it go to 150. Then start another. "open post # 2", open post #3", etc. Minimal work. No real problems.

Combining with Mike's forum just won't work, no matter what way you try to work it out. He and nemasket are done. Finito. Ancient history. No offence to either of them. This place just works the way it is. Why mess with success? Personally, I like this stream of consciousness style. JMO.

Raynham said... is open to everyone a very toned down site. Yes I still have my opinions and I'll post what I want, but Ill also put my name to them. I really feel the real war of words is over. I don't blame anyone for not posting there Jeez if you all remember what happened I wouldn't want to post there either. middleborocasino is doing fine I don't require a password I don't care who you are I don't need any information on anyone. Middleborocasino will remain open. use it as you want or don't I do not care one way or another so far with the few that post there its been nothing but peace!

bogofree said...

I think the name middleborocasino implies too much but Mike has toned it down.

I find Recall quite accurate. Can't really disagree.

Will leave it the way it is and just open up another open post.

Why all the violence with the pols? I see so many ads where they claim they will "fight" for me. What is this? A variation of Ac/DC Dirty Deeds? I'd like to toss the lot of them in the ring with Tyson after he's been weaned off his Prozac.

drive-by-moron said...

Neither side is drinking from Magic Waters. Change is just an elusive idea and hope......a promise soon forgotten.

chica said...

We were not that familar with the total scope of this issue until we read Topix and eventually to this blog. That gave us a better understanding of the history and also directed us to the various other blogs. Both of us have already posted comments on that.

From what we gather MB is closely associated with the anti casino movement and has links to Gladys and Jessie. The anger that those two display over people who have given their valuable time in service to the community is beyond description. Being critical is one thing but what they post? Please. How Gladys has attempted to degrade Adam Bond goes far beyond what one would expect. So, we would say just that connection is enough to scare away or chase away anyone from the nemasket site. We have read Jessie on her blog and on nemasket and if we want a sermon we will go to church.

We like this format and will continue to scan and post.

Mr. & Ms. Chica

anonymous said...

A husband a wife posting team. Just the two of you? MR usually has a dozen or so alter egos. To steal from another poster - LMAO!

The election is winding down and I'll check off Obama with no great enthusiasm. He is in a nice situation in that how the hell can he make it any worse?

I agree with you on Barney Frank. Ever since that incident 20 or so years ago I lost all respect for him. I was a scout leader. How would they have handled that? He looks like buffon when he talks just a mile a minute trying to save his legacy. He's just trying to cover his ass and was a major part of this. Where is my bailout?

anonymous said...

I will vote for BF but I am very disappointed in the whole bailout bill. It seems like whoever runs against Frank is just off the wall. A republican version of Jessie.

I will also vote for Obama but I have a feeling it won't be the wonderland he seems to promise.

Keep the same format. Maybe Jessie will start to post?

drive-by-moron said...

Mrs. Chica-
Usually when a wife posts the hsuband just writes, "What she said!"

Just remember that there are some here who are not for or are sitting on the fence about the Casino, but we hate CFO. They stood by and allowed some crazy (seriously, I mean out to lunch) bloggers write anything they wanted -true and untrue- then stood by and allowed their stamp of approval. It got nuts. So most of us wandered away from CFO like little lost sheep. And found our way here.

That Jessie person is a real piece of work. Was once on Try telling her she's wrong about something. No point. I was always wrong, no matter what I said. LMAO

drive-by-moron said...

Oh, and bogo. Anyone can sit on the computer 24/7, cutting and pasting, then writing a line or two to ties thing together. Jessie doesn't have an original thought..just a bunch of memorized lines from all the far left media. Just has a talent for mimicry.

anonymous said...

From the "Queen of Cut and Paste" to "The Mistress of Talking Points." LMAO! I hear you on the nemasket thing. Never, ever wrong. Never. Talk about some serious self-esteem issues. I would never post over there since she is using it as her own site since no one gives a s**t about her blog. In fact no one gives a s**t about nemasket, either. LMAO!

LMAO said...

"Mistress of Talking Points" oh I am LMAO! I tend to be a democrat but I wish these moonbats would form their own party. LMAO!

Rolf D. said...

Middleboro Review wrote to BolshoiBob:

"You might want to do a little research because it appears that you have formed an opinion without any basis of fact.

In my travels, I have encountered several poll observers (attorneys) who have documented some of the Republican tactics employed in the 2004 election. ........"

Does anyone believe this woman even leaves Middleboro? Does anyone believe she leaves her computer room? "In my Travels"...that is so funny.
No opinion, my dear, that does not agree with yours is fact or research based. I have come to the conclusion that you are a completely brainwashed individual who is greatly in need of some deprogramming techniques. OMG, I do hope there's not a whole Powell Clan in Middleboro.

anonymous said...

Checked in at Mike's chatroom tday. Nobody's home. He needs to post a time,

bogofree said...

JP also made some outrageous claims on ballot stuffing at the TMFH. In her mind the whole affair was tainted because of her observations and those of others. This mind set has carried over to her latest enemy which is anything Republican. Maybe she can do a blog on Diane Wilkerson, Tommy Taxes, The Great Stalker - Mazelli and the endless cast of characters in Massachusetts that have a big “D” besides their name. Somehow I suspect a one way street.

Chica it is nice to see a tag team of posters but I can imagine when view are a bit different on opinions it will provide amusement to see who really is in control. Somehow - using myself as an example - I expect Mr. Chica to cower in the corner.

Mistress of Talking Points. LOL!

bogofree said...

I agree on LL - Nobody's home! LOL!

anonymous said...

As I recall in re: to the TMFH ballot stuffing accusation, it was investigated and dismissed. No evidence to back up JP's claims. Sorry, the more I hear about her, the more she's creeping me out. What scares me is that she believes all her own crap.

anonymous said...

And 280 something dumdums actually voted for her for BOS. Egads!

Recall said...

JSSIE THANK YOU SO MUCH for the endless hours of amusement you provide be making idiotic posts such as this:
Middleboro Review wrote to BolshoiBob:
"You might want to do a little research because it appears that you have formed an opinion without any basis of fact."

By witing without any basis of fact you spawned this website. How ironic.

And then there is poor wittle mark he will continually allow Jessie to say fings like that to people. He wuvs her he helps her attack.

Hey Bogo would MB allow you to say something like to Jessie?

anonymous said...

Ah, he doesn't wuv her. He's skeered of her. SM isn't though. He says whatever he has on his mind to jesse and totally gets away with it. pretty funny. bout time.

Anonymous said...

LL might not be home but he can sure make people laugh.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raynham said...

Thanks for the link! some could see the pictures some couldn't
I posted a few at

mildly said...

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The "DaVinci Code" is on tonight. Curious to see if it measures up to the book. I find it odd that so many took a fiction book so seriously. The scholarship is shoddy (sound familiar?) but who cares? The book was meant to entertain.

mildly said...

We don't get many trick or treaters out here in the boondocks. So I'm sitting here feeling loads of guilt as I'm enjoying these wonderfully chewy caramel confections. Tomorrow is Monday, right? Always a good day to start living halthy. Always a good day to start new resolutions. Then if I fall short, there's always another Monday. Just can't understand why everything that tastes sooo good is always sooo bad, And everything so good for me always tastes so sh*tty. Anyhow, Happy Halloween to myself.

The "DaVinci Code" is on tonight. Curious to see if it measures up to the book. I find it odd that so many took a fiction book so seriously. The scholarship is shoddy (sound familiar?) but who cares? The book was meant to entertain.

anonymous said...

Went to LL's chatroom 3 times between 6-6:30 pm. Saw his light on but no one answered, even after waiting 10 minutes. Is he shy?

bogofree said...

Mike is too busy talking to himself. Time to open up a new post.

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